System Analysis And Designpsychology Essay Example
System Analysis And Designpsychology Essay Example

System Analysis And Designpsychology Essay Example

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  • Published: December 16, 2017
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By creating a wireless network, you assist the financial resources team members at the community college's administration building. Additionally, you find a way to connect this network with the student services building. Moreover, you help set up a private wireless network for the Tasty Pelican restaurant and a public network for their neighboring coffee shop.

Case Project 1: Designing a Wireless Network for Roaming Team Members Thomas Jefferson Community College implements a team-based approach to manage the college's financial resources.

The team members primarily work in the administration building. The building houses various departments such as the president's office, human resources, payroll, accounting, development, and the mall IT office. Each area operates with teams and team members who frequently move between work areas. For instance, the payroll supervisor is a part of


both the payroll team and the human resources team. Additionally, she often participates in meetings held in the accounting area and fills in as a backup accounting supervisor.

The IT manager of applications development divides their time equally among different areas, including the president's office, human resources, payroll, accounting, development, and IT. Accessing their network in this environment is currently difficult for any team. One possible solution to this issue involves using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) server and client. This allows team members who are not physically present in the office to securely connect to the network from remote locations.

The VPN provides secure and protected connections, ensuring that there are no breaches from interception attacks. In case of an attack, the VPN tunnel will automatically close and reroute the traffic through a different path. Users can simply access their VP

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server online and log in using their VPN client to connect to their network as though they were present in the office. VPN offers numerous advantages, especially for wireless local area networking, making it a suitable solution for this scenario.

Case Project 2:

Developing a Network Diagram to Enhance Your Recommendation

Case Project 3: Connecting the Administration Building to Student Services

The Thomas Jefferson Community College administration building is currently connected to the student services building through five old dial-up modem connections on an access server. This is necessary because there is a river between the two buildings, making DSL and cable modem options unavailable. Are there any wireless alternatives that the college can use to establish a connection between these buildings?

I recommend using a wireless router and a wireless range expander or a repeater as alternative solutions. Another option is to use a terrestrial microwave link, which involves using satellite-like dishes to connect the two buildings. Alternatively, they could consider subscribing to a satellite internet service provider instead of relying on a dial-up connection.

Case Project 4: Wireless Options for a Restaurant and Coffee Shop. The Tasty Pelican is an upscale restaurant in Monthal that serves up to 5 customers per evening.

The Tasty Pelican management is looking to improve food order processing by providing waitstaff with handheld devices. Additionally, the restaurant wants to offer public Wi-Fi access in its coffee shop. What wireless solutions would you suggest for both establishments? My recommendation is for the restaurant to install two wireless routers, creating two access points. One access point should be dedicated to a secure private network for

staff members, while the other access point can be used for public Wi-Fi access by customers.

By using multiple routers, the chances of interference and connection problems caused by network traffic can be minimized. Additionally, this setup allows for support of more devices and extends the range of the network, ensuring that all customers can easily connect wirelessly.

Security Measures

What security measures can be applied to the wireless solutions for Thomas Jefferson Community College and Tasty Pelican designs?

WAP or WPAD are both options for wireless security. However, I recommend using WAP because some network cards do not support WPAD, which can cause problems with authentication. While WAP is not as secure as WPAD, it is more compatible. On the other hand, WPAD provides a high level of security and is highly recommended for situations where infiltration is a concern. However, WAP has some preferences that enhance encryption for medium level security, which is sufficient for places like colleges and restaurants.

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