Riordan Manufacturing Integrative Network Design Project Essay Example
Riordan Manufacturing Integrative Network Design Project Essay Example

Riordan Manufacturing Integrative Network Design Project Essay Example

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  • Published: January 11, 2018
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This will eliminate the need for wasted man hours checking the stock. The communication is being upgraded with AVOWAL, which will give employees the flexibility to take calls while providing necessary services for each customer. Other technological advancements to be introduced include real-time network analysis and security monitoring. Once the new network is completed, it will bring Ordain Manufacturing a new standard of service. Having a network that provides mobility is essential in today's business world and will become a cornerstone for Ordain in the future.

The WALL will provide new communication methods, including computer and voice over wireless local area network. All sales counters will have new Dell Precision 50TH towers running Windows 8 with wireless networking capability. These systems will have Norton anti-virus installed to prevent viruses, worms, and other known exploits


at the system level. The new systems will enable faster transactions and communication with the POS server. They will also be in constant communication with the handheld inventory system.

This will give all employees the ability to check current prices, stock, and shipments in real-time without waiting for management (Mitchell, 2014). AVOWAL will provide management with cell phones that work within the Ordain WALL network.The new communication system will address the issues of missed calls, busy signals, and difficulties in contacting a manager when required. It will allow for calling all sites as and when necessary. The Cisco 1941 wireless router will provide the AVOWAL connection. In the old network, there was no central action for the servers, but this will be rectified in the new network. The new network will consist of four servers: Windows server 2008 for POS systems, real-time inventor

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database, Surefire management console for security, and a backup file server for the entire enterprise network. These systems are essential for data backup and protection. The POS server will constantly communicate with all sales counters, collecting critical customer data which will be linked to the database server for data mining purposes. Additionally, the customer's information will be stored on the database server. Due to the important data provided by the POS and inventory database servers to each store, security measures will be upgraded. The old infrastructure lacked any security provisions, which were not deemed necessary at that time but are now crucial for the new network.

Ensuring the protection of the new servers, which will house critical information, is crucial. To accomplish this, measures such as implementing Cisco 1941, IOW, tripwire, internal and external PIPS/IDS systems, and Surefire management console will be taken. These security measures will effectively safeguard the network against all potential threats. Additionally, understanding the network's content and its protection is as important as implementing security systems. Detecting and mitigating threats is vital to network security. The new WALL network will have multiple firewalls, 'AS, IDS, and a file integrity system in place to ensure protection. These firewall systems will prevent scanning activities and block malicious Pips from entering the network. By blocking such traffic, a significant amount of time spent on incident investigations can be saved. Network hackers often scan networks to obtain reply backs from responsive ports. This helps them gather information about a system and use it for targeted attacks. However, once identified, the security team can block intruding IPs at the firewall.

To prevent any suspicious IP traffic, the

PIPS and IDS systems will be employed to safeguard the Ordain Manufacturing networks. It is crucial to understand the distinction between these two systems and their functionalities. PIPS, which stands for Intrusion Prevention System, is designed to thwart network attacks. For the new Ordain network, the chosen PIPS system is Surefire, which utilizes the Snort rule-based detection engine. Upon implementing the new network and associated policies, the WALL network will be ready for operation. Ordain Manufacturing can take pride and respect in this new network, which not only facilitates company growth through valuable information but also enhances customer service at their stores.

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