The Future of Mobile Technology Essay Example
The Future of Mobile Technology Essay Example

The Future of Mobile Technology Essay Example

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  • Published: December 12, 2017
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Hence the search for new technology Is always the mall motive of the leading cell phone giants to out Innovate their competitors. The ultimate goal of G Is to design a real wireless world that Is free from obstacles of the earlier generations, This requires an Integration of networks. This paper represents, Introduction to G technologies, Key concepts of 56, Features of SO networks technology, applications, hardware and software for 56 technologies and network architecture for 56 wireless technologies and last section conclude the paper. 56 Technology tanks for 5th Generation Mobile technology. G technology has changed the means to use cell phones within very high bandwidth. G is a packet switched wireless system with wide area coverage and high throughput. G wireless uses FOOD and millimeter wireless that enables data rate of 20 Mbps and frequency band of 2-8 GHz. G is going to


be a packed based network . The G communication system is envisioned as the real wireless network, capable of supporting wireless World Wide Web (whom) applicant- eons in 2010 to 201 5 time frame. There are two views of G systems: evolutionary and revolutionary.

In the evolutionary view the G (or beyond 46) systems will be capable of supporting WV;. Raw allowing a highly flexible network such as a Dynamic Dados Wireless Network (DAWN). In this view advanced technologies including intelligent antenna and flexible modulation are keys to optimize the dados wireless networks. In revolutionary view G systems should be an intelligent technology capable of interconnecting the entire world without limits. An example application could be a robot with built-in wireless communication with artificial intelligence.

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before such a high value technology. The 56 technologies Include all type of advanced features which makes 56 technology most powerful and In huge demand in near future. Amazing isn't It such a huge collection of technology being Integrated into a small device. The 56 technology provides the mobile phone users more features and efficiency than the 1000 lunar module. A user of mobile phone can easily hook their G technology gadget with laptops or tablets to acquire broadband Internet connectivity. P till now following features of the 56 technology eave come to surface- High resolution Is offered by G for extreme mobile users, it also offers blob- directional huge bandwidth. - SO technology's excellent quality service Is based on Policy In order to evade errors. - It provides transporter class type gateway that has unequalled steadiness. - The SO technologies billing Interface Is highly advanced making it efficient and appealing. The G terminals will have schemes that can be downloaded from the Internet. The development is seen towards the user terminals as a focus of the 56 mobile networks.

The terminals will eave access to different wireless technologies at the same time and the terminal should be able to combine different flows from different technologies. The vertical handovers should be avoided, because they are not feasible in a case when there are many technologies and many operators and service providers. In 56, each network will be responsible for handling user-mobility, while the terminal will make the final choice among different wireless/mobile access network providers for a given service. Such choice will be based on open intelligent middleware in the mobile phone.

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