Security IP based SAN VS Fibre Channel Essay Example
Security IP based SAN VS Fibre Channel Essay Example

Security IP based SAN VS Fibre Channel Essay Example

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  • Published: April 26, 2017
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Fibre Channel and IP storage area network (SAN) topologies are the widely used storage options in organizations with each having its merits and demerits.

Fibre channel SAN topology provides a higher speed storage compared to IP based SAN and was therefore until recently, the method of choice for network storage (Isaacson, 2003). The advent of Internet small computer system interface (iSCSI) saw the companies adopting the cost effective IP SAN although the method grants a slower speed compared to Fibre Channel SAN.While the cost might attract IT project managers to implement IP SAN in their organizations, there exist biggest security differences between pure Fibre Channel-based SAN and IP-based SANS (Ferelli, 2004). Security is one of the issues that emerge while running SAN over IP networks (Ferelli, 2004). The move to IP-based SAN has made SAN to be more vulnerable to a num


ber of attacks especially on systems connected to corporate networks. These security threats include sniffing, untrusted networks, spoofing, and denial of service (DoS) as well as physical security.

Attacking IP networks is much easier although it is lot easier also to monitor IP networks. For instance, sniffing network traffic in IP-based SANs is easier than in Fibre Channel SANs (Isaacson, 2003). Perhaps to solve security issues with IP-based SAN, IT project managers should consider SAN traffic encryption with IP Security (IPSec) so as to prevent illegal eavesdropping. IPSec allows enciphering of all content which may be intercepted by hackers (Isaacson, 2003).With iSCSI applied in IP-based SANS, it is easier to generate SCSI codes provided from user requests and data can be encapsulated into IP packets for over the Ethernet connection transmission. However, Fibre Channel over

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IP (FCIP) link SANs which are only geographically distributed and therefore can only be used together with Fibre Channel technologies.

The sole option remains to be pure Fibre Channel based network which provides safer, faster and to some extent, cost effective network storage solutions.

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