The Impact of Security Founding Fathers in Security Operations

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Americans value security so much that they would go as far as installing security cameras and alarms to ensure their safety. But the situations today are different from past decades. Today, anyone can have access to different security measures; whereas decades ago, only the very rich and privileged ones can afford it. The contributions of those who are considered as founding fathers of security have affected the state of security in America today. Edwin Holmes and Perry Brink are just some of those whose achievements in the field of security and detective work have made Americans realize the utmost importance of security.

Brink has started the secure transport business in the late 1850s in America. During that time The Brink’s Company that Brink set up was serving for the French Government and Compagnie de Navigation Mixt, which was the leading player in security. Later on, the Brink’s Company acquired the Compagnie de Navigation Mixte. This move allowed Brink’s to make the diversification of service offerings and sales policy and ATM management possible. As such, Brink made it possible for banks to have security systems (Brinks, n. d. ).

Moreover, Brink’s is now offering home security systems and business alarm monitoring (Brink’s Home Security

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Holdings, Inc. , 2009). Edwin Holmes, on the other hand, was responsible for conceptualizing and “revolutionizing the burglar alarm system. ” He did not invent the system, although some people had put the credit of its invention under his name. Holmes spent many days tinkering at a telegraph shop, and there he met Augustus Russell Pope who invented the burglar alarm. By chance, Holmes bought the patent to the burglar system, and brought the business to New York.

Holmes believed that in New York, “all the country’s burglars made their home. ” As more and more developments were made, especially in the technological area, the burglar system was further improved. Today, practically every house has an alarm system (Fischer, 2008). The work that Holmes started has been further redesigned to suit the needs of those who want security. With the emergence of Internet, many establishments are now using it to offer secure transport services (First Data Corporation, 2009).

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