Cases of Mis Essay Example
Cases of Mis Essay Example

Cases of Mis Essay Example

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  • Published: April 13, 2017
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Jet airways takes off with citrix

1) What problem does Jet Airways hope that Citrix technologies will solve? Ans. Jet Airways was set up in 1993 after the central government opened civil aviation to private investment. By 2005, Jet Airways had been listed on India’s main stock exchanges an had obtained permission to operate international flights. The company lacked in its Information System, they had installed various packages over the years.

The systems weren’t able to interact with one another or with finance and inventory systems. This inefficiency costs a lot to Jet airways in terms of time, money and efforts which could be utilized on maintaining its planes . Jet Airways took the help of Citrix Systems, which is considered to be renowned in airline industry for its software package that provides integrated, intelligent aviation MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) software to improve productivity.

Jet Airwa


ys was interested in the following benefits by the installation of the software soas to solve its problems, they are: Enhanced and faster delivery of business-critiacal applications to local and international users Timelier decision making Increased operational efficiencies Superior service levels Lower IT administration costs

2) How does Critix Systems’ improve operational efficiencies and decision making? Ans. Jet Airways got to deliver another critical airline operational application called Load Manager with Citrix Presentation Server. This generated “Load sheet” that helped in timely take-off of the flight.

The application of Load Manager will also enable quick availability of reports from the system. The sales and marketing team uses the BW system as needed. Data entry operators at different locations frequently use the revenue management system. Middle- and even lower-management staff regularly access finance and budge

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applications. All users connect using the Web Interface functionality of Presentation Server. This is important as any delay in reports would lead to a flight delay and affect operational efficiencies and passenger satisfaction.

3) Give examples of three decisions supported by the Citrix system.

What information does the system provide to support each of these decisions? Ans. Jet Airways partnered with Mumbai-based On track Solutions, a Silver Citrix Solution Advisor, to implement the latest version of Citrix Presentation Server software with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 running on three two-CPU Intel servers. This system provided Jet Airways to support some of its important decisions. Delays in accessing applications, which hampered decision-making processes and many other aspects of business operations. Troubleshooting problems at different locations was timeconsuming and expensive due to the deployment of many IT resources.

Timely take-off of the flight.


1)How could an airline benefit from implementing these modules? Ans. The Citrix Presentation Server provides a wide range of benefits by its software to the airlines. It helps in reducing the total manpower required and in turn helps in reducing cost. The system helps in timely departure and landing of the flights without any inconvenience. Citrix System also provides centralization centralized application management capability, IT resources have now been streamlined greatly.

2) Give an example of a decision that each of these modules support.

Ans. NetScaler XML API:

1. The XML API provides a framework for building custom interfaces for configuring & monitoring a CNAS

2. The API supports custom applications built within C,C++, Java and Perl

3. Relies upon Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to communicate over HTTP with the CNAS.

4. Corresponds closely to the NetScaler CLI syntax Client IP Extraction

Module – ISAPI - for use with NetScaler . NetScaler connection management is implemented by casca ding or multiplexing client connections over persistent connections maintained between NetScaler And Web servers.

Web servers see a NetScaler Mapped IP address as the source of the connection, and not the actual Client's address. But there are some situations where customers may wish to use the actual Client IP. The following are some examples.

1. Client IP in Web Access LogClient IP addresses in the Web Access Log may be used for usage analysis or billing purposes.

2. Client IP accessed by an application or a script (CGI) Web based applications may use the client IP to influence ad selection. For xample, the client IP may be used to determine the country of origin of the client, or the originating ISP of the client.

3. Filtering/Authentication Web servers allow filtering based on the client’s host name or IP address. For example, the Apache server allows filtering based on Host name Lookups. The directives allow from domain or deny from domain result in a double reverse DNS lookup based upon the client IP (a reverse, followed by a forward to make sure that the reverse is not being spoofed).

4. IP level Packet Filtering Firewalls perform packet filtering using the client IP address.

The recommended configuration is to place the Net Scaler between the firewall and the Web servers. In order to solve this problem, Net Scaler inserts the custom header called Client IP in each HTTP request header like the other proxies. Case: “Fresh, Hot, fast”- can information System Help Cafe Coffee day go National 1. Describe CCD’s Business Model and strategy, what challenges does

CCD’s face as it begins expansion?

Answer: Challenges:

1. For Expansion Restaurant will have to retain the restaurant’s small-town, local flavour as franchises proliferate across the country.

Accomplishing this goal so require a coordinated effort.

2 Another challenge for this will be to sustain growth the impact of a week country.

Business model and strategyQSR (Quick-services restaurant/cafe, or fast food), this strategy help to improve employees working strategy. In this Waiter take order so using smart handled devices (SHD), Wi-Fi networking, KOT, backbone system.

What system has the company used or planned to used to overcome challenges? What types of system are they? What role will play in helping CCD overcome these challenge?

Answer: CCD’s used SRD related services to the order taking outlets so this system provide the information related to the item availability based on customer order. Wi-Fi network connectivity to over all restaurants in this process waiters send the information related to the order in the information basis kitchen worker Provide items in faster way. Other system used related to the “Just Punch” in this process work which works this way - Waiter just punch order and table number this information see on kitchen server based on this information and availability f food items in a kitchen process are run and items send to the preparing table so waiter come and provide right order item to the right person the work done in faster way. Used Backbone system for work in backbone Outlet’s operation. This system provides all the GRN updates, Loyalty programmes related all the information, configuration, database, local report and staff management report. This system connects with GPRS/CDMA so all the work done easily related to the

money back transaction and credit card system. 3. What other kinds of system described in this chapter might help CCD as it expands?

Answer: CCD’s Used many important and very useful system so work done quickly and easily. In other way CCD’ useful and related to this work area Citrix are also use this system work in operation level, Collect the all the information related to the Order taking process and waiter services, and information related to the food processing and Items, so this information and order related information match in quickly and provide the customer requirement so based on customer requirement and availability of the items in a kitchen area take a right decision so satisfied my customer.

CCD’s also Used the BW system Related to the sales and marketing team, used in data entry operation frequently use the revenue management system. Also provide the financial budget information based on this information company take a right decision on expansion. Payroll system in this system includes all the data related to the our employees time card information based on this information take a right decision on money paid to employees, and salary.

Do you believe CCD will be successful in its attempt to expand nationally? Why or why not? Answer: Yes, I believe CCD’s will be successful in its attempt to expand to nationally because CCD’s is used this system in effectively and Systematic way. So, this is very useful in this business, in other way CCD Relational BW waiter system connect with waiter punch on hands to direct with kitchen area. So, items provide in faster way.

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