Riordan Manufacturing Company Business Systems
Riordan Manufacturing Company Business Systems

Riordan Manufacturing Company Business Systems

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  • Published: June 27, 2018
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Good communication is vital in any organization. Riordan Manufacturing Company is a multi-billion dollar plastics manufacturer, which makes good use of top-of-the-line technological equipment for its home base in San Juan. However, the multi-billion dollar company has yet to implement a solid technological foundation for its various other locations, they are: Michigan and Georgia. Each location has finance and accounting departments; however, communication is minimal between the locations because of a lack of proper software installments and requirements.

The San Juan location failed to purchase the application source code from the vender to communicate with the locations in Michigan and Georgia properly. The Michigan locations finance and accounting department purchased a software product with the application source code, but the vendor is no longer in business. However, the Georgia location purchased a software product with the application source code; unfortunately, an outdated network houses the systems software. The purpose of this paper is to describe the existing and needed business systems and subsystems for Riordan Manufacturing Company.

The team will give a detailed analysis of Riordans need, by department, for an effective business system relationship and a secure network environment by advising of a much needed network and security policy. Business Systems (San Juan) In today’s world of business, possessing a strong communication with companies under one umbrella is imperative to the success of a company. San Juan, which is the base location for Riordan, has the bells and whistles required to communicate effectively with emplo


yees at its location.

However, Riordan’s profits allowed the company to start up two new locations, which has to share information and data on a monthly basis. By purchasing a license for a fully integrated windows-based ERP manufacturing, distribution, and financial management software application, the company made a good decision for the home base company. However, the company failed to purchase the applications source code to enable communications between the distant companies it acquired.

Based on the teams review, it would be wise to purchase the application source code for the vendor and start the process to fully integrate the locations in Michigan and Georgia. The team also considered implementing Cloud computing for Riordan. Cloud computing would fully integrate Riordan business systems. Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet (Hartig, 2009). Riordan Manufacturing can use this type of service to share resources, software, and information between San Juan, Michigan, and its Georgia location.

Implementing the services through cloud computing, Riordan can choose to step up public or private services. Uniquely, some divisions within Riordan will have restricted access. The team researched Right Safe Cloud management who oversees 3,257,143 servers, both private and public (Right Safe, 2011). By using the cloud for the different locations, each location can have access to vital company information on any level at any time. Cloud Characteristics Cloud computing has some distinctive characteristics for Riordan Manufacturing that would not be costly to the company.

Cloud computing possess three characteristics that brings one to conclude that cloud computing brings tremendous benefit to the organization. The first characteristic is there is no maintenance.

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Cloud computing is an outsourced service provider, which saves the trouble of maintenance issues. Riordan will save facility space and expenses of employing a large IT department. The second characteristic is virtualization. Cloud computing will provide uninterrupted service through online availability 24/7. The around the clock availability by the hosting provider is beneficial to company needs.

The third characteristic is pay-as-you-go. Riordan will never have to pay for service it is not using. Most traditional online computing services offer business services that are bundled. Accessing the Cloud, Riordan will only pay for services used while saving the company money. These three characteristics proves that cloud computing is efficient and has more benefit than traditional computing (Hartig, Dec). Human resources Riordan is currently upgrading the current business systems of each department.

Management has asked the human resources department to provide information for the current department business systems and subsystems such as: the name of the system, how the systems work together for that department, what information is contained in the system and what security is used for that part of the system. The human resources department will research different business software systems and provide information on a new and secure business software system that will be needed to replace the current system.

Riordan is currently using an HRIS system that was installed in 1992 as part of a package system that the financial department is using. The system uses data retrieved from specialized forms and a subsystem of excel spreadsheets. The forms are used by managers and the employee relation specialists. The forms used by managers include employees’ personal information, pay rate, tax information, date hired, seniority date, vacation time, and organizational information.

The employee relations specialist also uses forms to track information about employee complaints, employee grievances, and employee harassment claims. When changes need to be made to any of the previous mentioned information, the appropriate form is filled out and sent to the payroll clerk, who is in charge of entering and maintaining the data for that part of the HRIS system. Please note, managers are also responsible for tracking family medical leave absences and any request for medical accommodations in the workplace. Department heads are responsible for managing and storing files.

Currently, there is no central storage area for employee files at this time. Files maintained by the employee relations specialists are securely stored in the Managers office. Human resources subsystems The subsystems used by the human resources department are Excel spreadsheets. Excel spreadsheets are used by recruiters, the compensation manager, and the training development specialist. Recruiters maintain applicant information for job openings. The Excel spreadsheets are used to track the status of applicants and applicant resumes are kept in central file storage.

The company has a compensation manager who keeps Excel spreadsheets with the company analysis of job, salary surveys, and individual employee compensation, but the company chooses to have a third-party provider manage and maintain records for employee compensation. The training and development specialist keeps employee training and development stored on an Excel spreadsheet. Storage for the employee forms kept by the managers are not currently kept in a secure manner and

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