?An IS Plan for Consulado Bar and Lounge Essay Example
?An IS Plan for Consulado Bar and Lounge Essay Example

?An IS Plan for Consulado Bar and Lounge Essay Example

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  • Published: September 29, 2017
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The group is grateful for all the aid and support it has gotten from the staff and direction of Consulado Bar and Lounge. We besides thank the dining director, Mr. Peter Quiambao for run intoing us and giving us the chance to see and freely travel around the company premises and being able to give us entree for interviews and studies. We are thankful to the Consulado stakeholders for cooperating, for allowing us to make this survey on the concern and mentioning us to all the dependable and understanding staff of Consulado. Last, the group is really thankful to Mr. Harvey Ong for all his support and apprehension, for all his lessons and for his forbearance when things don’t travel harmonizing to program.

Executive Summary

Consulado Bar and Lounge is a concern that started in February 2012. It is a company belonging i


n the saloon industry, and engages in supplying clients a good experience and quality merchandises, runing from alcoholic to nonalcoholic drinks to assorted nutrients. Despite being a fledgling in the industry, it is executing better every bit compared to other rivals with the same size and merchandise offerings.

However, the company is still traditional when it comes to making its concern activities and undertakings, and relies to a great extent on manual labour and procedures, that is, utilizing pen and paper when entering minutess, showing paperss such as grosss to clients, and others. Other procedures that are done manually are telling or buying stocks and stock list checking. The company does non hold a database to hive away all the relevant informations safely ; alternatively, what they do is they manually store informations into their logbook

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and record books. The company does non take advantage of the available information engineering to better their services and public presentation.

After analysing the different angles and taking into consideration all the of import factors, we, the research workers, have come up with the proposal for the company help of the PLDT Checkout for its POS system, and PLDT Cloud for its HR/ Payroll system, replacing the inefficient manual system employed by the company. Storing and recovering of informations would all be made easy and efficient. Automated databases, alternatively of manual pen and paper, for every individual section or dealing would be made available. Several benefits include: entree existent clip information about gross revenues and stock list anyplace at any given clip every bit long as there is an internet connexion, proctor of gross revenues and stock list, so the buying would cognize when to order, what to order and how much to order.

It is besides really low cost and low care. For a subscription monthly fee of P 2,750, the company would now hold the opportunity to incorporate engineering into its day-to-day operations. The company would hold a entire gross ( entire benefits minus entire costs ) of P 517,000. The system is made ideally for little to medium endeavors, peculiarly in the eating house or saloon industry. The investing needed by the company for hardware is a individual computing machine, hard currency drawer, and reception pressman for the teller. For the package, it would merely be the PLDT Checkout and PLDT cloud for HR/ paysheet. Entire investing would be P 33,000. This would hold an ROI of 12.29 % .

The proposed system, holding to

incorporate engineering in the concern with the usage of PLDT check-out procedure POS and PLDT cloud is the most practical pick for the company, since there is no demand for a large investing as compared to other options wherein the company would truly hold to blast out a large sum of money for the hardware.

Chapter 1 – Rationale and Scope of the Information System Strategic Plan


The saloon industry is one of the busiest concerns today because it operates from late in the afternoon until the bitty hours of the forenoon. It is now a portion of non merely the immature but the older people’s life style as manner of leisure and merriment. Having mentioned that this concern is busy, people in this concern have no clip for slow and bad service. A manner of bettering the service in a concern that’s related to the saloon industry is to incorporate an Information System. This sort of system is indispensable to a concern like this because it caters to many procedures that the company undergoes.

This can be a great aid to the employees of the company in making their mundane undertakings and most significantly, helps the company be more EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE. Bars handle a batch of information whether it be for input or end product intents. This information may be about the bar’s stock list, paysheet, gross revenues bills, etc. Integrating Information Systems into a saloon like Consulado that is still manual would assist in doing work quicker, cut down the errors that employees make and of class, aid in increasing the business’ income.

The program is to set up a system that would automatize and do

minutess easier and more effectual for the company. The intent of automatizing the systems is to simplify and increase efficiency that would take to better gross revenues and market position every bit good as attract possible clients and retain current clients and compete with other industries that are besides in the same industry. The program will besides better services like order minutess and other services, which would increase client dealingss because they will hold a mentality that Consulado will do certain that they are prioritized and attended to decently.

The mechanization will include put ining a database with sufficient informations storage compared to the present database, which allows more information and less hazard to decelerate informations retrieval. This will guarantee a faster and more organized manner of informations hive awaying for Consulado. Automatizing the system utilizing the Point of Sale system ( POS ) for the gross revenues section will besides be recommended. This will automatize all gross revenues related processs by utilizing informations found in the Database. Next is the usage of Microsoft package, which would let the selling staff to easy record and entree selling schemes done in the yesteryear or for future mentions.

Scope of the Information System Strategic Plan

The undermentioned factors are included in the survey:
Gross saless Department
One of the sections the group would wish to look into is the gross revenues section, given that this is one of the country the research workers feel has a batch of suites for betterment. The procedures done by the said section are all manual, therefore, the group would wish to suggest a system that would assist and better such procedures.

Buying and Inventory section
Another country or

section that would be involved in the survey is the buying and stock list section. Just like the gross revenues section, everything is done manually ; when buying and look intoing the stock list degrees, numeration of stocks are all done manually, every bit good as recording. The research workers believe that how the section accomplishes and make its undertakings can still be farther be improved with the usage of engineering.

Finance section
Recording of all the hard currency in and hard currency out minutess are all recorded in a logbook and finally typed in an excel file, therefore ensuing to mistakes and inaccuracies. The research workers believe that the IS program proposal should affect the Finance section, as it can still execute better by bettering the manual procedure employed by the section.

HR section
Calculation of paysheet, benefits, checking of attending, and entering are besides done utilizing pen and paper. The research workers think that the manual procedure should be replaced by machine-controlled procedure in order for it to be simplified,
improved and be more accurate, therefore, in the proposal, the HR section is one of the sections that would be included.

The undermentioned factor/s are non included in the survey:

Operations/ Marketing section
Although the selling section is a really of import component in the company, the procedures employed by that section can non be changed ; the selling schemes and methods would stay to be the same, in the company’s instance, by keeping events, and acquiring sponsorships. The lone facet that would be affected is the recording of minutess, such as disbursals and grosss. Human resource in footings of hiring and preparation employees

The proposed system would non help the company

in engaging employees and developing them, as this procedure would stay to be manual. The facet that would be automated in the HR procedure are paysheet and monitoring of employee attending.

Chapter 2 – Company Background

2.1 Brief History

Consulado is into the saloon industry and started to run early around February 2012. Their company offers both merchandises and services — merchandises, being the drinks and nutrient sold at sensible monetary values and service, being as amusement like unrecorded sets, acoustic darks, etc. It had its soft gap late February and was officially opened and registered around September.

The company has 13 major stockholders comprised chiefly of close relations and friends. The first managing spouse was Patrick Puno and was appointed on the 14th of May. He was relieved of responsibility on September 20 and replaced by Nilo Escalona. On April 2013, he handed out his backdown from the place due to some personal issues and replaced by Raem Puno and Marco Santiago.

The company launched its first large event, which took topographic point on the 24th of December 2012. The company has since so, launched around 5-7 major events. The company has besides gotten major patrons such as San Miguel and FHM. They have hebdomadal promos and specific genre choices for each twenty-four hours, played by assorted picture DJs that besides play in Republiq, Jill’s, TYA, etc.

Despite being a fledgling in the industry, the concern is making truly good in footings of fiscal standing. And non merely that, the company is seen to hold increasing their addition in the market portion, particularly among the people shacking and working along the country. The concern is believed to execute even better,

if managed decently, in the hereafter. 2.2 Industry Update

The saloon industry in the Philippines has been around for a long clip. It is apparent today ; that whichever saloon is the most epicurean and comfy locale to be in will last. A batch of bars have closed down due to hapless direction and hapless concern picks. Consulado, being a fledgling in the industry, has yet shown the true potency that it wants to demo. Merely about a twelvemonth in being, it has steadily competed with assorted rivals, which have been in the industry much longer than them yet Consulado has proven to be better in a figure of facets such as Public Relations ( PR ) , Networking, and Service Quality.

Presently, the latest issue that has an consequence on the saloon industry is the revenue enhancement addition imposed on alcoholic drinks. The addition reasonably much depended on the content of intoxicant degree and the net retail monetary value of the drinks. This revenue enhancement addition was already put into consequence, which affected the gross revenues of some bars and saloons in the state. The important addition in the monetary value of intoxicant and baccy has led lower ingestion of consumers when they dine in at bars and saloons ( Euromonitor International, October 2012 ) .

2.3 Products/Services

Consulado is in the saloon industry, which narrows their merchandise line. In every saloon, it is indispensable to function nutrient and drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Other merchandises that may be bought here are indirectly in their merchandise line such as Cadmiums from DJs, and other memorabilia from events. It is
in the civilization of Consulado that their service be of

the highest quality and to the satisfaction of their clients.



To be one of the top bars in the Philippines
To hold an addition in profits/revenue annually
To continuously fulfill our clients by supplying exceeding client service Mission:
Consulado is determined to supply the clients with great satisfaction by giving different experiences. 2.5 Management and Culture Consulado aims to supply its client with the best quality of service they can offer. To make this, they must foremost concentrate on the satisfaction of its board members so the directors and the staff. Job satisfaction is of import to people since it is the chief thing that allows people to make their best. The direction besides makes certain that their staff are really oriented with client service, that merely the best experience should be provided by the company to its invitees. Positive vibraphones must ever be shown, every bit good as clients should ever be feel welcomed by the staff. Employees are ever expected to be gracious and warm to its invitees.

Along with this, direction has besides considered the chemical science between colleagues as a big factor. If there is bad blood inside the company, employees’ public presentations would be affected. Open communicating is practiced within the company, in order to avoid misinterpretations among employees. Management looks closely at the personalities and state of affairss of persons and if they can work good with others

2.6 Company Officer/Organizational Structure

The Board of Directors comprises of the proprietors, who participate in doing the major determinations for the concern. The members of the board have no specific function in general, alternatively determinations are made jointly. The president is the 1 who acts on what the

board of managers want, doing certain the strategic ends of the company should be met. He is the 1 who oversees the whole operation of the concern, and makes certain that each is on the right path. The president is the 1 responsible for guaranting smooth operations that are in conformity with the company’s ends and mission. Under the president are the directors or caputs of the different section, viz. operations, human resource, finance, stock list and gross revenues oversees the operations that fall within the sections where they belong to, doing certain that each procedure is right done.

The operations director is responsible for the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations of the concern. Selling is besides under operations, which is responsible for pulling new clients and retaining old clients. It is the responsibility of the operations to guarantee that clients are good satisfied ; while the selling is in charge of coming up with publicities, events, sponsorships, and activities that would advance the constitution. The acting DJs for certain darks besides is under the operations. Hiring DJs that would play good paths would do clients come back. In add-on, security and chucker-outs are besides under the operations so as to guarantee proper order and safety of clients every clip they are in the premises of the company.

The stock list section is in charge of the supplies of the company. It is the section that contacts the provider when supplies are already low, look intoing what merchandises to order, how much of these merchandises should be ordered and when these merchandises should be ordered. Under the stock list or buying caput is the buying helper

or staff to assist the director or assistance him in supervising stock list. For the gross revenues section, headed by the teller, it is fundamentally in charge of the day-to-day gross revenues dealing of the concern.

The function of the teller is to take note of the merchandises that have been ordered, and to enter each dealing, so that at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, this could wholly be tallied such that all merchandises that have been sold could be deducted from the stock list, and the day-to-day gross revenues could be recorded by the finance section for the coevals of studies. Under gross revenues caput are the server and barmans, who are in charge of welcoming invitees and helping them with orders, go toing to them when there are some things that the clients need. They are besides in charge of conveying the orders, showing measures, and cleaning the tabular arraies one time the clients have left. For the human resource section, its chief duty is to calculate for the paysheet of the employees manually ; this procedure is done manually. Besides, the said section is in charge of engaging new endowments, giving the making needed for a certain occupation and developing them for a certain occupation place. Under the Human resource caput is an HR staff that assists in making all the human resource maps.

And in conclusion, there is the kitchen where it is headed by the caput chef. The caput chef oversees all the kitchen operations, from the readying of nutrient, to the nutrients that need to be served guaranting that all the merchandises served are merely of the best quality. The

caput chef is assisted by two other adjunct chefs. They besides take portion in cookery and fixing the nutrients that are ordered by clients. Whereas the nutrient starter and kitchen public-service corporation, which is besides under the supervising of the caput chef, is responsible for keeping the kitchen, cleaning the utensils that have been used already, and disposing of the wastes and remnant nutrients.

2.8 Resources


One of the strengths of the concern is that, given it is merely a fledgling in the industry with tonss of rivals in the country, it has already established itself and has gained a figure of loyal clients that patronize the concern. Every weekend or so, old clients would travel back ; these are the loyal clients. These loyal clients besides would convey in new clients, and present them to the saloon. Given such, it can be seen as an advantage over its rivals. In these industry, word of oral cavity is a really much of import tool in distributing the concern. Another advantage that the concern have is the fact that the executives who handle the company have a really broad web, which is used to regularly increase the people’s consciousness about the company.

It can besides be some kind of a publicity for the company. Connections and webs are really of import as it can assist distribute the word about the concern, and therefore pull new clients, increasing the market portion of the company. The DJ roll that the company presently employs besides serve as one of the primary grounds why clients flock at the saloon. These Djs are known to the populace, holding a large influence on the clients,

by cognizing and playing the latest music that would snap to the populace. In the saloon industry, good music is one of the factors that attract clients.

Having a good DJ roll can pull and retain clients, and finally it can increase gross revenues. The location where the company is situated can besides be of great advantage to the company. Located in an country where there is heavy human traffic, and near constitutions that are unfastened until the late hours of the dark is considered as strength of the company, as there are a batch of possible clients that can be attracted. It is besides really seeable and can easy be seen.

Equally much as there are a figure of strengths possessed by the company, there are besides failings, and one of these is the limited figure of merchandises offered by the saloon. In a competitory market where the concern is, there must ever be something that the company offers that are non offered by another, in order for the other company in the same line of concern to catch the market portion of Consulado. The company must come up with a new array of new merchandises that the clients can take from. Another failing of the company is the fact that it isn’t technologically advanced when it comes to making all its concern procedures.

It hasn’t integrated engineering in making its day-to-day undertakings yet. The company does every procedure manually, therefore ensuing to mistakes, redundancies and incompatibilities. Given that circumstance, such failing can be tied up to another, the drawn-out waiting period for merchandise orders of the clients. The employee has to walk over to the kitchen

or the saloon after a clients has ordered, to look into if there are adequate stocks or supplies. Sometimes, another client would name the attending of the server, which could do to bury the old order of the other client.

An chance for the company is to accommodate more merchandises in order to spread out the merchandise picks of clients. There are a figure of external entities that the company could bind up with, to organize a amalgamation or joint venture in order to increase the merchandise line being sold and offered by the company. Forming a partnership with another company could be good for both parties. Making an confederation would be posed with possibilities of sharing selling schemes, every bit good as sharing of resources. There is besides an chance to spread out the concern nationwide.

Since the company is making truly good in the market, holding a individual subdivision located at Tomas Morato, there is a chance that they could make up one's mind to spread out by opening up another subdivision in another country. Doing so would increase the market portion, and increasing the trade name consciousness among people, particularly to the sectors unreached. Another important chance of the company is to take advantage of the promotion of engineering, and leveraging into such. Manual procedures must be replaced with machine-controlled and advanced procedures, and that could be done utilizing engineering. In the epoch that we live today, engineering holds great advantages for every concern. More advanced engineering would give better consequences in footings of effectivity and efficiency.


It is evident that the menace of larger rivals is present in the industry where the concern is

in, same as other companies in different industries. Consulado has a figure of rivals in the country, in which some of those have deeper pockets and wider webs. The presence of such could eat up the market portion of the concern. These more experient rivals have been around in the state for old ages, doing them more knowing in the field. There is besides the menace of rising prices, where monetary values of trade goods rise, doing the value of money to lower.

Such case could ensue to lower figure of clients, because it affects the disbursement capacity of people. Not merely that, the lifting revenue enhancements on trade goods such as intoxicant and baccy, known as the wickedness revenue enhancement, is besides evident. The concern is engaged in the saloon industry, selling intoxicant and baccy, aside from the other merchandises such as nutrient and chiefly, the experience. Rising revenue enhancements on such may impact the company negatively, particularly if the authorities decides to enforce higher revenue enhancements than it already is.

Chapter 3 – IS Environmental Assessment ( Current/Existing Systems )

3.1 Existing System

The bing system for Consulado is strictly manual. The minutess are done
from individual to individual interaction and seldom do they utilize computing machines. The records from each section are integrated by roll uping the processed informations and formed into studies by a individual staff member and so reviewed by the current directors for alteration. The concluding study is so presented to the operating or managing partner/s.

3.2 Existing Process Flow Diagram

3.2.1 Current System ( Customer Order Process )

3.2.2 Current System ( Inventory and Purchasing System )

3.2.3 Current System ( Payroll )

3.2.4 Current System ( Accounting

and Finance )

3.3 Existing Information Systems

Selling and Gross saless Department – Manual

The selling and gross revenues sections of the concern are in charge of pulling new and old clients to come and see the night life. The section is really informal in such a manner that there is no fixed employee for the specific occupation. In this section, all employees and stockholders are encouraged to talk out their head and give suggestions. Although this is the instance, the current operations director is still the individual with the last call.

The procedures employed by the selling and gross revenues section are done manually. Each record or dealing is recorded manually in a logbook. Expenses paid for a selling run for case is recorded in a record book, therefore ensuing to confusion, dual recording, or inefficient trailing.

Finance Department – Manual

The function of this section is to enter all the purchases and gross revenues incurred in concern minutess. Everything else in this section is done manually. When buying, the section has to organize with a buying director on what they have bought. Inventories are recorded manually on a logbook. These procedures have frequently result to inaccurate or inconsistent records because of troubles in monitoring or misidentify in entering the purchased stock lists for the hebdomad. The grosss are collected and filed on a hebdomadal mode. All these dealing are besides done manually. Receiving and collection dealing are manually written on a record book. Because of such, holds frequently occur doing the procedure inefficient at times. Loss of grosss can besides ensue to a job, or loss of gross revenues.

When merchandising, the lone fixed merchandises that are sold in the

constitution are nutrient and drinks. These full points have a fixed monetary value unless there is a promo for that twenty-four hours. Aside from these merchandises, the concern on occasion sells music picture upon petition of a client. These merchandises are write on a gross revenues bill sheet which is so signed so and at that place by the client and collected until concluding payment is done.

Human Resource Department – Manual

This section holds the sketchs and profiles of each employee, from the barmans to the servers, from the chefs to the DJs, and from the chucker-outs to the security guards. When enrolling or questioning a possible employee, the operations head normally calls for a meeting with the applier along with all the caputs of the other sections to guarantee and prove the applicants’ dependability and credibleness. After the meeting, the applier is asked to describe to work a hebdomad subsequently for proving before any contract is drafted.

Bing a little company, the concern can still supervise the figure of application they get when they open up a place, therefore non necessitating a database for such. Every HR map such as paysheet, benefits, enlisting, and preparation are all done manually. The human resources staff is able to supervise and make the activities manually at the minute so the company does non
program to use an machine-controlled system for the section at nowadays.

3.4 Existing IS Development/Maintenance Capabilities

The company states that there are minimum attempts in the development of better information systems and a satisfactory care squad that overlooks the system. The directors and top executives of the company are the chief determination shapers and experience that they have small

support as of the minute to concentrate and pass it on systems development.

3.5 Existing IT Infrastructure and Equipment

The company merely has a preparation installation which they claim is the saloon itself. An executive sofa is besides available for meetings but is besides available for public usage if there is no scheduled meeting. For equipment, the company bought and installed a DJ booth, talkers and amplifiers, illuming and air-conditioning for the convenience of its employees and clients.

3.6 Major Current Capabilities

3.6.1 Hardware

As of the minute, the company uses Windows-based computing machines installed in its chief office. The company is located inside the saloon wherein there is one ( 1 ) computing machine used for selling and finance intents. The hardware in usage are old and outdated, which could do hold in the procedures needed. Most of the minutess are done manually utilizing pen and paper including the reception. See appendices for the list of hardware.

3.6.2 Software

The company chiefly uses Microsoft Office for entering and forming intents. The computing machines in the office have the common pre-installed applications in the Windows computing machines, and besides have Internet applications such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

3.6.3 Database

As mentioned, the company merely uses pen and paper for its operations aside from some accounting records, which are done utilizing Microsoft Excel and Attendance of employees and reserves utilizing logbooks.

3.6.4 Telecommunications

The company uses land line and cell phones as the chief beginning of communicating between sections and employees. At present, that is merely the manner of communications among section and employees.

3.7 Difficulties Meeting Business Requirements

The company states that the followers are the troubles they encounter during concern operations. First, the concern that

the company is in is really complex and complicated. There is ne'er a twenty-four hours that is repeated more than twice. Unexpected state of affairss and protocols go on without anterior notice. It is non difficult to conceive of that clients are likely to acquire intoxicated and cause pandemonium in the topographic point or accidents go oning such as glass breakage, sofas acquiring burnt from coffin nails and so on. Another trouble is the misinterpretation or unmanageable actions of the providers. There have been cases wherein the provider failed to run into the demands and agreed footings of the company.

3.8 Anticipated Future Demands

In the industry that the company is in, the demand for enlargement and better engineering is inevitable. Once the company reaches a certain market portion, there would be yearss that the company would non be able to function everyone in the topographic point. The topographic point is merely expected to make a upper limit of 200-250 invitees in one dark. Expansion of the topographic point or in another location will be demanded. Aside from enlargement, clients will ever desire the best quality in footings of service, music, illuming and merchandises.

3.9 Description of the Present System -insert WCA model

Chapter 4 – IS Impact on Company Mission and Strategy

Since the mission of Consulado is to supply the clients with great satisfaction by giving different experiences, the Information Systems Impact on this is supplying them the chance to introduce. More than being helped by computing machines, the company will populate by them, determining their scheme and construction to suit new information engineering that has been provided for them. Another IS Impact is that the employees’ public

presentation will be altered since implementing a new system will diminish the hazard of errors and concern mistakes. Enhanced client communications will besides be improved to keep first-class client dealingss. Information Systems could act upon faster decision-making because information is available instantly. And of class, a big impact of Information Systems on the company is increased profitableness and improved control of costs and could potentially be an chance for growing and enlargement.

Chapter 5 – IS Architecture

5.1 Description of Identified Information Systems

Measure 1. Summary of Business Activities Customers Order System

SALES Processing System

1. When clients come in, the server takes client orders in an order signifier. 2. Waiter writes down order inside informations and utilizations such to treat grosss. 3. When clients are done, the server presents the measure. Once payment has been made, grosss are given to clients. 4. Payment minutess are all recorded by the Finance section, .

Inventory SYSTEM
1. Employees check the stock degrees and record everything in a notebook. 2.
Employees inform the buying director the points that need to be reordered.

Buying System
1. Buying director issues a purchase order from the provider. 2. Supplier is informed of the merchandises the has been ordered. 3. Once merchandises have been delivered, the accounting section pay the provider and record the minutess in the logbook.

1. HR Department computes the monthly wage of each employee. 2. Once wages are given to the employees, these are recorded in a logbook.

1. The finance section gets all the logbook of gross revenues, purchases, and other disbursals. 2. Manually computes for each, in order to bring forth studies.


5.2.1 Gross saless

Processing System

All gross revenues minutess are manually logged into a logbook. Everything is totalled at the terminal of the twenty-four hours. These are all manually computed, in order to find how much net income from gross revenues been made for the twenty-four hours. This is owned by the gross revenues section.

Finance database

Every dealing is besides recorded in a diary manually. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours, gross revenues are reviewed and tallied how much income has been made the whole twenty-four hours. Merchandises that have been ordered are all listed down, every bit good as the measure ordered and other information related to such. This is owned by the finance section.

Inventory database
Purchased merchandises or stock lists are all recorded manually, the measure and monetary value of the merchandise ordered, and the day of the month it was ordered.

Human resource database
The monthly wages and rewards of employees are besides recorded manually in a logbook owned by the HR section. Bing a little company, the employees are non really hard to maintain path, therefore in the logbook, merely the paysheet, benefits, and other fillips are recorded, in add-on to the employee information.

Chapter 6 – The IT Strategy ( New Developments )

6.1 New System Project Description

Since the company does everything manually, including recording of gross revenues, purchases, and stock list, the research workers suggest that that the company should avail of the PLDT Checkout, a web-based point-of-sales ( POS ) system that targets to transform the manual procedures of SMEs in making gross revenues and stock list. It allows concerns to hold an machine-controlled system procedure of accepting and entering minutess sing gross revenues. In add-on, it

lets the concern path and supervise the degrees of stock list, every bit good as give real-time entree to gross revenues informations. There are a batch of benefits the system could convey in to the company. First, it allows existent clip entree to gross revenues information, comprising of the gross revenues figure, the information, stock list, and other necessary information, anytime and anyplace every bit long as there is an internet connexion or Wi-Fi.

Owners and directors need non be in shop to be in charge of everything because PLDT Checkout allows entree every bit long as there is a connexion, so whether the proprietor is in a meeting, in a holiday, or merely set, anyplace, the proprietor can still be cognizant of what’s presently go oning in the saloon, and can command it. It besides improves control of stock list. Now manual numeration and manual checking of stock list can be eliminated, and replaced with an machine-controlled system. PLDT Checkout allows buying section to pull off the stock list more expeditiously, get rid ofing and decreasing excessively much or excessively small order. It would besides be easier to track because the buyer would be notified when to order, how much to order, and what to order. What is besides a benefit is that, it is really low cost and low care. The monthly subscription already includes package updates and care, every bit good as proficient support from PLDT proficient aid.

In add-on to the PLDT Checkout, the group would besides wish to propose PLDT Cloud HR/ Payroll system, an easy-to-use, cloud-based application for concern, that aid concerns organize their records. It helps SMEs manage and proctor

information about their company every bit good as procedure employee paysheet. It allows entree to employee information, compensation, benefits, timekeeping, and of class, paysheet.

Users of the said system will able to specify the default compensation and benefits, including the computation per hr of the employees’ wages and rewards, the benefits received, and all the tax write-offs as good. It would let the user to keep a transcript of the related information sing a certain employee, and let him/ her to specify the paysheet day of the months, and working yearss of a certain worker. Employee direction would besides be improved, because the package would be able to bring forth the employee general information, from displacement agendas, to foliages and absences, other inside informations. Owners and directors can hold the studies with merely a individual chink ; indispensable information is readily available therefore doing a quicker determination doing on their portion. Reports that can be made are: Payroll item sum-up, SSS Contribution list, PhilHealth Contribution List, PAGIBIG Collection List, and Payroll Report.

6.2 Application Systems Development Strategy

The package proposed by the company would be hosted by PLDT. The plan is POS Checkout system, to supervise gross revenues, stock list and buying, every bit good to simplify coevalss of studies, plus an extra PLDT Cloud HR/ Payroll System, in order to simplify paysheet and other human resource related undertaking. This system that the group proposes would extinguish the manual procedures of the company, such as utilizing pen and paper for entering gross revenues, buying and stock list, and paysheet. Runing of the trials to measure the public presentation of the system would be done. The system was proposed

chiefly to better the recording of dealing in the concern. The system would be storage for all the records, such as gross revenues, stock list, paysheet, and other necessary files needed by the school. It would besides execute some end product such as bring forthing studies, and publishing out of official grosss. Owners and directors would hold the complete and full control over who can entree the application in order to procure all the files and paperss.

6.3 Data Management Strategy

Because of the proposed system by the group, the scheme for the informations would be to stop up them into the proposed system. Since everything is written down in separate logbooks depending on what sort of dealing, these would all hold to be inputted in the system. The job with that manual procedure is that, it is prone to mistakes. Employees can besides pull strings the information, every bit good as it can besides do incompatibilities. It is besides really clip consuming and inaccurate.

It consequences to hanker waiting clip on the side of the clients, and inefficient on the portion of the staff. Given the state of affairs, with the proposed system of the group, all the procedures would be simplified and be easier and faster. The group so would wish to suggest the informations to be transcribed into the proposed system, and sort it into the different databases, harmonizing to dealing. All the difficult transcript of the recorded dealing would be transferred into the system, and into the databases of the system. The company would engage a translator to make the undertaking, in order for the company to go on on with its twenty-four hours

to twenty-four hours operation while the new system is being integrated in the concern.

6.4 New Capabilities Required

6.4.1 Hardware Strategy

Since the company presently has a individual computing machine which is used for finance and selling intents. The group proposed for the company to purchase another set of computing machine that would be used the cashier/ servers in order to look into the stocks available when the clients comes in and order. That manner, the staff would non necessitate to travel to the backroom and manually look for the merchandise or look into if it is available. He/ she merely needs to look into in the computing machine if stocks are available. The group proposes for the company to buy a computing machine that has a higher memory and processing capacity in order for it to execute the coveted maps good. This computing machine that the company should purchase will be placed in the teller country, in order for the server to look into stock list and enter gross revenues.

It would let the teller to entree all the information needed. The other computing machine that the company owns at nowadays would still be placed at the back office for coevals of studies and all other necessary undertakings that would necessitate the usage of a computing machine. It can besides be used by directors to supervise gross revenues, stock list, and human resource. It would be much easier this manner, since dealing need non be recorded in the logbooks and so manually calculate for each at the terminal of the twenty-four hours. Everything is stored in the system’s database, and can be stored and retrieved safely at any

given clip and topographic point every bit long as there is an internet connexion.

6.4.2 Software Strategy

The group would wish to put in or download the POS system every bit good as HR/ Payroll system offered by PLDT in both the computing machines owned by the company. Both computing machines would hold entree to the system, in order for the users, whoever it may be from any different, can be able to see or track gross revenues, stock list or HR. Besides, the group would wish to put in antivirus package in order to guarantee that computing machines will run swimmingly and avoid crashing of the two computing machines. Since the other computing machine already hold Microsoft office installed in it, merely the new computing machine that the group suggested for the company to buy would be installed with MS office applications. It is so
because the group believed that it is a basic plan that the employees need for doing end products. The group would non upgrade anything sing the computing machines to be purchased.

6.4.3 Database

The database of the system would be the RAM of the computing machines. All the records of the concern would be placed at that place. In the system, all databases would be incorporated, except for the finance database. For Finance, the purchases and gross revenues minutess would be recorded in the system, nevertheless other minutess such as public-service corporation disbursals, H2O disbursals, selling disbursals, and all others would be merely in a separate record book. Gross saless, Human resource specifically payroll, stock list and buying database would be kept and integrated in the PLDT Checkout POS system and PLDT Cloud HR/

Payroll System. Other difficult transcripts of paperss would be kept by the finance section. Examples of such files would be official grosss, cogent evidence of bringing, and others.

6.4.4 Telecommunications

For telecommunications scheme, the company would exchange its service supplier to PLDT. Since the company would avail of its services, it is merely practical that all its web and telecommunications supplier should be PLDT. Aside from the PLDT Checkout system for its POS, and PLDT Cloud for its HR/ Payroll system, the company would besides use for telecommunication and cyberspace services, the PLDT myDSL. With the cyberspace services, besides comes free land line services. So in order to maximise its resources and be practical, Consulado should merely lodge to 1 service supplier, and that is PLDT.

6.5 Organizational Strategy

There is no demand for the company to use and IT section, since the proposal is a web-based POS and HR system. Aside from the fact that the system is really easy to utilize, care costs are already inclusive of the monthly subscription fee, it wouldn’t be practical to hold an IT section since the concern is a small-scaled company, the usage of computing machines would non be every bit extended as other big concerns. The care of applications would be handled the host supplier, PLDT. There would be several alterations with how the concern will go on with its operations and day-to-day map.

Employees would now extinguish the usage of paper in the different procedures they have. Manual recordings would now be eliminated ; the usage of logbooks would wholly be abolished as everything would now be computerized. All the employees need to make now is to entree the plan

on the computing machine and expression for the information they need, whether it may be inventory concerns, paysheet concerns, etc. Everyone involved would be trained in utilizing the system ; these are the proprietors, directors, tellers, HR, buying, and finance.

Chapter 7. Execution Plan
7.1 Detailed Execution Plan

Consulado is holding a difficult clip sing the handling of their gross revenues, stock list, human resource, and paysheet. Having the new system implemented every bit shortly as possible is a must to avoid any more loss. After all the testing and debugging have been completed, the company should continue to implementing the proposed system PLDT Checkout which is developed by PLDT and with the support of Alliance Software Inc.

Consulado should make the phased transition method in implementing the new system.. This should be done by developing the people who will utilize the new system, buying and put ining the new equipment for the system in the constitution, change overing all the old files from the old system, put ining the new package, and repeatedly utilizing the new system for acquaintance. Phased transition should be practiced by the company because it I’ll give the company the opportunity to still utilize the old system and the new one at the same clip until the direction and users wholly replaced the old system to the new system in a gradual mode. This transition method is arguably the least hazard with regard to implementing the PLDT Checkout.

When the company starts utilizing the new system and wholly extinguish the old one, some procedures from the old system will be gone, like the usage of booklets as a database, and log books for maintaining and

updating all the minutess that the company engages in. This method of execution should assist the saloon be more organized in exchanging from the old one to the new system. The directors of Consulado should get down the program by developing the new users how to use the freshly applied information system, which in this instance, all the employees of the saloon so that they will cognize and understand their functions in order for the new system to assist the company in the best manner possible. The new system should be implemented now by the company in order for them to increase their net income, reach their coveted market portion, and for the direction to be able to analyze and analyse this.

7.2 Anticipated Troubles in Execution

In implementing PLDT Checkout, and PLDT Cloud HR/ Payroll in the company, there might be some troubles. First, it might take a batch of clip for the employees of Consulado to set with this system and to familiarise themselves with the new procedures brought by the invention. Another trouble could be from the installing of the hardware. There might be cases that the instruments won’t be installed decently ensuing to malfunctions. There might besides be about the package. There might be a opportunity that the debugging wasn’t absolutely done and evidently this could ensue to the system non to work every bit planned. Another trouble could be connected with the database. This might non salvage the information needed by the company that needs to be accessed by the users. Of class there are still troubles non mentioned but hopefully the new system works good and the company will be satisfied.


Progress Report

The coder must be able to update the directors at least one time or twice a hebdomad. This should be done in order for the directors to do certain that the coder is making all the things he needs to make in order for the new system to be successful. Through this, the company can get down utilizing the system every bit early as possible.

The coder should travel to the saloon to make some preparation plans or
presentations for the employees. Making this will assist the directors see if the coder is making what they truly want and if the system truly satisfies their involvements. In this manner, if the directors have jobs with the system or needs to ask about something, the coder could do accommodations right off. The most of import thing about this is that by the clip the system is ready, the employees of the saloon would absolutely cognize the full system and maestro on how to utilize it.

Chapter 8. IS Development Schedule

8.1 IS Development Plan

The first measure is to see what Consulado needs in order for them to better their position in the market. We observe their current jobs and jobs that they may meet and besides how they run their concern.

After analysing, a program will be created sing the jobs identified. And speaking about the jobs of this concern, it is PLDT Chceckout and PLDT Cloud HR/ Payroll. This program besides includes the whole system, how it works, what hardware needed, and who will profit from this information system.

Purchase demands
The monetary values of the hardware and package demands will be calculated and if the sum of cost is higher

than the sum of benefits, an alternate program will be created. After ciphering the costs and benefits, it is clip to buy the hardware and package demands.

The freshly acquired hardware and package for PLDT Checkout will be tested before the users take over and run for the concern. If any mistakes come up, alterations will be done until it is harmonizing to the Information System Plan.

For the system to be every bit successful as expected, employees should cognize how to utilize it and its potency. Having preparation Sessionss will assist them understand to the full the full system.

After doing certain that the hardware and package work good harmonizing to Consulado’s involvements, employees will now get down to utilize the new system. Software care will go on from clip to clip to do certain that the system is working decently and to avoid possible dislocations.

8.2 Agenda of Systems Development ( Gantt Chart )

First, the analysts should travel to the saloon in order for them to study the constitution and interview the directors and some employees. In this manner, they could hold initial observations and asses the current system that the company has. Making this, they could garner sufficient informations in order for them to analyse and place the things that they have to look for. After garnering informations, the analysts now should make some initial research based on the information they have gathered. Then, they should analyse on where the company could better or they could replace in order for them to work out their current issues. After analysing, they should now plan an information system to work out the problem/s identified.

Equally shortly as they’re done

designing, they should now poll for the hardware and package demands and expression for the right monetary value that wouldn’t cost as much but will give the company the result that is desires. Next, the analysts should plan a information flow diagram that the new system will follow. Equally shortly as it is accomplished, the package chosen should now be acquired. Then, the analysts should show to the company their proposed solution. After that, if the company is satisfied with the proposed solution, they should get the hardware demands. Testing and debugging should come after that. After everything is observed to run swimmingly, the new information system should be implemented in the operations of the company. Chapter 9. Budget Requirements

9.1 Requirements

( PLDT Checkout + Cloud Software by PLDT and Alliance Software Incorporated ) - monthly fee of P2,750 for a lock in of 2 old ages for PLDT Checkout, and monthly fee of 5,000 for PLDT cloud ) Hardware

HP Pavilion p2-1213d Desktop ( P15,000 )
AcuTeQ Cash Drawer ( RJ11 Interface ) ( P3,000 )

The preparation fee for the employees in operating PLDT Checkout is already included in the bundle fee. PLDT Web-based POS system gives the option to allow the experts do the care with an assured 24/7 public presentation. The preparation of the employees would affect a hands-on monitoring and instructions from a representative from Alliance Software Inc. or from PLDT.

The care is perfectly free since the company would pay Php 2,750.00 for the system and the care and fix is already included.


( 2 ) Zenis

POS 3000 with Free MSR ( Php 55,000.00 )
Processor: Intel Atom D525 Dual Core ( 1.8 GHz, 1 MB Cache )
Difficult Drive: 250GB Internal Hard Drive
Memory: 2GB DDR3, SODIMM
Touch Panel: 5 wired resistive touch

· ( 2 ) PRP – 188 Thermal Receipt Printer ( Php 11, 000.00 ) Heavy Duty Thermal Printer for reception and kitchen
Interface: Multiple Interface ( USB, SERIAL and ETHERNET ) Print Speed: 250mm/sec
Paper breadth: 79.5mm tens 0.5mm
Command set: ECS/POS Compatible

( 2 ) AcuTeQ Cash Drawer ( RJ11 Interface ) ( Php 3, 300.00 )
Made of heavy gage steel, suited for heavy responsibility usage and prolonged operational life, the ideal pick for dependability and perfect platform for any POS terminus besides the ideal base for big size

9.2 Potential Savingss
The possible nest eggs will likely come from the people who will run the system because the company would non necessitate to engage new employees to manage the system. The saloon will merely hold some of its current employees to develop before utilizing the PLDT Checkout. The directors should anticipate an addition in their net income due to the benefits that the system will convey to their gross revenues and stock list direction.

9.3 Cost/ benefit analysis
PLDT Checkout POS + PLDT Cloud HR/ paysheet

9.4 IS Development Five Year Plan

It can be seen that the company will be able to back up itself without the demand to borrow money from the bank or any other fiscal beginnings. This is because the company’s gross is much greater than its costs. By merely looking at the Net Present Value of 1,728,806.76 which is clearly far from nothing. Furthermore, it is expected that in this instance, the return on

investing is really high.

WEBPOS System + hardware

9.5 Five Year Support Requirements

It can be seen in the two tabular arraies that the company will be able to last even without the aid of any loaning activities from the bank or from other funding establishments. The company’s income is much greater than its cost. The net present value of 1,728,806.76 and 1,693,516.76 which are manner greater than 0, merely says that the company is economically executable. Plus the return on investing of 12.29 and 9.96 in merely a few figure of old ages show the effectivity of the direction in bring forthing net incomes.

9.6 Five Year Budgetary demands

9.7 Training Cost

There is no preparation cost for the PLDT Checkout but the company could inquire for aid and PLDT or the Alliance Software Inc. would be glad to assist out and see the constitution to assist out the users and reply all their jobs sing the system. This service is inclusive in the monthly fee that the company pays. The service mentioned would besides affect hands-on monitoring and a representative from the Alliance Software Inc. and PLDT will carry on a “lecture” for the employees sing the usage of PLDT Checkout and PLDT Cloud for HR and Payroll.

Chapter 10 Design and Implementation Issues
10.1 Data Requirement and Operation

As a fledgling in the industry holding a mission to supply uninterrupted excellence in footings of client service, taking to supply merely the best experience to its clients, it is necessary for the company to happen a more effectual and systematic ways of hive awaying informations and carry throughing undertakings expeditiously. Sing that the current concern procedures employed by the company are of

manual processs, Consulado needs to accommodate a new system, a system which would extinguish the manual procedures, alternatively, transforming such to machine-controlled procedures, in order to be more effectual and efficient in presenting service to its internal and external clients. To salvage clip, extinguish redundancy, and better truth, the system needs to be automated.

A job that the company needs to work out is sing informations input and storage. The company uses pen and paper in entering all the minutess, whether it may be gross revenues or purchases of merchandises, accounting records, such as paysheet and other minutess. A list of the databases that will be needed by the different sections of the company are the undermentioned:

Gross saless Records- this database shows all the gross revenues minutess of the company and all the inside informations refering such. Employee records- All the basic and needed information about the employees will be kept in this booklet. The attending, constitutional benefits and fillips will be shown in the booklet in order to calculate for the monthly wage. Inventory database- In this database, the company’s stock list will be placed. Alternatively of utilizing pen and paper to supervise the stock degree, utilizing a computerized database will be more effectual and practical since it is less prone to mistakes, and it is more accurate. It will besides extinguish informations use and redundancy. Accounting database- Purchases, gross revenues, paysheet, and other dealing are stored in the accounting database to track the income/ loss of the company, and to find the sum of money that goes in and out of the concern.

In add-on to these databases, the company besides needs a system wherein

difference users can entree informations at any clip, in order to assist them do timely and informed determinations and to be cognizant of the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours minutess and state of affairs of the company.

10.2 The Proposed System ( Automation System )

A major constituent of the proposed system is its direction of informations, through the usage of computing machines in the subdivision, which can besides be accessed by the proprietor anytime utilizing another computing machine every bit long as it has internet connexion. With their units, every user can entree the exact same information. However, it would be limited by the users personal designation. It will necessitate an designation and watchword, in order to entree the desired information. This is to forestall anyone from merely accessing of import and confidential information. It is merely the proprietor who has the entree to every information and information in the system.

For the gross revenues section, everyone concerned and involved in the section such as the tellers and servers would hold entree to the system. This is to enter the gross revenues dealing and to look into the stock list or stocks if of all time a client orders from them. All the gross revenues minutess would be stored in the gross revenues database. Inventory enquiries would be retrieved and checked in the stock list database.

The finance can besides entree this as this information is needed for them to bring forth studies. For buying stuffs and merchandises, all minutess would besides be recorded in the purchase database. To cognize whether there is a demand to order merchandises, the users, in this instance the employee

assigned or the buying director would hold to look into the stock list degrees. If stocks are low already, so this would motivate the buying director to order merchandises from its provider. If in instance the buying has already ordered, all the dealing would now be recorded, and can besides be accessed by the Finance section since this would be needed for coevals of studies. These would be stored in the buying stock list.

For HR/ paysheet section, all employees can entree the system, as it involves all of them. They can see all their records, the general information, paysheet, attending and others. These informations and information are all stored in the Human resource database. Payroll can be accessed by Finance section since this is needed for studies. Given all of this, hive awaying and recovering informations is made easier, since it is all in the plan.

10.3 Proposed Process Flow Diagram
10.3.1 Customer Order Process

10.3.2 Purchasing and Inventory

10.3.3 Payroll Procedure

10.3.4. Accounting and Finance

10.4 ER Diagram- show besides Normalization tabular arraies

10.5 Description of the ER Diagram

Basically the ER diagram above shows the simplified attack of how the system works with the presence of the databases. It shows the information and information stored in each of the database, and how it has a relationship with another entity who can besides entree it, and is needed for the procedures employed by such entity. For case, gross revenues and purchases minutess are straight related with finance, since it is needed to bring forth fiscal studies. The relationship of each of the different entities are besides shown in the ER diagram.

10.6 Database Tables- discuss besides any design determinations due to certain restraints

or other grounds

Each tabular array contains the list of information of the sections. Extra information are besides included ; for stock list, the merchandise codifications, merchandise measure, day of the month delivered, and termination day of the month are all indicated. All the information are closely linked together in order to indicate out which information belongs to what section. For the records generated from the different section, such as gross revenues, stock list, and finance, they are stored in a database that are linked with one another. For case, a gross revenues dealing would instantly update the stock list and finance. Every information from all the sections are added into each of their informations storage.

10.7 Query Operationss

One of the solutions that is proposed is to assist the company with classification of informations. Alternatively of manually composing in a logbook, the group thinks it would be better to hold it categorized so that the users would hold an easier clip in happening the information, information, or record that they need. First, one time the user logs in the POS system, it would automatically bring forth picks such as input gross revenues, stock list degrees, gross revenues degrees, and others. To entree the information, a username and watchword is required in
order to restrict the entree to such information. With every database come questions that will filtrate the information needed. The following are questions for the proposed system.

Gross saless record unfastened with a list of options that the user wants and wants to see: – Daily gross revenues in order to supervise how much gross revenues the company is doing each twenty-four hours – Monthly gross revenues to

find the gross revenues that has occurred for a given month – Average degree of gross revenues

Inventory file opens a list of the of the merchandises or stocks of the company, which are categorized into: – Inventory degrees at the minute in order to motivate the purchasing staff to when and what to

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