Using Google

Google is mainly a search engine that connects to other websites in the world. Google has several features that perform important functions such as performing searches, emailing, navigation, etc.
Firstly, Google is used for making research. Google enables an individual to access information on the internet. Google is able to search through websites around the world to extract specific information an individual is looking for. Google has made it easy for its users to undergo researches. Google is also an avenue for its users to learn new things during searches. This is because Google displays results that are related to a query.
Google has also made it easier for everyone to access information on the internet. Through google, people are able to access information in his or her local language. For example, Ghanaian languages such as Hausa, Akan, Ga, and other local languages are available to make research easier for those who do not understand other foreign languages.
Again, the use of Google saves time and Money. The use of Google is a faster way of accessing information because Google makes the results of a query available within few seconds. This makes research easier and quicker. It saves money because one does not need to pay before accessing information. News, entertainment, files, documents, is made available for free by Google.
Google has a mailing service which is known as the Google Mail. The Google mail is a feature which is used for sending and receiving messages. One is able to communicate with people through the use of the Google. One can send pictures, audio, videos, and other important files or documents to friends and relatives outside and inside the country.
Another important feature of Google is the Google drive. This allows people to store their important documents online. This feature ensures that sensitive documents are safely kept online to make it available at all times when needed.
Google map is a…