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The Great Cups of Coffee Company tends to interfere with their success. Fusion Consulting, LLC has developed this Strategic Plan to place the job countries in selling, fundss, human resources, and direction information system. This program will develop a new concern scheme that helps Great Cups ‘ future success.

The Environmental Scan and Industry Analysis will analysis the java industry and the environmental effects on the industry as a whole. The Competitive Analysis will benchmark Great Cups against at least one rival ‘s resources, competences, economic indexs, value concatenation, and selling mix. The TOWS Matrix will supply the foundation for the Fusion Consulting, LLC strategic recommendations.

Specific strategic planning and SMART aims will be introduced in the selling program after analysing and specifying the mark market for Great Cups. The current fiscal state of affairs of Great Cups will be analyzed and that will let the projected prognosis projected financials for the following two old ages.

Great Cups gross revenues in 2007 showed a slower growing, so the following two old ages at that place were additions of net net incomes by $ 17.4 million and $ 22.5 million. The focal point for the Human Resources Plan is to repair the recruiting scheme, better current preparation plan, and develop a new benefits bundle that will assist pull and retain employees. The overall program should stress how of import it is to retain and pull employees.

The Management Information Systems program will turn to proficient issues in the company communications system. In order for the company to better it operational and fiscal issues it must upgrade web substructure, increased or add new security steps, every bit good as new hardware and package.

This strategic program will besides incorporate an a freshly defined mission and principle for Great Cups, integrated position on the antecedently recommended strategic picks, a freshly defined mission and principle for Great Cups as a concern.

Current Situation of Great Cups

Great Cups of Coffee Company was founded in Columbus, OH by four friends. These friends so decided to go spouses by purchasing out an full concatenation of 14 java forte stores. After buying those java stores they developed a slogan: “ A Great Cup of Coffee, at a Great Monetary value ” . Great Cups mission is to offer quality merchandises, first-class client service at a low monetary value. Great Cups is a topographic point where employees and clients could experience at place, work, enjoy and relax.

The chief aim for the company was to go the leader in the java retail industry. Over clip Great Cups has acquired more shops in other parts of the state. During some of these acquaints the merchandise lines have increased. Great Cups began to frost pick and food shop into some locations bill of fares. After a few old ages Great Cups gross revenues easy decreased. The company was get downing to experience the turning strivings. Now that Great Cups is confronting challenges in legion countries throughout the company. Some of these sections include Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Information Systems.

There are many countries of concerns for the executive squad at Great Cups. The chief issues at Great Cups are inconsistent selling schemes, HR policies and benefits every bit good as a ill designed communications systems. Some of these patterns have had an consequence on the high employee turnover, unstable Return on Investment ( ROI ) , deficiency of trade name name and miscommunication at all degrees.

Fusion Advisers, LLC is led by a great adviser squad with experience in edifice and implementing successful concern solutions. Our squad offers many old ages of experience in Marketing, Human Resources, IT and Finance subjects which help to guarantee that Fusion Consulting, LLC clients will have the best.

HR Training Plan

Three developing issues such as preparation transportation, cross preparation and accomplishments development have become a job due to the fast growing at Great Cups. This HR preparation program will develop employees on the freshly expanded bill of fare. For illustration, Chicago part will be trained on ice pick merchandises, Pittsburgh part will be trained on deli merchandises.

The Columbus part will necessitate to be trained on both new added merchandises. During the company acquisition Great Cups has acquired a topnotch preparation section and a new and improved IT section. This HR preparation program will be competed through e-learning and the traditional schoolroom preparation.

E-learning is a computing machine based preparation ( developing that is delivered on a computing machine through company cyberspace service ) . This e-learning will hold on-line picture preparation and besides requires some preparation via teleconferencing. This type of preparation will extinguish the challenges of programming and rescheduling preparation plans and will salvage company money.

The traditional schoolroom preparation will be used to develop upper and lower degree direction. Management will utilize this preparation to oversee the on the occupation preparation program at their appointed shop. This method will be based on the modified talk besides known as lecture/discussion that focuses on conveying a batch of new and prepared information to trainees in an synergistic manner. This will assist direction explicate the importance of the preparation to their trainees. The lecture/discussion method will be used to do the preparation stuff manageable and meaningful, this will learn the trainees how to construe and/or understand preparation content, and highlight of import or critical information ( Beebe, 2004 ) .

The end of the HR preparation program is to assist better Great Cups competitory advantage in the industry. “ Extensive preparation and accomplishment development are one of Pfeiffer ‘s seven human resources direction patterns that he believes enhances an organisation ‘s competitory advantage in the market place ” ( Katz, 1998 ) . Katz ‘s besides goes on to province, “ Competitive advantage based on people is difficult to double and consequences in long-run organisational success. Real concern success is determined by the civilization and capablenesss derived from how people are managed ” ( Katz, 1998 ) .

This competitory advantage comes from the employees of Great Cups. Great Cups needs to develop their employees ‘ accomplishments and better their motive, so that is will increase employee ‘s creativeness and service quality. This all leads to a great client satisfaction and this will take to fiscal success for Great Cups. There is no uncertainty that by supplying workers the accomplishments to completer the occupation can better net incomes, quality, and cut down cost.

There are many great benefits that this preparation and development will supply Great Cups. Some of these benefits are sustained employment, low turnover rate, reduced advertisement cost, and reduced engaging disbursal. All of these will assist increase the profitableness, and addition concern life. This preparation will supply employees the accomplishments and behaviours necessary for implementing this HR preparation program. Skills development and preparation aid to guarantee employees are able to assist do parts to the company ‘s success. It is of import for Great Cups to supply their employees with the necessary tools to be able to finish this preparation and development. With extended preparation and accomplishment development, employees become more competitory and profitable.

A Great Cups end consists of increased gross, higher net incomes, more gross revenues and concern continuity. An investing in preparation and accomplishments development of your employees can hold a immense impact on the bottom-line. So, Fusion Consultants, Inc recommends that Great Cups over preparation scheme should put in their employees via extended preparation and accomplishments development.

Performance Management Program

The public presentation plan will function as the foundation of a wage for public presentation system. This links an employee ‘s wage to some step of single public presentation via a formal public presentation assessment. This system will bring forth a numeral value that will mensurate the employee ‘s public presentation. The per centum addition will depend on the employee ‘s overall accomplishment on a preset organisational end.

The public presentation rating to be used by Great Cups should be direction by aims ( MBO ) . This direction manner is where ends are jointly determined by employees and direction. This direction manner is made up of four parts. These parts are end specificity, participative decision-making, an expressed clip period, and public presentation feedback. This public presentation rating takes into history the frequence or form of behaviour. It has to look at a form of behaviour in order to rate that behaviour. It will besides look for consistence as a cast of blessing. The consistence and the frequence of the behaviour are true and realistic images of one ‘s public presentation. This method is a dependable method for mensurating the public presentation of a undertaking. “ MBO aims to increase organisational public presentation by alining ends and subsidiary aims throughout the organisation ” (, 2011 ) .

Human Resource Schemes

The strategic end of the HR section is chiefly to be aligned with the strategic ends of the organisation. Great Cups ‘ ends are ever clear: increased gross, higher net incomes, more

gross revenues and concern continuity. The HR section will pattern the Container Store in its people ‘s focal point scheme that culminates in extended and comprehensive preparation and accomplishment development believing that if we spend more on advertisement, substructure and merchandise development, our rivals besides do, and this limits the competitory advantage these attempts provide. An investing in preparation and accomplishments development of our employees can hold a immense impact on our


The section will besides seek to set up Great Cups as “ an employer of pick ” through its Compensation and Benefits Package. This bundle will be a major HR map that will be designed to pull, actuate, and retain cardinal persons. The HR strategic ends are summarized to be a growing scheme. These strategic ends are designed to retain glistening new work force, dual work force and addition grosss.

Sequence Plan

Purpose of this sequence program is to guarantee replacings for cardinal occupation officeholders in executive, upper and lower direction, and proficient in the company. This policy covers in-between direction places and above at Great Cups.

The coveted consequences of the sequence planning plan are to:

Identify employees with the ability to progress quickly through Great Cups.

Supply a list of gifted people that meet the Great Cups needs.

The sequence be aftering plan will be carried out as follows:

1. Once every 12 months upper direction will run into to reexamine the old twelvemonth ‘s sequence program. They will travel over the current employees on the sequence program and do certain they are the best campaigners for the occupation.

2. Management will make a list of employees who show great work ethic, and are dedicated to their occupation. These employees will come from all sections within Great Cups.

3. These employees will be notified by direction of their choice. Each employee will be given the option of accepting the nomination of replacement.

4. If employee chooses the nomination, they will have the proper preparation for the places they will one twenty-four hours win. If employee diminutions nomination the commission must do agreement to run into once more and put up another employee.

5. When a place becomes unfastened the replacement will presume that function with Great Cups.

HR Implementation Plan

Great Cups will necessitate to pattern a people ‘s focal point scheme that focuses on extended and comprehensive preparation and accomplishment development. This execution program will besides necessitate to assist set up the organisation as “ an employer of pick ” through attractive benefits and compensation bundle and at the same clip advance a growing scheme.

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