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His leading manner is Authoritarian bossy. This manner is used when leaders advise their employees what they want completed and how they want it capable, without acquiring the advice of their followings ( Lewin, 1939 ) . Koro is driven by his vision of a patri-lineal leading reconstructing the unity of his people. He is determined that the male line be unbroken. Koro is a really obstinate, rough, terrible head who dominates in everything that the people do. When he believes in something, he under no fortunes changes his determinations. He is definite and powerful in all that he says and does and he barely of all time appreciates others work and attempt. Koro is defensive with his beliefs and sentiments and is unsighted towards any cogent evidence that opposes his religion. His leading manner is non people-oriented at all as he is selfish, is n’t sympathetic or sensitive and ne’er considers other people ‘s feelings. However he is perfectly honorable to his tikanga – to his apprehension of Maori civilization and imposts and to the instructions of his ascendants. But with that honestness comes stubbornness and a pride and that ‘s what trips him up.

Pai – Koro ‘s grand-daughter

Paikea is a servant leader. Harmonizing to Michael McKinney ( 2000 ) is an person who maintain what is best for all persons even if it may non be in their single concern to make so. A tutelary place must be approached as a short-run function, continuing something greater than the self-values of long-run and durable value. This is a idea of head that focal point on the occupation at manus and non on what the leader may accomplish from the state of affairs. It implies a lovingness and concerned connexion between leaders and followings ; persons enthused by their indispensable best interests.A

Pai was a strong willed miss who was born to be a leader even though koro didnt see that straight off. Persistence is a cardinal factor of a leader. Pai was a great leader and showed many leading qualities such as trueness, strength and assurance. Her gramps koro was ever seeking to barricade out all the leading skills she portrayed as he wanted the new head to be a male as it was portion of their tradition. Pai faces many challenges caused by herself, Koro and her civilization which she handles them with adulthood and finding. She ne’er gives up and is ne’er disheartened by the fact that she is a miss and is over looked by her gramps. Pai falls in ‘extraversion ‘ personality of leading as she displays throughout the films the traits of heat, seeking freshness and exhilaration, self-asserting, cheerful, and chatty and action oriented.

Critique of effectivity as a leader:

Koro was a really effectual leader as he took charge over his people and the old traditions were really of import to him and he wanted everyone else to experience the same manner. Koro could see the people get more distant and realised his leading is non working so he started to seek for a leader. Koro spent his life looking for a new leader he could non see that Pai was right in forepart of him.

Koro refuses to admit Pai as leader despite her invariably demoing herself to be more competent than any of the male childs. In the movie when Koro screams, “ You do n’t mess around with sacred things, ” you can experience the strength of his belief but Pai is every bit determined, and so the conflict is joined. However in the terminal he accepts Pai as a leader.

Paikea was a strong willed miss who was born to be a leader even though koro did n’t see that straight off. Persistence is a cardinal factor of a leader.Throughout the film, Pai has to non merely carry through the folk ‘s outlooks ; she has to travel beyond them. Not merely does she transport out her function brightly, she realizes that there is a demand for the whale rider and steps up to carry through her function. For illustration, at her first school concert, when all her equals were misconducting, Pai continues to sing, maintaining her focal point, determined to turn out that she is serious about the folk ‘s civilization and her aspirations to go the whale rider. This event proved to the community that Pai cared more for the folk than most of the other male childs.

Pai tried many ways to alter this fact and outlook and bias. For illustration, she overcomes this challenge by larning the ways of the folk, including chants, the art of the taiaha and actively take parting in community life. Pai worked really difficult to affect Koro and therefore she is a really effectual leader.

The type of power held:

Koro hold legitimate power. It refers to different types of professional places. Koro has high outlooks for the local community and is profoundly defeated when he realises that there will be no boy and inheritor to go on as Chief. Even though he loves Pai, he will non let himself to see her possible as a leader because she is a miss. The battle to happen an appropriate leader and how leading is needed to prolong a successful community was present in Koro ‘s leading manner.

Pai holds referent power that is gained by organisation. Pai is really strong willed, powerful and brave. Her qualities and accomplishments are noticed by all of the people around her, as her courage carried her through such hard times where she felt ignored and Koro said that everything went incorrect after she was born. When Pai knew she had the qualities to be the following head and Koro did n’t registry, she persisted through his discourtesy and finally became the following head in preparation. This is the type of power she had.

How they used this power:

Koro, the leader of a community that was one time dominated by antediluvian regulations and Torahs passed down many coevalss, battles to happen a suited leader who can better the manner of life and convey back the traditions and Torahs that were one time obeyed by the people. Koro is blind to this though because he believes that the following leader has to be a boy hence Koro did non utilize his power to his upper limit.

Throughout the film, Paikea shows resiliency, continuity and self-respect wholly good qualities of a leader. She ne’er gives up and is ne’er disheartened by the fact that she is a miss and is over looked by her gramps. We see her proving the old ways, and set abouting the hard demands of traditional soldier pattern. It is she who goes into the sea to convey back Koro ‘s award ownership. She used her power to the improvement of the community. Throughout the film, Paikea battles her manner so that Koro sees that she is good plenty to go the leader hence she used her power well.

Discussion / rating to leading theory

Using the trait theory, with Pai, she is adaptable to state of affairss, is self-asserting, co-operative, energetic, relentless, self- confident and is willing to presume duty and is diplomatic and tactful. Several elements of Pai ‘s leading is displayed, illustration her remarks about smoke and wellness, repairing the rope, larning about her civilization, take parting in the life of the community. As Paikea exerts herself to Koro, she shows accomplishments of a leader. For illustration, she shows assurance in standing up for what she thinks is right. When Koro yelled or got angry at Paikea she did non keep a score or close everyone out, she kept contending!

In one scene in the movie, Pai invites Koro to a concert where she is to execute a address in her native linguistic communication ( Te Reo ) . She tells him that he is her invitee of honor. The scene opens with teacups laid out and people conveying nutrient. Pai requests that a chair is left for her gramps, but he does n’t turn up. She makes her speech despite her immense letdown that Koro is non at that place to see her. She is announced the victor of the address competition.

Using Great Man theory with Koro, he has a batch of regulations he has to populate by. He is the foreman. The inquiry is why does Pai support Koro even though he is so rough to her? She understands some of his concerns about being a leader.

Type of administration, degree of senior status and its effects

On the East seashore of New Zealand, the Whangara citizens consider their being at that place dates change by reversal a thousand old ages or more to a individual ascendant, Paikea, who fugitive decease when his canoe bend over by siting to coast on the rear of a giant. From so on, Whangara chiefs ever the first-born is male who have been considered Paikea ‘s posterities. Pai a 12-year-old miss in a patriarchal New Zealand folk, believe she is meant to be the new head. However her gramps Koro is restricted by usage to pick a male leader. Pai loves Koro more than any individual in the universe, but she must contend him and a thousand old ages of usage to carry through her fate.

Koro is the head of the small town and has the most senior status as he is the caput of the traditional folk. The people in the small town took pride in their tradition and civilization which enabled him to be listened and obeyed.

Individual civilization and its consequence ( s )

In the movie Maori tradition and civilization has been displayed and this formed the beliefs between the two characters, Koro and Pai. Both of them cared for their small town and dedicated themselves into the Maori civilization and tradition for have a successful result. The movie shows that civilization is of import and that working together makes everything better.

Other leading constructs and political orientations identified

The movie shows that no affair who the individual may be, with the qualities of a leader, one can convey integrity to the folk. The movie besides shows how resiliency is a important facet of being a leader. Pai had spirit, every clip Koro shooting her down she would acquire back up and maintain seeking.

It besides has an deduction of adult females ‘s rights and equality between work forces and adult females.

In the movie Pai had all the qualities of a leader, still she was dominated because harmonizing to the civilization adult females can non be leaders.

The movie particularly highlights the fact that leaders have to esteem the other members of the community every bit good as holding the right features of leading. I besides learnt good and bad trait in a leader from the functions of Pai and Koro. The community scenes on the Marae, working together to assist the giants, paddling in unison in the waka at the terminal shows the togetherness of the community.


In Good Company is a comedy. Drama, love affair film that was released in 2004.This film commences with Waterman Publishing and its flagship magazine Sports America being acquired by Globecom International in a corporate coup d’etat.

The two chief leaders which have been chosen for this assignment are Dan Foreman ( Dennis Quaid ) and Carter Duryea ( Topher Grace ) . Dan Foreman is a 51 twelvemonth old caput of advertisement gross revenues for a major athleticss magazine that has 20 old ages of experience every bit good. He is merrily married with two girls and who is besides anticipating a new kid. Dan faces a life altering event when he was demoted to back in order of advertisement and was replaced by Carter Duryea. Carter is 26 twelvemonth old, newlywed of 7months and was dumped by his married woman merely as he gets the publicity. He talks a good game about gross revenues but he does n’t hold any experience from the field. Robbins and Judge ( 2007 ) defined leading as ability to command a group toward the success of a vision or set of ends.

Leadership manners

The leading manner showed by Dan Foreman was magnetic leading. The Charismatic Leader gathers group through dint of behavior and personal appeal, instead than any signifier of exterior power. It is attractive to watch a Charismatic Leader working the part as they move from individual to individual. They pay much consideration to the person they are chew the fating to at any one blink of an eye, doing that individual think like they are, for that clip, the most important individual in the universe.

Charismatic Leaderships pay a great trade of concern in scanning and reading their milieus, and are good at picking up the temper and concerns of both persons and large audience. They so will sharpen up their actions and words to accommodate the state of affairs. In the movie, when the employees were fired from their occupation, Dan took duty to inform them because he was concerned about their feelings, and that he would be able to soothe them instead than Carter as he has been working with them for many old ages.

Musser ( 1987 ) notes that magnetic leaders seek to animate both committedness to ideological end and besides committedness to themselves. The extent to which either of these two ends is taking depends on the implicit in motive and demands of the leader vary anything. Despite their appeal and perceptible concern, the Charismatic Leader may good be instead more concerned with themselves than anybody else.

The leading manner showed by Carter Duryea was Transactional leading. The transactional leader works through making clear agreement whereby it is clear what is necessary of their subsidiaries, and the wagess that they get for following instructions.

When the Transactional Leader assigns work to a subsidiary, they are measured to be to the full apt for it, whether or non they have the ability to transport it out. Transactional leading is based in possibility in that award or punishment is conditional upon presentation. Carter is been appointed as the caput of selling for the Sports America magazine to increase the gross revenues for the company. Harmonizing to Ohio province surveies ( 1940 ) transactional leader is considered as undertaking oriented.

Effectiveness of a leader

Dan is a effectual leader. Dan motivates his employee and is really loyal to them. He is vocal individual and takes base for his employees. Every employee respects him and trusts him.

Carter was n’t effectual leader. He does n’t hold experience in the occupation which was given to him but he was really good in his occupation. He was vocal and really convincing since the first twenty-four hours at work.

Type of power ( s )

Dan has charisma power- individual who has personal appeal will hold optimistic influence on workers and make the opportunity for interpersonal force per unit area. Dan is really effectual and when he speaks, people listen to him. In the movie when he inquiry to “ Teddy K ” everyone listen to him carefully. He besides has Referent power: comes from being trusted and respected. The new foreman ( Carter ) respects and trusts him.

Carter Duryea holds legitimate power. The power describe leader has place of power on his squad. In the movie Carter is caput of marketing company, he is really good in determination devising and convinces people. He is really active and intelligent in his work.

Carter uses his power in really effectual manner. He uses his power to motive others and clearly place common end of company. But some clip he abuses his place power by firing employee.

Scene from film

A scene from the film that shows the leading analyses for two leaders is the when Dan asked inquiry to Teddy K when he was speaking about to set one subdivision about computing machines in athleticss America magazine. Then Dan stopped him and asked “ I do n’t understood what you are seeking to state ” . It shows how effectual he is while inquiring inquiry to Teddy k and everyone is listening to him. Even Mr Teddy K impressed by him and said ” Dan Foreman… Sports America, you ask some first-class inquiries.

Another state of affairs in the film shows Carter leading when Carter is discoursing about plundering with Dan. He explained to Dan he have to cut off same wage by plundering people from gross revenues section. Carter is transactional leader and ever follows his company process and criterion. Dan wants to salvage his old employee and said to Carter my wage is bigger than them why do n’t you plunder me alternatively of them. But Carter convinces him because he has to follow his foreman ‘s orders.

Type of administration, degree of senior status and its effects

Sports America magazine owned by Globecom, it is a national athleticss magazine and Dan spent 20 twelvemonth of his life as caput of advertisement gross revenues section. After that multimedia company purchase it and assign Carter as new foreman.

Carter is on the most senior place in multimedia company. He is responsible for company gross revenues and pull offing staff. He is assigned leader and power to honor and penalize anyone in the administration.

Individual civilization and its consequence ( s )

Culture and tradition dramas really of import function both Dan Carter lives. Dan is 51 twelvemonth old adult male has loving household. He has two girls Alex ( 18 twelvemonth old ) and Jana ( 16 twelvemonth old ) . He has been really happy from his household and making really good in his professional life. Carter is 26 twelvemonth old immature adult male and really successful in his professional life. His married woman left him in the beginning of the movie. He is executive officer in the administration. He fell in love with Alex ( Dan ‘s girl ) which creates uncomfortable state of affairs between them.

Leadership theories

Contingency theory is illustrate to big extend in this movie. Harmonizing to this leading theory leader effectivity in group is depends on two factors: leader undertaking or relation motive and alterations in state of affairss. The graduated table least preferable colleague is use to place leader is task oriented or relation oriented. Leader who gets high Markss on graduated table is people oriented and who got less grade on graduated table is task oriented. In the movie Dan got high grade in least preferable colleague because he is ever concern about his employee. Even he is ready to go forth his occupation to salvage employee work. On the other manus Carter got less grade on graduated table because he is merely concern about his undertaking. He follows the orders given to him by the foreman and ne’er thinks about employee. He fired some employees from administration every bit good.

The Lord of the Ringss

The Fellowship of the Ring is an heroic phantasy escapade movie directed by Peter Jackson. This narrative is set in the universe of Tolkien ‘s constitution, known as Middle Earth. It is based on the first of three volumes of the heroic poem novel The Lord of the Rings ( 1954-1955 ) created by JRR Tolkien. It was followed by The Two Towers ( 2002 ) and The Return of the King ( 2003 ) . It is filmed in assorted locations in New Zealand in 2001.

In the narrative of a hobbit called Bilbo BagginsA has stolen the ring from a horrid animal calledA Gollum. Somehow, this ring ends up withA Frodo Baggins, Bilbo ‘s nephew and all of a sudden, Frodo is at the Centre of this heroic poem drama affecting the ring that he knows really small about. The Family of the ring is established ; including nine persons in which are Gandalf, Legolas the hob, Gimli the Dwarf, Aragorn, Boromir and his three Hobbit friends Merry, Pippin and Samwise. They went through mountains, snow, darkness, woods, rivers and fields, confronting evil and danger of every corner to destruct Fellowship of the Ring.


The two leaders which have been chosen for my assignment are Gandalf much like Aragorn as Strider. Gandalf is a Wizard of exceling power and intelligence. He has awe-inspiring and the affectingly human qualities. Aragon hides an extraordinary sum of power, illustriousness, and cognition under a low outside.

Leadership Manners

Gandalf is the transformational leader-leader who puts enthusiasm and power into all. They care about you and desire you to success.

Transformational Leaderships are ever discernible and will lift up to be counted instead than hide behind their military personnels. They show by their attitudes and public presentation how everybody should act. They besides make uninterrupted difficult work to animate and beat up their followings, ever making the unit of ammunitions, listening, soothing and enthusing. It is their dependable pledge every bit much as something else that keeps people traveling chiefly through the darker period when some may question whether the dream can of all time be achieved. Overall, they balance their head between act that creates development and the psychological province of their protagonists. Possibly they are people-oriented and see that triumph comes foremost and last through deep and uninterrupted committedness.

Harmonizing to Stephen Warrilow ( 2013 ) “ transformational leading is all about values and significance, and a intent that transcends short-run ends and focal points on higher order demands. ” Gandalf was the leader of The Fellowship of the Ring: acquiring the ring into Mordor to destruct was his end but he was proved that that he capable of making more and more. He was an advisor to Frodo and Aragorn and uninspired them both to turn to be better people and achieve cognition plus self realization ( the higher order of demands ) . He clearly knew his vision and uninspired his followings to carry through it.

Bernard M Bass ( 1985 ) says transformational leader is a type ofA leading styleA that measures the influence of followings foremost. The followings of such a leader feel trust, esteem, trueness and regard for the leader. In film Gandalf motivates Frodo to be courageous and tells him if he does n’t takes the ring to destruct, and so no 1 will destruct it and it wo n’t of all time be destroyed. He inspired Frodo and he did n’t waver to go on but pleased Gandalf.

Aragorn is a magnetic leader. Charismatic leaders are frequently thought of as hero ‘s that are able to utilize their personal captivation to take others. But that magnetic temptingness can be both an blessing and a nuisance on society. That ‘s because personal appeal can be used for the good of a company for honorable grounds.

Conger & A ; Kanungo ( 1998 ) describe five behavioral properties of Charismatic Leaderships that indicate a more transformational position image and look, heat to the environment, consideration to member demands, single hazard pickings, executing unconventional behavior. ” Aragorn was a courageous adult male: he saved the hobbits ‘ lives in Bree by contending with the Uruk-hai and showed good leading by salvaging the lives of the squad members and besides by doing wise determinations.

The Charismatic Leader gathers protagonists through dint of behavior and personal appeal, instead than any signifier of external power. It is interesting to watch a Charismatic Leader running the country as they move from single to single. They pay much consideration to the persons they are speaking to at any one blink of an eye, doing that single feel like they are, for that point in clip, the most important person in the universe.

Charismatic Leaderships pay attending in scanning and analyzing their milieus, and are good at picking up the tempers and concerns of both persons and large audiences. They so will sharpen their actions and look to accommodate the fortunes. Charismatic Leaderships use a broad assortment of methods to oversee their image and if they are non of course magnetic, may pattern attentively at developing their accomplishments. They may motivate trust through discernible altruism and taking ain hazards in the name of their values. They show great assurance in their followings. They are really convincing and do really utile usage of organic structure words every bit good as unwritten linguistic communication. The Charismatic Leader will typically link themselves strongly to the personality of the group, such that to fall in the group is to go one with the leader. The Family of the Ring Aragorn was sometimes diffident of his ability to take others but when it came to his squad members he did his degree best to actuate them. When questioned approximately why he does non instantly offer cogent evidence of his individuality to the hobbits in Bree, one of his replies is merely that he wishes the hobbits would number him as a friend without cognition of his line of descent so ; he is tired of being invariably asked.

Musser ( 1987 ) notes that magnetic leaders seek to animate both dedication to ideological ends and besides committedness to themselves. The degree to which either of these two ends is taking depends on the cardinal motives and demands of the leader amend anything. Despite their appeal and perceptible concern, the Charismatic Leader may good be slightly more dying with themselves than anybody else. A typical experience with them is that whilst you are speaking with them, it is like being immersed in a warm and pleasant radiance, in which they are really persuasive. . In the movie when Frodo decides to interrupt the family Aragorn obeys his determination by stating the hobbits that if I had the opportunity to travel I would hold gone with you to the terminal, into the very fires of Mordor ” and so motivates others.

Effectiveness of a leader:

Gandalf is intelligent and comparatively capable while people listen to him. Gandalf had high values ; he appreciated everyone and was n’t utilizing his powers to set up others but merely to direct others. Aragon was thoughtful, trusty and unfastened leader. The both leaders had clear thought and common purpose to destruct ring and were really effectual leaders.

Type of power

Gandalf have legitimate power. Legitimate power is the power that a leader gets by equivocation due to his place in an administration ; a leader fundamentally is distinguished from a follower due to the greater rights and duty he has than others i.e. extra rights that legitimate power bestows and distinguishes him from followings. He has some supernatural powers and a batch of cognition about middle-earth. He besides has referent power.This is at times thought of as personal appeal, appeal, esteem, or entreaty. Referent power comes from one individual love and esteeming another, and strongly placing with that individual in some manner. Celebrities have referent power, which is why they can pull strings everything from what persons buy to whom they choose to office. In a workplace, a individual with appeal frequently makes everyone experience good, so he or she tends to hold a batch of influence. Gandalf is 2nd ace and he used his power to salvage family of ring and battle with fire firedrake which lead him to decease. Gandalf used his power really reasonably and he sacrificed his life to salvage his group.

Aragorn has charisma power: Charisma has been seen as politically doubtful features of persons in the society and it has been searched the psychological mechanisms which lead to the outgrowth of magnetic leaders and their attractive force to the people that follow them which describes a particular individual qualities doing him capable inspire big figure of people. Aragorn is a really effectual leader and when he speaks, everyone listens and follows him. In the movie when Gandalf is dead, Aragon starts taking the group ; everyone follows him without any inquiries. Aragorn besides used his power to actuate others and take them in right way. He has the qualities of promoting people and doing them believe him.

Type of administration, degree of senior status and its consequence ( s )

The family of the ring was destroyed in Rivendell fictional 2nd age of middle-earth. The Fellowship involved nine members who joined the journey to Mordor to destruct ring in Mount Doom fires. The mission included four hobbits Frodo Baggins and his three friends Merry, Pippin and Samwise, with going comrades Gandalf a ace, Aragorn a human Texas Ranger, two adult male from Gondor, Gimli a midget warrior and Legolas an Elven prince. Gandalf was leader of the group and besides Aragorn was assigned as the leader when Gandalf was killed.

Gandalf was chosen as leader of the family of the ring. The group approved him as a leader because he was the eldest and valued individual He was a really effective leader ; every one respects him and obeys and follows his determinations.

Aragorn was the lone male monarch in company but he ne’er used his power as a male monarch, but he inspired and motivated people by utilizing his leading qualities. Harmonizing to Great adult male theory one holding inherit capacity of leading – great leaders are born with traits that make them natural leaders. Aragorn took duties of the state of affairss and came up with solutions to work out them.

Individual civilization and its consequence ( s )

Culture and ritual played really of import portion of both leaders life. Gandalf was 2nd ace who fought with Saruman 1st ace who abused his powers to destruct the world. Aragorn was king of the Gondor. No one knew that he was populating in Rivendell as Texas Ranger after his male parent loss. Both Gandalf and Aragorn have done the best to maintain world safe in middle-earth by taking Frodo in destructing the ring.

Leadership theories

The movie illustrates Ohio State surveies ( 1940s ) which states two dimensions of leader behavior. First is Consideration where a leader exhibits concern for the public assistance of the members of the group such as it is people oriented. Second is Originating construction is where a leader defines how the undertakings are to be accomplished by the group such as it is task oriented. In the movie Gandalf is concerned of their follower ‘s emotion and sentiments, but he was besides in charge for mission which should be finished.

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