The three Firemen Raising a Flag in the Midst of Ruins Essay Example
The three Firemen Raising a Flag in the Midst of Ruins Essay Example

The three Firemen Raising a Flag in the Midst of Ruins Essay Example

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  • Published: April 21, 2022
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Three firemen raising a flag is a photograph taken by Thomas Franklin and published in a newspaper. The photo captures a memorable scene that depicts the resilience of Americans following the death of over two thousand innocent people. The photograph displays the reality of three American citizens raising an American flag amidst the ruins caused by a terrorist attack. The photo conveys unity and promise for the future, emphasizing the resilience and hopeful spirit of the Americans.

The target audience is the American citizens and the people who support the country. Strength is indicated in the image with the background showing destruction and doom but the three men standing, stand for power and hope. The paper is going to discuss the photograph of the three men raising an American flag in the middle of destruction and ruins.

The Th


ree Firemen Raising Flag at Ground Zero

The image of the three firemen raising a flag after the 9/11 attacks indicates resilience.

The intention of the photograph was to symbolize hope and exemplify the resilience of the American people. It captures a scene with three firemen in full uniform raising an American flag. In the backdrop, there is a mountain of debris that remains from the aftermath of the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks (Hariman, and John, p. 376). The firemen appear covered in dust and grime, having just completed their rescue mission.

Taken at the World Trade Center, this photo captures the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In the background, viewers can see the ruins while in the foreground three firefighters stand together. One firefighter watches as two others attempt to straighten bent flagpoles. This image symbolize

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the resilience and optimism of Americans amidst the devastation caused by 9/11. With no accompanying caption, this photograph's impactful visuals speak for themselves (Spratt, April and Taso).

124). The main focus of the photograph is the American flag, symbolizing the unwavering patriotism of America. It also utilizes ethos to portray the heroic firemen (Bratta, p. 241), who are revered in American society for their bravery in sacrificing their lives to protect others.

Among the most reliable professions in America are firefighters because they dedicate their time and service to society and the country. The placement and angle of the flag in the image symbolize overcoming adversity, showing that Americans have the ability to rise to any challenges. Additionally, the image represents victory and gives hope to those affected by hardship. The color scheme, with the exception of the red and blue in the flag, promotes nationality and patriotism, highlighting the unwavering patriotism of the American people. The image also fosters pride in the country, particularly after the attacks when citizens came together to rebuild. Overall, the ethos, pathos, and logos in the image combine to create a successful portrayal of patriotism and hope for the country (Hariman, and John).

The image captures the essence of hope, unity, and a promising future amidst the aftermath of destruction. It represents America's resilience and strength in the face of a devastating disaster. This photo provided comfort to those affected by the 9/11 attacks, reminding them to carry on and live for tomorrow. Those who lost loved ones in the attacks deserve solace and support.

According to Kitch (p. 221), the act of raising the flag during times of pain provides comfort to

those affected by tragedy and serves as a reminder for Americans to stay united and have faith in their country. It is the responsibility of the nation to protect its citizens, and by hoisting the flag, it reassured people that this commitment was being honored. Additionally, this photo also posed a challenge to the attackers, showing that the population remained unified and no act of destruction or cruelty could divide them. This impactful image received widespread coverage in various newspapers and publications such as USA Today, Parade Sunday Magazine, People magazine, and Newsweek.

The photograph garnered multiple awards and was even featured in Pulitzer Prize ceremonies. In 2002, a United States Postal Service stamp was created using the photograph to raise funds for the families of emergency workers affected by the 9/11 attacks. President George Bush unveiled the photograph at the Heroes 2001 ceremony, where the three firemen and the photographer were present (McAlister, p. 6).

In 200, a bronze monument named "to lift a Nation" was constructed at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park, depicting three firemen raising the flag (Bratta, p. 235). The New York Fire Department intended to use this photograph at their Brooklyn headquarters, symbolizing the lives lost in the 9/11 attacks. However, their plan to modify the statue by including black, white, and Hispanic firefighters sparked controversy, resulting in the statue's cancellation. Nevertheless, the photograph's purpose remains to inspire hope and resilience among Americans during challenging periods.

The photograph captures the bravery and courage of firefighters in the midst of a devastated scene after a disaster. It serves as an inspiration for citizens, reminding them of the importance of facing unimaginable situations and

staying resilient. The actions of these firefighters demonstrate patriotism, as their main objective is to bring hope and positivity to Americans. However, those who have lost loved ones carry the heaviest burden, enduring the pain of their loss for life (McAlister, p. 5).

The image of three men raising a flag represents the profound effects of human suffering and delivers a powerful political message about the outcomes of terrorism and society's longing for comfort. In order to fully grasp the impact of terrorism, it is crucial for people to see pictures from the 9/11 attacks and read through the list of names of those who lost their lives or suffered permanent disabilities. Raising the flag demonstrates both reverence for the victims and understanding for those impacted by this tragic event.

The photographer is a well-known newspaper photographer, recognized for his newspaper photographs. He has appeared as a guest on popular shows such as Oprah, CNN, Today show, Good Morning America, and Fox Cable Network (Kitch, p. 219). With eight years of experience, he is highly respected for capturing trending news in the industry. His target audience is the American people, providing them with hope even in the midst of depressing situations.


The photograph depicting three firemen raising an American flag amidst ruins holds great power.

The image captured at the World Trade Center after the tragic events of 9/11 signifies hope and patriotism. Franklin, a well-known photographer, took this iconic photograph. The image gained widespread recognition, appearing in various publications and earning multiple awards.

The flag at the National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Park is a source of inspiration and patriotism for Americans. It represents

their resilience and ability to unite in times of disaster, instilling pride in citizens while offering comfort to those affected by terrorist attacks.

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