The Theoretical Framework Underpinning a Study
The Theoretical Framework Underpinning a Study

The Theoretical Framework Underpinning a Study

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  • Published: October 12, 2017
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There are two theories underpinning the survey and these are: the ‘Behavioural Theory ‘ and the ‘Signaling Theory ‘ ( Miller and Triana 2009 ) . The behavioral theory as proposed by Cyert and March ( cited in Miller and Triana, 2009 ) suggests that there is a direct correlativity between the handiness and usage of information in a decision-making procedure and invention in a group ‘s determination. In other words, the more the information available, the better the determination doing procedure will be which leads to creativeness.

Arthurs, Busenitz, Hoskisson and Johnson ( 2008 ) position signaling as a manner of conveying to detect the innate worth or value of a house and that any signal must be noticeable and difficult to emulate or retroflex. The Signing Theory postulates that “ houses use seeable signals to derive repute and position among the populace ” ( Miller and Triana 2009: 756 ) .


In proving their hypotheses, Miller and Triana presented three sets of variables: independent variables, dependent variables and control variables. The independent variables which were board diverseness, invention and steadfast repute were investigated utilizing Blau ‘s index ( 1977 ) of heterogeneousness, Research and development disbursals as placeholders and 2004 Fortune Corporate Reputation Survey consequently. The dependent variable ; Firm Performance was measured utilizing and Return on investing and Return on gross revenues and eventually, Control variables which as cardinal consti


tuents were critical to the research and they were steadfast age, liquidness, size, merchandise and international variegation.

The research explored the empirical nexus between these variables and four 100 and 30 two Fortune 500 houses which were selected in look intoing invention as interceding factor between board diverseness and house public presentation and besides three hundred and 20 six Fortune 1000 houses which were selected to look into repute as interceding factor between board diverseness and house public presentation. The consequence from the trial of the assorted hypotheses was so analysed utilizing the Least Squares ( OLS ) Regression ( pg 768 ) .

The methods of research were debatable and hence unfastened to farther research due to two noticeable grounds. First, the incompatibility and ambiguity in the selected twelvemonth of appraisal. The research explored the empirical linkage of board diverseness, repute, invention, and public presentation ( pg 765 ) but did non stipulate a twelvemonth or period of appraisal for which they gathered their informations. Example, sample of houses selected were for twelvemonth 2003, measuring of board diverseness was for twelvemonth 2002, measuring of invention utilizing research and development disbursals were for twelvemonth 2003, measuring of repute were for 2003 and eventually “ steadfast public presentation is measured in 2005, lagged two old ages to let clip for interceding effects of repute and invention to happen ” ( pg 767 ) . The consequence of this incompatibility is that it would be hard to cognize the truth of consequence arrived at. Rather it would hold been a batch of easier if the assorted informations gathered were being assessed for a period of clip e.g. informations between old ages 2002 and 2005 to guarante

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uniformity in the appraisal.

Second the sample of Fortune 500 houses chosen were “ because these houses represent leaders in their industry ” aˆ¦.aˆ¦.had external studies naming the race of board members as a manner of formalizing informations ” ( pg 765 ) but no reference was made on a study of gender of board members.


The reply to inquiry trouble oneselfing on the relationship between board diverseness and house public presentation utilizing interceding variables repute and invention was striking as the writers were of the sentiment that “ increasing diverseness on the board leads to more varied thoughts, positions and webs ” ( Miller and Triana 2009:764 ) . In other words, in a battalion of sentiments as a consequence of diverseness, cogent and advanced thoughts normally emanate. This position is supported by Hillman, Cannella and Harris ( 2001 ) where they reasoned that each manager is alone and different and when all their accomplishments and proficiencies are put together, assorted thoughts spring Forth which could heighten house ‘s public presentation. However, Adams and Ferreira ( 2008:305 ) argue that “ the more dissimilar managers are, the more they could differ and the more struggle there could be on the board ” which could finally hinder house ‘s public presentation.

The consequence for the inquiry on how board diverseness impact house public presentation utilizing interceding variables: invention and repute proved arguable as the writers posits “ holding a gender and racially diverse board signals that the house is good positioned to run into the demands of a diverse market ” ( Miller and Triana 2009: 762 ) but from the trial of their hypotheses, it was discovered that there was no correlativity between gender diverseness and repute ( pg 775 ) . This could hold been as a consequence of the method of research which could hold led to a colored sentiment.

Dalton and Dalton ( 2010 ) observed that there has been a batch of unfavorable judgment and reserve due to the presence and accomplishment of adult females on Fortune 500 boards. This shows that by and large the sentiment that adult females can keep places of top direction is still non been accepted by battalions. However, Krishnan and Park ( 2004 ) argued that the presence of adult females as leaders is normally appreciated in an environment that calls for a batch public dealingss and that they are able to interrupt evidences in an otherwise impossible state of affairs due the emotional side of their personality which consequences in them working with a batch of passion.


The research was interesting as it provided the first empirical analysis of the correlativity between council chamber diverseness and house public presentation utilizing invention and repute as go-betweens. However, the research involved the usage of secondary informations i.e. informations collected by person else and most likely be capable to try restrictions ( Anonymous 2008 ) . This could deduce that informations collected were collated originally for a different intent and hence be biased.

Besides the research high spots that diverseness utilizing interceding factors invention and repute has benefits as Cox and Blake ( 1991:45 ) reasoned

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