The Responsibility Of Awareness And Control Sociology Essay Example
The Responsibility Of Awareness And Control Sociology Essay Example

The Responsibility Of Awareness And Control Sociology Essay Example

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This research undertaking proposes an in-depth survey of the outgrowth, building, and results of feminism on work forces within countless contexts. Using this theory to three British novels written by Emily and Anne Bronte - Wuthering Highs, Agnes Grey, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall- this survey will pull of import correlatives between female abilities, capacities, and unconditioned endowments and the use/abuse of these elements to change or supplant male potencies. For illustration, Catherine 's abuse of her natural female strengths and endowments was used to overrule Heathcliff 's reserve against and want to retreat from her commanding use, climaxing in calamity to both characters.

Additionally, much has been written about the Bildungsroman in Bronte 's adolescent-to-adult subject in Agnes Grey. The careless application of feminine potency and power toward work forces found in this fresh underscores the hurtful effects of carelessness and misanthropic usage in non merely gender-based interfaces but against the ego, every bit good. Similarly, female power and control in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is measured through Helen Graham 's assorted functions and interactions with the work forces in her life. Much more subtly, Anne Bronte reveals this power and manipulative consciousness in her supporter, but the subject remains integral: adult females frequently have excessive sums of power and control over work forces in countless kingdoms of their lives.

Other illustrations of such feminine-seated power and use found in classical literature might include Helen of Troy in the Odyssey and Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare 's immortal drama, Macbeth. Paradoxically, these latter illustrations emerge from the creativeness of male authors, and through each


writer 's ambitious invention and influence of his epoch, dominant political orientation prevails. Through this lens, so, the complexness of male/female couples is scrutinized by menaces to the dominant and prevailing position of patriarchal gallantry and functions while the adult females are repressed. Orthogonally, the Bronte writers developed female characters that defied the model in which they were born to map and revealed the ensuing devastation when females neither right understand nor decently use their power.

Statement of the Problem

This thesis will try to turn to the job of instability when adult females fail to acknowledge the nature of their true power and disfunctions and the harm resulting from this. As a part to human scientific discipline, this job is extremely important for socio-cultural, gender-based, and psychological consciousness of struggle beginning and declaration, contributes to the literature 's organic structure of cognition, and suggests farther indifferent and non-propagandized research into gender-based results. While the literature is prevailing with widely diverse discourse and survey on feminism, the organic structure of cognition is earnestly lacking in sing the amendss that feminism run through. Solving this job will necessitate a major paradigmatic alteration since the major results of feminism have been hawkish and reject feminine restrictions while making male-opposition toward many of its dogmas.

Subsequently, the research will demand scrupulous objectiveness and non-bias in order to pull out meaningful worlds, while bring forthing decisions that will be earnestly read and applied. In turn toing the job, so, a thorough reappraisal of the selected plants, combined with a thorough literature reappraisal o

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bing surveies and findings will get down the procedure. Intellectual application, comparing, and balance will be compulsory if the hypothesis is to be recognized and validated. The theoretical attack to such a potentially incendiary job must therefore Begin with objectiveness, scrupulous research methodological analysis, and a non-biased analysis.

Purpose of the Study

The intent of this survey will affect comparing three British novels, written by sisters, through whom female power is used to consequence masculine alterations, behaviours, and affect situational results. Showing the application of feminine power in relationship couples will back up the hypothesis that when misapplied or misunderstood, this power can be used to pull strings, control, and do injury to work forces and, through them, sociopolitical concepts which affect everyone. The survey is delimited by the aforesaid two Bronte novels as primary beginnings and those feminist surveies in the literature which serve to magnify the feminine usage of power to pull strings or organize results. The paper will analyse the conditions that have stated in the novels with an purpose at pull outing facts that will seek to back up the thesis. This will be done through an in depth analysis of the novels and with an purpose of acquiring to a touchable decision in support of the thesis.

Harmonizing to Berg, in a patriarchal society where adult females are faced with challenges of individuality, look and recognition- the general intervention of adult females is implied to be like intervention of animate beings. This statement is rough and seems to fall into a perceptual experience that adult females have no topographic point in the society. However, given the powerful nature of literature in the society, the imagination of adult females in current literature plants have depicted a more blunt statue of adult females in the society. In other words, in an effort to compare the nineteenth century literature and the twentieth century literature in mention to Emily Bronte 's Wuthering Heights, Anne Bronte 's Agnes Grey, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, the great revolution in footings of content and subject is extremely reflected.

Wuthering Heights 's first publication was in 1847. The chief subject of the narrative is the passion and love between Catherine and Heathcliff which is all encompassing and besides so disenchanted. The novel which has come to be classified as one of the everlasting English literature classics has had a batch of unfavorable judgment since its first visual aspect. This is due to the consecutive forward word picture of both physical inhuman treatment and emotional convulsion. The novel is non merely a straightforward love narrative but one that has pulled along some rather a batch of retaliation. The chief ground as to why the novel has maintained its high quality in the kingdom of literature is the originality that came along.

Agnes Grey, foremost published in 1847, is based on the life of the writer who served as a governess for a period of her life. The narrative tries to sketch the danger and the expositive nature of the place of a governess to a immature lady. The chief character has been used to convey out some issues

of gender centralized subjugation, maltreatment of adult females, empathy and isolation. The narrative highlights the demand for a immature adult female to cognize how to last and the nature in which wealth can be misused to botch societal values of nature and the societal norm.

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is the concluding novel by Anne Bronte, published in 1848. The novel has been a mark of much unfavorable judgment and contention. The novel is singular for the manner that it has put across the altering functions of work forces and adult females in matrimonies. Still, although the fresh depicts a alteration in matrimony position, it provides no indicants for a alteration in the dogmas of domestic force and maltreatment.


Womans have natural power and abilities ; when these innate features are applied to the rational, cultural, religious, emotional, sociopolitical, and interpersonal universe of work forces, this power can be abused to command and specify the opposite sex, with damaging consequences to both genders.


This work will non see the popular women's rightist literature in its entireness, but merely as it applies to a presentation of factual consequences from a misapplication of female power toward males. Including traditional feminist literature is contraindicated based on the thesis and the disagreement of hawkish feminism seeks to obfuscate every country in which adult females are low-level or weaker than work forces.

The Design - Chapter Summaries


In the Introduction, the reader will be introduced to the thesis of this survey, the justification for the survey, the intent for the survey, and a segue to chapter one.

Chapter One

Chapter one will use the thesis of feminine power and its effects on masculine beliefs, actions, and comparative results to Emily Bronte 's novel, Wuthering Heights. In the analysis of the novel there will be an penetration into the lives of the assorted characters and the assorted actions that they have taken portion in to turn out the power of adult females against work forces. A solidifying plot line will be cemented by the love life between Catherine and Heathcliff. Secondary beginnings will include findings in the literature which provide farther grounds or blunt contrasts of the thesis. Careful readings will be discussed and logically applied to the survey 's findings, concluding treatment, and decision. When completed, the chapter will supply a feasible and built-in piece of the whole ; the thesis will be defendable through the supporter interactions, duologue, and narrative results. Chapter one will be indispensable to understanding the staying two chapters, since it is this work that is the clearest and most easy identifiable justification for the subject. As the chapter builds proper segues to the staying chapters, so, the reader will go more expert at doing the logical connexions between the thesis and more elusive signifiers of feminine power distribution in the literature.

There are assorted available secondary beginnings that will be utilized in this analysis. They include beginnings from old analyses like `` Andrews, Sir Linton. `` A Challenge by Anne Bronte . ''

Chapter Two

Chapter two will use the same thesis of feminine power and its effects on masculine beliefs, actions, and comparative results to Anne Bronte 's

fresh Agnes Grey. The pronounced differences between chapter one 's novel and this will function to educate the reader in acknowledging this power 's influence and potentialities- for good and harm - as a signifier of tiered illustration. While far less extant to the thesis, the chapter will be indispensable to understanding the staying chapter, since it is this work that will supply a forward and backward contrast toward justification for the subject. Through this chapter, the reader will be able to logically compare the information in the thesis and derive a stronger sense of the feminine power on work forces in the novels. Again, when completed, this chapter will supply a feasible and built-in piece of the whole statement.

Through the usage of secondary beginnings, stronger grounds will be obtained to confirm the thesis. The information in the secondary beginnings will be compared to the existent informations in the primary informations so as to acquire to a proper decision on the powerful consequence that is being portrayed by adult females in the novel. Some of the secondary beginnings which will be applicable in this portion of the analysis include ; Jane Eyre and the Self-Constructed Heroine. '' Looking to Decrease: Female Development and the British Bildungsroman 1750-1850 ; by Ellis Lorna, and `` A Matter of Strong Prejudice: Gilbert Markham 's Self Portrait. '' New Approaches to the Literary Art of Anne Bronte ; by Andrea Westcot.

Chapter Three

Chapter three will use the same thesis of feminine power and its effects on masculine beliefs, actions, and comparative results to Anne Bronte 's novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. The pronounced differences between chapter one and two 's novels and this chapter will function to convey the reader to a decision by comparing of female power 's. Chapter three will be indispensable to understanding the full work, since it is this chapter that will supply a concluding and incontrovertible logic intrinsic to the subject. The treatment will needfully take at uncovering the power that the female gender can bring on upon work forces. The supporter in this concluding novel exerts far more elusive and skilled feminine power and influence over the characters and, as such, will show the reader with the concluding experience toward acknowledging the differences, measuring the thesis logically, and hopefully, sing the thesis without situational or cultural prejudice.

The secondary beginnings will be used to back up to the statement provided. They will be of so much aid in that it will be possible to bring forth a good decision ensuing from a combination of facts from the novel and ideas assorted backgrounds. All this will be geared towards exposing the power of feminism on the male coevals. Some of the beginnings include among others ; `` A Frame Perfect and Glorious ' : Narrative Structure in Anne Bronte 's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall '' by Elizabeth Signorotti, and Carol Senf 's `` The Tenant of Wildfell Hall: Narrative Silences and Questions of Gender '' .


The decision will supply a conclusive mention to the novels discussed. This last portion will wrap up the whole statement discussed in the preceding

chapters and supply more visible radiations into the points mentioned earlier. If necessary, points of comparing and contrast will be brought up to turn out the thesis.

Research Timeline

The timeline to project completion follows:

Research for all chapters

May, 2011


Chapter 1 - June, 2011

Chapter 2 - July, 2011

Chapter 3 - August, 2011

Introduction - September, 2011

Conclusion - September, 2011


Chapter 1 - October, 2011

Chapter 2 - November, 2011

Chapter 3 - December, 2011

Final Development Polish and Summary Review

January, 2012

Undertaking Defense Date

February, 2012

Annotated Bibliography

Primary Beginnings

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Secondary Beginnings

Berg, M. `` Hapless Dependents '' : Womans and Animals in Anne Bronte 's Agnes

Grey. `` A Studies in the Novel, 34 ( 2 ) , 177+ . ( 2002 ) .

Comparing animate beings to the laden nature of adult females under a patriarchal society, Berg provides a feasible contrast to Grey 's sensed 'fall ' from a moral governess to one who commoditizes relationships as she comes to see animate beings in relationship to nutrient. This position will supply accelerators to the thesis since Agnes Grey is mostly considered a non-philosophical text but has deep undertones to feminine power and control.

Braithwaite, W. S. The Bewitched Parsonage: The Story of the Brontes. New York: Coward-McCann. ( 1950 ) .A

Braithwaite provides germane penetrations into the lives of the Bronte sisters which informs their authorship and perceptual experience of the universe about them every bit good as their ain influence and power ( or miss thereof ) in their lives. This work will lend valuable penetrations into the sisters ' defences, perceptual experiences, and belief systems among an remarkably tragic set of fortunes.

Bump, J. `` The Family Dynamics of the Reception of Art. `` A Style, 31 ( 2 ) , 328+ . ( 1997 ) .

Bump 's article has been selected for this work due to his geographic expedition of the ego as it applies to understanding and using the work of the Bronte sisters. A `` socially stray and individualistic position of the ego that precludes the possibility of digesting fond regards or duties to another '' ( 328 ) to the full informs the thesis upon which this work is grounded.

Dalley, L. L. `` The Least 'Angelical ' Poem in the Language '' : Political Economy, Gender, and the Heritage of Aurora Leigh. `` A Victorian Poetry, 44 ( 4 ) , 525+ . ( 2006 ) .

A unquestionably secondary, possibly even third beginning to this work, Dalley 's penetration into Victorian adult females 's power and political effects is critical to understanding the position adult females held of themselves during this epoch and farther lends scholarship to the hypothesis that such unbridled power can be really destructive.

Donaldson, L. E. Decolonizing Feminisms: Race, Gender & A ; Empire Building. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press. ( 1992 ) .A

Donaldson 's book was selected to impart a peculiar misprision - a psychological and cultural mis-recognition of gender-solipsistic power and influence

among adult females across many civilizations and epochs. This work will heighten the thesis by supplying a compass for where to get down acknowledging the nuances of feminine power and control.

Ermarth, E. D. The English Novel in History, 1840-1895. London: Routledge. ( 1997 ) .A

Ermarth 's book was selected for its part to the manner `` societal common denominator '' concept toward `` societal jobs aˆ¦ corporate order and personal individuality '' ( vii ) form a footing for feminist thought in Victorian times and the methods by which the Bronte sisters overrode masculine power to accomplish their aims. The significance will be found in using these author 's personal drift within their books with the hypothesis of this survey.

Flynn, E. A. Feminism beyond Modernism. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press. ( 2002 ) .A

This book is indispensable as a secondary beginning since it serves to back up the repudiation of several feminist myths which prevent adult females from acknowledging both their innate power and ultimate duty in utilizing that power over work forces. As Flynn offprints and identifies the political, rational, and societal positions of feminism beyond the modern concept, this work will function as an indispensable text to back up the thesis of adult females 's ultimate power over their environment, in general and work forces, in peculiar.

Joshi, P. `` Masculinity and Gossip in Anne Bronte 's Tenant. `` A Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900, 49 ( 4 ) , 907+ . ( 2009 ) .

Joshi 's work could about be a beginning of primary literature support for the thesis ; relegated to a secondary one, nevertheless, will supply every bit of import confirmation for the hypothesis of this survey. Comparing feminine influence and Bronte 's novel, Joshi attempts to happen in-between land between `` renunciation of adult females 's cultureaˆ¦ '' and `` aˆ¦aggrandizement of adult females 's influence '' ( 908 ) through modern arguments on the topic.

Langland, E. `` The Angel out of the House: Philanthropy and Gender in Nineteenth-Century England. `` A CLIO, 32 ( 3 ) , 351+ . ( 2003 ) .

In this secondary beginning, adult females 's functions as altruists are examined for the built-in power in category and gender-based activities. Through Langland 's findings, the elusive power and control viewed through this lens is insightful and lends themselves to this hypothesis.

Levy, E. P. `` The Psychology of Loneliness in 'Wuthering Highs. : .A Surveies in the Novel, 28 ( 2 ) , 158+ . ( 1996 ) .

Researching the concept of solitariness in Wuthering Heights accordingly lends a psychological deepness to the apprehension of this hypothesis ' premiss of feminine control and power in interrelatednesss with work forces. The article was selected for this part to a well-balanced survey that offers most readers a platform on which to stand.

McKernan, S. `` Feminist Literary Theory and Women 's Literary History: Contradictory Undertakings. `` A Hecate, 17 ( 1 ) , 150+ . ( 1991 ) .

Although McKernan writes to a chiefly Australian readership, the constructs of feminism and literature 's history provides valuable penetrations into the motion and its determined rejection

of adult females as an accountable force in relationship direction. This article will supply an accurate background and contrast to this hypothesis and will mostly compare to the staying literature used in this survey.