The Main Characteristics Of Pentecostalism Theology Religion
The Main Characteristics Of Pentecostalism Theology Religion

The Main Characteristics Of Pentecostalism Theology Religion

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Since its origin in the first century, Christianity has been germinating as a societal establishment, altering its organisational form, redefining its mission, and making new looks of worship. Since so there has been a huge alteration in denominations, where some diminution and resurgence has been witnessed through the old ages.

The twelvemonth 1906 brought new recoveries into a different type of worship in United States of America ( USA ) . In USA, Los Angeles newspapers reported as assemblage of people of different races and civilizations depicting them to affect the hapless and rich, inkinesss and Whites, work forces and adult females, immature and old in a temple in Azusa Street exposing a new signifier of worship, praying, singing in unknown linguistic communications, dancing and clapping. Audiences gathered to witness what was go oning. This was the biggest resurgence of the clip in USA.[ 2 ]Testimonies, journals, articles were written by those involved and those who witnessed this great event. This was the beginning of what is called Pentecostalism today, the major driving engine of Christianity to its beginnings, the first century.[ 3 ]Although, most bookmans have debated whether Pentecostalism had multiple about coincident beginnings in different states the same clip it originated in North America, there is no uncertainty that that it is the strongest Christian religion today in the 3rd universe.[ 4 ]This essay aims to analyze its beginnings and its chief three chosen features which are religious gifts, personal brush with God and the power over devils and Satan.


Allan Anderson 's account on Pentecostalism is that it is perceived as a motion of trusters


who affirm to the work of the Holy Spirit and the exercise of the religious gifts as evidenced through speech production in linguas with foundation grounded on the accent of the recognition of redemption attained through Jesus Christ.[ 5 ]David Martin and Peter Mullen province that `` speech production in linguas consists in the vocalization of unintelligible sounds, frequently in rapid sequences, by individuals who seem to be in conditions of changing grades of dissociation. ''[ 6 ]Pentecostal is linked with the philosophy of 'subsequence ' and 'initial grounds ' which originated from USA in the beginning of the 20th century, mentioning to the experience of the baptism by the Holy Spirit.[ 7 ]Therefore, those devoted to this divinity are called Pentecostalists.

However, a alteration happened during the sixtiess, when some Christians within main-line denominations started to accept the Pentecostalism phenomena as portion of the worship experience.[ 8 ]This new signifier of Pentecostalism became known as the Charismatic Movement. Charismatic describes any signifier or experience of Christianity that emphasises the `` charismata '' which means religious gifts ( such as linguas, prognostication and understanding ) listed in for illustration 1Corinthians 12, every bit good as a dynamic experience of being baptised or filled with the Holy Spirit.[ 9 ]A extremely important proportion of Christians and churches that have emphasis on this dynamic renewing experience and the operation of gifts of the Holy Spirit are called charismatics. The magnetic motions widely penetrated the traditional historical churches from the

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1960s, Protestant and Catholic, Church of England ( C of E ) , Methodist, Baptist or URC churches, or the Roman Catholic Church in what has been termed the magnetic reclamation.[ 10 ]Therefore Renewal describes the look of this new signifier of religious life within these antecedently bing historic mainline churches or denominations.

The difference between charismatics and Pentecostalists is the facet of the initial grounds like marks and admirations every bit good as the encountering of power which charismatics deny hence agreeing in the linguas. Whereas, Pentecostal denotes the individuality shaper of linguas as the grounds of the Holy Spirit baptism whilst the Charismatics denote the Holy Spirit gifts, the instructions of prosperity and religious warfare.[ 11 ]

Consequently, the word `` Pentecostal '' shifted from merely umpiring to a peculiar group of denominations to any denomination whose worship experience includes some kind of `` Pentecostal '' phenomenon such as speech production in linguas. Since the rise of the Charismatic motion, traditional Pentecostalists are normally referred to as `` Classical Pentecostalists '' . The term Classical Pentecostal refers to a individual or organisation which believes that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is a 2nd work of grace subsequent to transition, and that the initial physical grounds of this experience is talking in other lingua that is the linguistic communications unknown to the talker.[ 12 ]


During the centuries from the Early Church 's clip about 1500 plus old ages to the twentieth century there were Christians traditions which influenced the formation of Pentecostalism such as the Reformation tradition, specifically the Anabaptist and Arminians, the Holiness and Evangelical Movements.[ 13 ]The historical study of the development of Classical Pentecostalism will cover the old ages from 1738 ; John Wesley 's Aldersgate experience ' clip when he emphasised the Holy Spirit in His instructions.[ 14 ]

The promotion of Pentecostalism can be dated back to a January the first 1901, a magnetic resurgence at Bethel Bible School in Topeka, Kansas USA. As Charles Parham, a former Methodist curate 's pupils had inquiries about the grounds of baptisms with the Holy Spirit after his Spirit baptism instruction, following the Book of Acts. There was an experience of this baptism following a ardent supplication with pupils ensuing in the experience of speech production in linguas.[ 15 ]The enthusiasm of the pupils following Charles Parham instructions brought an astonishing Pentecostal experience as of the Apostles in the Book of Acts. Cox stated that Pentecostalism rose among a group of people who were waiting for it.[ 16 ]Charles Parham 's ' instructions opened the doors to what was subsequently called Pentecostalism. Robert Gromacki called Charles Parham `` '' Father of the Pentecostal motion. ''[ 17 ]

From Parham 's bible school, the motion became the world-wide motion following the Azusa Street resurgence mentioned supra. This was through a black African American sermonizer called William Joseph Seymour who was besides a pupil at Parham School who longed for the Spirit baptism and witnessed the first experience of speech production in linguas. His meeting with Parham had a large impact in William Seymour

's belief about the Holy Spirit baptism.[ 18 ]He contributed to the spread of Pentecostalism ; he did non merely believe but took the message farther.

Cecil M. Robeck gives the brief background of the journey William Seymour took to advance what is today called `` Pentecostalism. '' In his history he mentioned that William Seymour was invited to Los Angeles to be in charge of one ministry. After prophesying about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he was denied the place to pastor that fold. He ended up populating with black friends Edward and Mattie Lee who sympathised with him where he conducted prayer meetings in their house. This was the beginning of the great motion as they started to pray together and subsequently invited other people to fall in them. The figure increased and they moved to a bigger house. It was in the house of Richard at Ruth Asberry on the 9th of April 1906 as they were analyzing the bible that they experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. In this meeting, an eight-year-old black male child began to talk in linguas and shortly crowds were attracted to the house. After this experience the house could non suit the turning big Numberss of people who were coming to fall in in supplications and worship. They had to travel to Azusa Street, were the greatest resurgence took topographic point. Then Azusa Street became the house for the universe Pentecostal motion.[ 19 ]Therefore the Azusa narrative is exceeding when the roots of Pentecostalism are discussed. Cecil M. Robeck labelled the `` Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles aˆ¦ the birth topographic point of Pentecostal motion. ''[ 20 ]Harvey Cox admiting the root of Pentecostalism 's beginning to be understood with mention William Joseph Seymour.[ 21 ]

From Azusa Street, Pentecostalism spread to the other parts of the universe by members who experienced the Pentecostal resurgence and formed Pentecostal Churches.[ 22 ]Congregations spread around USA widening to Africa through missionaries that went preach this Pentecostal experience to other parts of the universe `` By early 1907 aˆ¦ entered Mexico, Canada, Western Europe, the Middle East, West Africa and several states in Asia '' , distributing to Northern Russia, Southern Africa and Eastern and Central Europe. The Apostolic Faith Mission was the first Movement that Mr Seymour established dwelling of different denominations with one docket of Faith.[ 23 ]In 1914 was the first `` official statement '' of the Classical Pentecostal philosophy of the baptism in the Holy Spirit by the Assemblies of God in the United States.

They are 100s of Pentecostal denominations and fast turning over the last 40 old ages, David Martin, sociologist who has done a batch of work on the estimations of Pentecostalism has reported it to be the largest planetary displacement in the spiritual market place. He quoted a entire figure of Pentecostalists and charismatics worldwide to at least a least a one-fourth of a billion by 2002.[ 24 ]This has expanded to the West making other states such as India, China and Chile.[ 25 ]

They are here chief

groups of Pentecostalism identified with their alone beliefs though some facets might be similar. One of the group is identify by their belief in the work of the Holy Spirit, speech production, in linguas, baptism with the Holy Spirit, the plants of grace, redemption and sanctification as uninterrupted in their lives ; the other group beliefs 'entire sanctification ' over and above some facets of the above group, called so Wesleyan Holiness ; last but non least excludes themselves in the belief of the Trinity facet of God, called unity Pentecostalists.[ 26 ]

Main features

Religious gifts

The birth of the Pentecostal motion in the early 20th century was evidenced by followings of Christ exhibiting the gifts of the Holy Spirit frequently referred to as the supernatural gifts. It got its roots from the Early Church with enraptured phenomena gifts of the Holy Spirit.[ 27 ]

The experiencing of the Holy Spirit baptism ensuing in speech production in linguas in Topeka, Kansas sprang up the 20th century Pentecostal Movement in 1901. Dayton asserts that the 18 century American revivalism, Holiness Movement played a portion in its beginnings.[ 28 ]Charles Parham believed there was more on the full sanctifications, the instructions of the Wesleyans, in his positions. Therefore he bestowed sanctification and magnetic power as both portion of the 2nd approval. His positions were more utmost than many in the Holiness Movement. The instructions on probes for marks of sanctification led to inquiries if this was related to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. As the pupils were determined for the outward grounds marks of the baptism, speech production in linguas was the first mark of the religious gifts

To hold a good apprehension of what is meant by `` religious gifts '' , I would see two definitions which defines religious gifts as `` aˆ¦divinely given capacities to execute utile maps for God ''[ 29 ]Similarly Deffinbaugh defines religious gifts as the God-given capacity of every Christian to transport out his map in the organic structure of Christ.[ 30 ]The se definitions adequately purvey the Pentecostalism apprehension of Religious gifts.

These religious gifts are believed to hold originated at Pentecost as explained in the Book of Acts. Over the period of three old ages after the Azusa Street resurgence which sparkled the Pentecostal Movement, Seymour saw the Restoration non merely of talking in linguas but all gifts of the Holy Spirit.[ 31 ]These are religious gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11. These gifts can be ; talking in linguas, construing linguas, vaticinating and mending power.[ 32 ]Harmonizing to Luke ;

When the twenty-four hours of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one topographic point. And all of a sudden from heaven there came a sound like the haste of a violent air current, and it filled the full house where they were sitting. Divided linguas, as of fire, appeared among them, and a lingua rested on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to talk in other linguistic communications, as the Spirit gave them ability ( Acts 2: 1-4 NRSV )


This was a physical grounds of being baptised by the Holy Spirit as they converted and believed in Jesus Christ.

Kenneth Boa describes the gift of linguas as the supernatural ability of a truster to talk in an unconditioned linguistic communication by the talker enabled by the Lord.[ 33 ]This can be interpreted by person who receives the gift of reading of linguas. This is reading into the linguistic communication of the organic structure in which the message is delivered non a rigorous interlingual rendition, but an reading of the indispensable content of the linguas message.[ 34 ]Reviews of linguas - Thomas Aquinas believed to hold been of the Apostles merely in the early church to enable them to make all states as commissioned but soon it as to be done through linguistic communication survey.[ 35 ]There are besides those with the gift of mending gifted to mend the sick. The assortment of the gifts can be divided into different illness, for illustration some specific gifts are to mend malignant neoplastic disease or emotions, mental unwellness and many more illnesss.[ 36 ]

Personal brush with God

Entree to God affairs most to Pentecostalists, life controlled by the Holy Spirit. They stress effectiveness the experience of God. What matters most is the felt power of the Spirit in the universe, in the church, and in one 's ain life. Their religion is experiential, populating religion in the life God who can miraculously, well intervene in the universe.[ 37 ]For Pentecostalists, from history they understood the as direct and immediate and self-authenticating.[ 38 ]This is explained in simple footings that Pentecostals apprehension of the baptism of the spirit grants the authorization by virtuousness of the single experience of this powerful brush with God. Therefore, their belief is that though the Holy Spirit they have a personal brush the reliable and legitimate experience of God.

Power over devils and Satan

Pentecostalists stress the authorization and the felt power of the Holy Spirit in the universe. Their focal point and religion is in God who miraculously well intervenes in the universe. For illustration, Martin discusses how Pentecostalism unites its belief with the societal inspiration and the experience of the Spirit.[ 39 ]That is the apprehension of the power of the Holy Spirit over any societal powers that could be powers of darkness. In short, it is a consideration of two different factors, external ( diabolic forces ) and internal factors ( Holy Spirit ) . These make Pentecostalists experience portion of the community, as they distinguishes the God and Satan, Satan and Godhead, illness and wellness. They believe they have power over devils, through the Holy Spirit, that they can obtain through supplication. That is power over wickedness, religious sightlessness, societal subjugation, and Sickness. They refer this as their religious arms. One of the most factors which contributed to the Growth of Pentecostalism is their belief in rescue from evil liquors. Anderson, for illustration, points out that `` the chief attractive force of Pentecostalism aˆ¦ is still the accent on healing and rescue from immorality. ''[ 40 ]

Their Theology extends to

the revelatory belief of the coming of the Kingdom which includes the component of the concluding triumph over Satan and decease, which is a religious warfare.[ 41 ]The term `` religious warfare '' is referred to evil religious forces such as devils including Satan as fabulous worlds. Therefore, the baptism of the Spirit enables the trusters to suppress the religious conflict and get the better of the enemy. As Apostle Paul states, `` we live as human existences, but we do non pay war harmonizing to human criterions ; for the arms of our warfare are non simply human, but they have godly power to destruct strongholdsaˆ¦ '' ( 2 Corinthians 10: 3-4 NRSV ) . This is the belief that the Pentecostalists have dependance on the Holy Spirit for power to enable them to contend the Satan and any princedoms of darkness. That is diabolic onslaughts and ownerships, physical and emotional illness, evil liquors and so on.

These claims are biblically based as Pentecostal believes in the true Word of God. Martin and Mullen clarified that `` for Pentecostal the supreme authorization is the Bible, the divine, infallible and inerrable Word of God to which all else must be capable. ''[ 42 ]Merely to advert few illustrations of bible transitions to back up these claim of their belief ; 1 John 3:8 which provinces that `` the Son of God was revealed for this intent, to destruct the plants of the Satan '' ( NRSV ) , `` He has rescued us from the power of darkness and transferred us into the land of his darling Son '' ( Colossians 1:13 NRSV ) and `` JesusA summoned his 12 adherents and gave them authorization over dirty liquors, to project them out, and to bring around every disease and every illness '' ( Matthew 10:1 NRSV ) and many more. Therefore Pentecostalists take the word of God earnestly and establish their belief on what it says.


In decision, the essay has examined the beginnings of Pentecostalism. It has looked at its roots from early church, through the Holiness motions with the instructions of philosophy of sanctification. The learning about the Holy Spirit and the existent experiencing of its baptism contributed to how Pentecostalism spread to other topographic points. It has besides touched on the account of magnetic its difference with Pentecostalism. Last but non least, three features of Pentecostalism have been discussed though this is non the thorough least, nevertheless due to the restriction of the essay, merely three were discussed. We have discovered with ranges that Pentecostalism is a turning motion. It has contributed to the inclination of Christianity as it was worsening in many parts of the universe. Their accent being the baptism by the Holy Spirit and religious gifts that can be received to trusters by God 's will.