the Have An Animal Related Theme Essay Example
the Have An Animal Related Theme Essay Example

the Have An Animal Related Theme Essay Example

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  • Published: October 17, 2017
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In my own opinion I think that 'The Horses' is trying to tell us that there has been a war between technology and the natural resources, but all of the technology has been wiped out.

It tells us this in the second line 'The seven day war that put the world to sleep'. 'The tractors lie about our fields' and 'We leave them where they are and let them rust' indicate that we no longer use tractors and other farm machinery.My interpretation of 'The Early Purges' however is different. I think that life on a farm is totally different to life in the town. I know this because, in the poem it says that 'Prevention of cruelty talk cuts ice in town' and 'Where they consider death unnatural' proves that they dislike things being killed, which is what the poem is about.

'The Horses' has a complex language as it's written in all three tenses past, present and future to reflect the situation in the poem. In the past we learn about 'The seven days war that put the world to sleep.The present situation is of death 'On the third day a war ship passed us, piled high with dead bodies'.The future is hope 'There is a hope for the future'.'The Early Purges' however is written entirely in the past and is in auto-biographical format which helps the reader to understand the point better because it is written from someone else's point of view. It has a rhyme scheme of r


hyming couplets, which are the first and third line of each three-line stanza.

To get the point across better here he has used effective similes 'Like wet gloves the bobbed and shone'. Also 'They turned dry and crisp like old summer dung' gives and excellent picture of the texture of the kittens.Some lines rhyme but also some echo each other.Although 'The Horses' has no rhyme scheme and no definite structure the lines run on from each other like a story. I find that this makes it harder to read because of the punctuation at the end of the line.

I prefer 'The Early Purges' to 'The Horses' because the way he describes the kittens before and after is very good. 'The Horses' is also good because it also gives good detail about the happenings 'A deepening drumming' and I find it more complex to understand.In both poems its talks about death and destruction when in the 'The Early Purges' it talks about Dan Taggart shooting crows and snaring rabbits and in 'The Horses' there is dead bodies on the warship heading north.The fear in the poems comes back like when they see the horses they are afraid and when he sees the three dead kittens turn old and dry. There is however a difference that in 'The Horses' the animals help the people even though they had done wrong and in 'The Early Purges' Dan Taggart kills the animals and they have done nothing wrong.

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