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Kenneth McQuaid
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Joseph Fraser
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Marie Florence
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Linda Lynch
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Computer Programming Social Security Number Two Factor Authentication
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Acceptable Use Policy Hardware Online Transaction Processing Two Factor Authentication
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Misty Porter
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Acceptable Use Policy Credit Card Numbers Service Level Agreement Two Factor Authentication
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Paulina Ratliff
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Credit Card Numbers Regulations Service Level Agreement Two Factor Authentication
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Maddison Bailey
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Acceptable Use Policy Computers And The Internet Two Factor Authentication
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Tilly Wilkinson
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Electrical Engineering Two Factor Authentication
Computer literacy part one – Flashcards 64 terms
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Thomas Owen
64 terms
A large hospital has implemented BYOD to allow doctors and specialists the ability to access patient medical records on their tablets. The doctors and specialists access patient records over the hospital’s guest WiFi network which is isolated from the internal network with appropriate security controls. The patient records management system can be accessed from the guest network and requires two factor authentication. Using a remote desktop type interface, the doctors and specialists can interact with the hospital’s system. Cut and paste and printing functions are disabled to prevent the copying of data to BYOD devices. Which of the following are of MOST concern? (Select TWO). A. Privacy could be compromised as patient records can be viewed in uncontrolled areas. B. Device encryption has not been enabled and will result in a greater likelihood of data loss. C. The guest WiFi may be exploited allowing non-authorized individuals access to confidential patient data. D. Malware may be on BYOD devices which can extract data via key logging and screen scrapes. E. Remote wiping of devices should be enabled to ensure any lost device is rendered inoperable.
A. Privacy could be compromised as patient records can be viewed in uncontrolled areas. D. Malware may be on BYOD devices which can extract data via key logging and screen scrapes.
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