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Goal Directed Behaviors Organizational Psychology Social Identity Theory
UWSP Business 325 – Exam 1 46 terms
Jaxon Wilson
46 terms
Average Life Span Basic Human Needs Dimensions Of Wellness Health Psychology Healthy People 2020 Infectious Diseases Mental Health Public Health Wellness
STUDY GUIDE EXAM 1 149 terms
Tara Rose
149 terms
Groups IT Essentials: PC Hardware And Software Management Operating System Software Personal Digital Assistant Tools
security Exam 4 Practice Test 60 terms
Sean Mitchell
60 terms
AP Biology Biology Ligand Gated Ion Channel Short Term Memory Loss
General Biology – Campbell Ch 11 37 terms
Misty Porter
37 terms
Basic Physiological Needs Business Management Management Skills And Capabilities
Flashcards and Answers – Principles of Management Chapter 1 28 terms
Maxim Beck
28 terms
Average Life Span Basic Human Needs Dimensions Of Wellness Health Psychology Healthy People 2020 Infectious Diseases Mental Health Public Health Wellness
Personal and Community Health Midterm 789 terms
Sabrina Peterson
789 terms
Business Management Direct And Indirect Costs Finance Internal Rate Of Return Operations Management Planning And Implementation Project Management Software Systems Analysis
MIS Chapt 14 80 terms
Sean Hill
80 terms
American With Disabilities Act Business Management Principles Of Management
MGT 3370 – Chapter 3 Quiz 68 terms
Lesly Lloyd
68 terms
Business Management Internal Locus Of Control Need For Control Need For Power Twenty First Century
MGT 241 Midterm Ch. 2 89 terms
Alexander Barker
89 terms
Economic Development International Marketing Need For Control
mgmt 4201 ch. 12 63 terms
Emily Kemp
63 terms
Long Term Care Facility Medical Decision Making Medical Terminology Problem Focused History
CPT Ch. 15 Quiz Review: Evaluation and Management 24 terms
Joan Grant
24 terms
Child Labor Laws Ethical Decision Making Ethical Decision Making Framework Marketing Marketing Planning Process Short Term Goals
MARK ch. 4 38 terms
Alexandra Robertson
38 terms
American With Disabilities Act AP United States History AP World History World History
US History – Unit 10 – Qs 34 terms
Darryl Wooten
34 terms
Goals Long Term Goals Short Term Goals
Flashcards on Management Chapter 4 48 terms
Cara Robinson
48 terms
Business Management Human Resource Management Management Planning And Implementation
Management Ch 8 61 terms
Isabel Padilla
61 terms
Animal Behavior Mental Processes Refers To Psychiatric Social Worker
Chapter 1 Module 1 PQ 32 terms
Elizabeth Hill
32 terms
AP World History Homo Sapiens Sapiens Tools Wild Animals World History
AP World History: AP Vocab (#1 and #2) 77 terms
Josephine Mack
77 terms
High Quality Products Limits Statistical Process Control
ISDS 3115 Test 2 MC 316 terms
Lewis Gardner
316 terms
Abnormal Psychology Applied Philosophy Mind Body Connection Psychology
PSY 4604 – Chapter 1 Quiz 30 terms
Patricia Smith
30 terms
Foundations Of Professional Nursing Long Term Care Facility Make Any Difference Nurse Should Know Nursing
Prep U: Chapter 23 58 terms
David Dunn
58 terms
Gdp Per Capita Human Resource Management International Business International Marketing Principles Of Economics: Microeconomics Principles Of Marketing Self Reference Criterion Skills And Knowledge
International Business chapter 1-3 67 terms
Rosa Sloan
67 terms
Elastin And Collagen Exercise Fitness Health And Fitness Low Back Pain Percent Body Fat Working With Children
HP 191 Ole Miss Exam 2 70 terms
Jazzlyn Sampson
70 terms
What is the American Occupational Therapy Foundation?
A nonprofit organization that was established in 1965 to advance the science and increase public awareness of OT
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what were some of the various names of occupational therapy during its time of development
erogtherapy, activity therapy, occupation treatment, moral treatment, the work cure.
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Which statement is not a basic assumption underlying occupational therapy using a sensory integration approach?
The more therapist-directed the activities, the greater potential for neural organization.
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Which legislation caps the annual reimbursement for occupational therapy services at $1500?
Balance Budget Act of 1997
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To know what occupation is, occupational therapy practitioners must examine ________.
what humans do with their time
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What does “occupation” consist of in occupational therapy?
Self-care, productivity (work) and leisure.
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Which statement best reflects the goal of Occupational Therapy?
To increase the ability of the client to participate in everyday activities
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What happened in Occupational Therapy Assistant History in 1992?
17,000 COTA’s certified by American Occupational Therapy Certification Board
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What are some determinates for occupational therapy
Types of economy regional, national policies values underlying policy cultural values
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How did Occupational Therapy Assistant education develop?
4 week training by military, 4-6 weeks Crampton, 2 year program, National Certification
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