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Cause And Effect Extemporaneous Speaking Linguistics Maintain Eye Contact Make Eye Contact Specific Purpose Statement Working Part Time
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Communications Make Eye Contact Three Years Old
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Make Eye Contact Making Eye Contact Marketing Problem Solving
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Maintain Eye Contact Make Eye Contact Speech Words And Phrases
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Elaboration Likelihood Model Laissez Faire Leader Make Eye Contact Negative Self Talk Peripheral Route Processing Small Group Communication
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Make Eye Contact Public Speaking Specific Purpose Statement Speech The Body
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American Sign Language Communications Interpersonal Communication Make Eye Contact Problems And Solutions
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Good Moral Character Make Eye Contact Making Eye Contact Small Group Communication Specific Purpose Statement Works Cited Page
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Features And Benefits Linguistics Make Eye Contact Marketing Real Estate
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Ahmed and his family moved to the United States from the Middle East. Ahmed and his parents speak English very well, but during conferences Ms. Smith, Ahmed’s teacher, is uncomfortable with the parents’ behavior. Ahmed’s mother does not speak in the meetings, and the parents do not make eye contact. How can Ms. Smith make the meetings more comfortable for all involved?
Learn about Ahmed’s culture, and plan meeting participation to meet the parents’ needs.
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What happens when we make eye contact with an attractive person? How can this influence the success of the attractive person?
When you make eye contact with an attractive person an area of the brain called the ventral striatum is activated and this part of the brain predicts reward. – The social advantages associated with facial attractiveness are reinforced by reward processing in the brain
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/social-categorization/
In a debate, an active listener should make eye contact with the speaker because it
shows respect for the speaker.
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While on a first date, you notice your date leaning in toward you, meeting your gaze, smiling when you make eye contact, and laughing at your jokes—you infer from your date’s behavior that he or she likes you. This scenario best represents the use of communication to express a. control b. affiliation c. goal achievement d. influence over another person
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A male Native American client with tuberculosis is visiting a health care clinic for follow up treatment. During the interview, the practical nurse (PN) notices that the client keeps his eyes on the floor and does not make eye contact. How should the PN interpret this client’s behavior? A. He is uncomfortable with violation of his personal space B. The client is depressed and concerned about his diagnosis C. His culture finds sustained eye contact rude and disrespectful D. The client is reluctant to speak without a tribal shaman there
C. His culture finds sustained eye contact rude and disrespectful Native Americans usually avoid sustained eye contact as a sign of respect
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/hesi-fundamentals-practice-exam/
Page 3 #3 “-I have to make eye contact with one of my friends, if any of them have decided to talk to me yet.”
Character development: We know that something other than the beginning of high school is haunting our main character. We do not know the reason for the scorn she receives from her friends, although she is only asking for meager “eye contact”, which is another hook into wanting to read more.
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Initial credibility Derived CredibilityDerived credibility is the perception of your credibility that listeners form as you present yourself and your message. These strategies can enhance your derived credibility:❯ Establish common ground with listeners by indicating in your opening remarks that you share their values and concerns.❯ Support your arguments and conclusions with evidence.❯ Present a logically organized, well-delivered message. Using appropriate internal summaries, signposts, and enumeration of key ideas can enhance your credibility as a competent and rational advocate.terminal CredibilityThe last phase of credibility, called terminal credibility, is the perception that listeners have of your credibility when you finish your speech. Continue to make eye contact. Don’t leave the lectern or speaking area until you have finished your closing sentence. Even if there is no planned question-and-answer period following
is the impression of your credibility that listeners have even before you speak. Give careful thought to your appearance, and establish eye contact before you begin your talk. Prepare a brief description of your credentials and accomplishments so that the person who introduces you can use it in his or her introductory remarks.
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