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Emergency Medical Technology Labor And Delivery Nursing-LPN Past Medical History
Differentiate among classifications of surgery & types of anesthesia. – Flashcards 26 terms
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Fetal Heart Rate Gate Control Theory Of Pain Labor And Delivery Nursing Second Stage Of Labor
Labor and Delivery Processes – ATI CH 11 – Flashcards 59 terms
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Ethics Information Theory Labor And Delivery The Body
CST Practice Exam A – Flashcards 175 terms
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175 terms
Gender Studies Labor And Delivery Nursing Second Stage Of Labor
hesi ob/peds 2 – Flashcards 31 terms
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Circulatory System Human Growth And Development Labor And Delivery Spinal Cord
Psychology Ch. 3 Answers – Flashcards 125 terms
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Labor And Delivery Sub Saharan Africa
World History B: The Emergence of Africa – Flashcards 99 terms
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Folic Acid Supplementation Genetics Infants And Toddlers Labor And Delivery Nutrition Physical And Mental Health
LSD: Chapter 2 Quiz 23 terms
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A full term infant is transferred to the nursery from labor and delivery. Which information is most important for the nurse to receive when planning immediate care for the newborn?
Infant’s condition at birth and treatment received.
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1. Isabella is frightened, and she has not seen her newborn son yet. She asks what’s wrong with him. what action should the labor and delivery nurse take?
Answer Isabella’s questions and allow her to see her son
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A charge nurse on the pediatric unit is making assignments for a nurse who has floated from the labor and delivery unit. Which of the following clients is appropriate for the charge nurse to assign?
an adolescent who is 2 days post operative following an appendectomy
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/ati-nursing-concepts-advanced/
What are the 5 “P’s” of labor and delivery?
Passenger, Passageway Powers Position Psychological response
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6. After receiving the labor and delivery report, which information should direct the nurse to further assessment of the infant’s head?
Which is a datum from a qualitative research study on the labor and delivery experiences of women over age 40? A) 14.6 hours in labor B) 60-minute interviews 1 day after delivery C) “It was a lot more painful than I ever imagined.” D) 15 women with a vaginal delivery
C) “It was a lot more painful than I ever imagined.”
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The nurse assess a client admitted to the labor and delivery unit and obtains the following data: BP 110/68, FHR 110 bpm, cervix 1 cm dilated and uneffaced. Based on these assessment findings, what intervention should the nurse implement? a. insert a fetal monitor b. assess for cervical changes q1H c. monitor bleeding from IV sites d. perform Leopold’s maneuvers
c. monitor for bleeding from IV sites
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A healthcare provider informs the charge nurse of a labor and delivery unit that a client is coming to the unit suspected abruptio placentae. What findings should the charge nurse expect the client to demonstrate. A. dark,red vaginal bleeding B. lower back pain C. premature rupture of membranes D. increased uterine irritability E. bilateral pitting edema F. Rigid abdomen
A. dark,red vaginal bleeding D. increased uterine irritability F. Rigid abdomen
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