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Acute Renal Failure Dental Derivatives Pathophysiology
Headache Treatment – Flashcards 80 terms
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Classifications Color Derivatives Pharmaceutical Sciences
Medchem Exam 4 – Flashcards 87 terms
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Derivatives Medicinal Chemistry
NSAIDs II – Chemistry – Flashcards 51 terms
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A Level Chemistry Alkanes Chemistry Derivatives Organic Chemistry 1 Principles Van Der Waals Forces
Chapter 19: Aromatic Substitution Reactions 59 terms
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Derivatives Size And Shape Waves
Permanent Waving – Wrapping 11 terms
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Accounting Conceptual Framework For Financial Reporting Databases Date Derivatives Finance Intermediate Accounting 1
Business combinations 2 – Flashcards 24 terms
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What interaction can occur when an asthmatic patient consumes rifampin along with xanthine derivatives?
Theophylline levels are decreased. Xanthine derivatives are used as bronchodilators in asthmatic patients. Administration of rifampin along with xanthine derivatives causes increased metabolism of theophylline, which results in decreased levels of theophylline. Additive cardiac and central nervous system stimulation is produced when caffeine is administered along with theophylline.
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Which of the following statements is not correct? a. The first step in the Fischer esterification is the protonation of the carbonyl carbon of the carboxylic acid. b. Alkyl acid chlorides show a very exothermic reaction with water. c. The product of the ammonolysis of benzoyl chloride is benzamide. d. Esters, acid chlorides, ethers, and amides are all derivatives of carboxylic acids. e. None of these are correct.
d. Esters, acid chlorides, ethers, and amides are all derivatives of carboxylic acids. is FALSE (amides are NOT)
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Acute treatment of migraines: 1. (_) 2. Migraine specific abortive treatment- (_) 3. (_) Alkaloids and derivatives 4. (_) combinations
Analgesics/NSAIDs Triptans Ergot Opioid
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Botox A vs B are clostridium purified protein derivatives that cause temporary paralysis of striated muscle by inhibiting Ach release: Mechanism of Action
BTX A light chain cleaves SNAP25, BTX B light chain cleaves synaptoBrevin
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ergasterol synthesis ihibitorsazole derivatives
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Carbohydrates are defined as derivatives of
polyhydroxyaldehydes or polyhydroxyketones.
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Leaving ability of carboxylic acid derivatives
X- (from acid halide) > RCOO- (from anhydride) > RO- (from ester) > R2N- (from amide)
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Currency derivatives are used by MNCs to?
1) speculate on future exchange rate movements 2) hedge exposure to exchange rate risk
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Reactivity of Carboxylic acid derivatives?
• The better the leaving group Z, the more reactive RCOZ is in nucleophilic acyl substitution.
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What is the purpose of making derivatives of unknowns?
The derivatives are created to help further identify the compound by determining the melting point of a solid. Since it is hard to determine the boiling point of a small amount of liquid, it is easier to determine the melting point of a solid. This is helpful when you are trying to determine the identity of multiple compounds that are producing the same positive tests and have similar melting points. Turning them into a derivative makes them different than other regular compounds (derivative MP is different than regular MP).
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