Terrorism The Social Evil Essay Example
Terrorism The Social Evil Essay Example

Terrorism The Social Evil Essay Example

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  • Published: September 27, 2017
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Terrorism has become a global phenomenon in recent times, but attacking innocent people strategically or tactically does not benefit the terrorists. This leads ordinary people to develop hatred towards them and they are ready to denounce them once it is safe. As a result, terrorism becomes a social evil.

Unless funded by external powers interested in destabilizing the targeted country and unconcerned about their stated cause, terrorist acts do little to help achieve political goals. Governments supporting terrorism in neighboring countries expecting similar outcomes as Vietnam are mistaken.

Terrorist groups often attempt to justify their attacks on innocent individuals and destruction by claiming patriotism and sovereignty. However, there is ongoing debate on how these justifications should be perceived. What some may consider as revolution is viewed as senseless by others.

Acts of terrorism such as recent bomb blasts in Delhi that involv


e killing, injuring, and kidnapping innocent individuals are simply apparent crimes according to the United Nations' position which includes gun violence, destruction of places of worship, and bomb blasts. The purpose behind these killings seems to be instilling fear and instability within the local governmentAssam, Jammu & Kashmir, and other cities in the northern region have experienced numerous deaths due to gunshots and bombings. Terrorism can be categorized into two main types: political terrorism, which aims to create panic and fear on a large scale for political gain and power; and criminal terrorism, which involves activities like kidnapping and hijackings for significant ransom amounts. Terrorist organizations often provide training and guidance on weapons to these terrorists.

The terrorists operating in Punjab received all necessary training, weapons, and material support from a neighboring country. Similarly, all terrorist groups active

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in Jammu & Kashmir receive comprehensive assistance from an adjacent nation. These acts of terrorism consistently pose a threat to our country's unity and integrity.

To address this problem, authorities have implemented the Anti-Terrorist Act which imposes severe penalties for terrorist acts. It also includes provisions to punish individuals involved in disruptive activities that could harm our country's sovereignty or territorial integrity. Under this law, it is now illegal to exploit religious sites for political gain or provide shelter to anti-social elements while promoting communalism.

To avoid capture and punishment, terrorists frequently change their tactics. They may even resort to suicide or being killed by fellow associates to prevent revealing information to the authorities.However, it is insufficient for law enforcement agencies alone to have complete control over acts of terrorism. To combat this societal issue, dialogue and cooperation should be prioritized over confrontation. The United Nations General Assembly has approved an International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings, condemning any actions that induce public panic regardless of political, religious, cultural, or ideological motivations. In order to effectively address terrorism in India, it would be advantageous to categorize its causes and develop a corresponding plan. It has been observed that acts of terrorism are not driven by goals but rather seek revenge against those responsible for causing suffering. Therefore, a balanced approach is necessary as confrontational measures will not solve our country's problem. It is crucial for passionate and young individuals inclined towards terrorism to participate in decision-making processes without unjust treatment towards anyone. Leaders should serve as examples of honesty and integrity by ensuring transparent actions that inspire confidence in all involved parties. Our entire educational

system must be reformed and optimized to fully harness the potential of young people for positive purposes so they are not enticed by violence as a way of life, which ultimately leads to their demise.

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