Surah 55 and its interpretation Essay Example
Surah 55 and its interpretation Essay Example

Surah 55 and its interpretation Essay Example

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  • Published: April 1, 2022
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The Surah 55 is a pivotal part of the Quran which explores the notion of free will and its implications for humanity and jinn. It highlights Allah's role as the creator of both entities, granting them the ability to exercise their own choices and follow through with actions. Moreover, this Surah serves as a testament to Allah's unparalleled capabilities that surpass human understanding. It underscores the importance of obedience in obtaining blessings from Allah, while warning about harsh consequences on earth for those who disobey.

The significance of this divine book in shaping the character of Muslims and encouraging righteousness while discouraging sin is emphasized due to the consequences Allah imposes on such actions. This analysis focuses on the importance of the message in Surah 55, as well as the literary devices used to convey it, which contradict the perceptions of Western so


cieties regarding Islamic religion and doctrines. Literary devices, such as structures used by writers, enhance the clarity and effectiveness of the conveyed message. The use of stylistic literary devices allows readers to understand, interpret, and analyze the information conveyed in a suitable manner.

Surah 55 utilizes different literary devices to enhance its message. The first type of device focuses on literary elements such as mood, theme, moral narrative structure, and setting. The writer establishes a professional tone and portrays Allah with authority. The moral teachings are effectively conveyed to guide the reader in understanding religious requirements. The second type of device is the use of literary techniques to enhance comprehension. These include rhetorical questions, similes, and allegory. For example, verses 5-9 employ allegory to illustrate the adherence of the sun, moon, stars, and trees to

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their designated roles in worship.

The text highlights the importance of maintaining balance and equity. It emphasizes the creation of man from clay and jinn from fire. It also poses rhetorical questions to challenge any denial of the miracles performed by their Lord. The book uses similes, comparing ships to mountains in the sea. Its poetic writing style, along with a musical rhythm, attracts readers and amplifies the significance of the discussed issues. The verses exhibit a rhythmic pattern in the pronunciation of their last words, further showcasing the book's poetic qualities.

The Quran frequently uses the phrase "your Lord's powers will you deny?" in its concluding verses, creating a rhythmic and poetic effect. This emphasizes the contrast between prevailing Western views of Islam and the reality presented in Surah. Media outlets in Western nations have played a leading role in portraying Islam as a violent faith, inciting its adherents to seek vengeance and perpetrate acts of violence against other religions such as Christianity.

The Western media's depiction of Muslim believers as terrorists has caused Islam and its teachings to be seen negatively. Consequently, many Christians perceive Islam as an unconventional religion that permits its followers to kill without consequence. Nevertheless, Surah's doctrine presents a contrasting view from Western nations, emphasizing individuals' freedom to choose their actions while also highlighting that Allah will ultimately hold them accountable for any injustices or sins committed against others.

The book emphasizes the importance of Allah, who is the Supreme Being and Creator of heaven and earth. It states that Allah will judge people based on their disobedience and punish them on judgment day. This message presents a religion that is fair, where

God does not tolerate sins, injustices, and disobedience. The Surah serves as a vital source for understanding the basic principles of Islam and how these principles promote unity and peace in the world rather than conflict and loss of human life, which is often depicted by the western media. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals to read and comprehend the Quran in order to acknowledge the significant role of Islam similar to Christianity and other religions.

It is crucial to differentiate between the motivations of terrorist groups and Islamic teachings. The western media frequently associates these terrorist groups with Islamic doctrine, implying that their acts of injustice and violence stem from Islamic teachings. Nonetheless, the book of Surah disproves this notion and instead demonstrates that individuals bear personal responsibility for their actions and will face judgment accordingly. The theme of power emerges prominently in Surah.

In the text, the writer highlights the spiritual strength of Allah as the creator of the universe and the provider of life to humanity. The author emphasizes the importance for individuals to honor, love, and obey Allah and His power as the sole deity that people should worship. Additionally, the text showcases Allah's authority over humanity and His role in judging those who defy Him based on their transgressions. This issue serves as evidence of Allah's power.

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