Importance Of Educationpsychology Essay Example
Importance Of Educationpsychology Essay Example

Importance Of Educationpsychology Essay Example

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  • Published: April 21, 2017
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Education is an invaluable treasure that cannot be stolen, and a delightful pleasure that cannot be owned. It is the most valuable wealth one can acquire in this world and an essential necessity in the modern society. Education is a wealth that brings contentment and safeguards individuals from ruin. Esteemed teachers, judges, and beloved sisters, I greet you with the blessings of Allah. Today, I will address the significance of education. Its importance is undeniable.

Education is essential for holistic human development as it involves harnessing one's abilities to their maximum potential. Without education, the mind remains unrefined and lacking. The significance of education stems from two primary reasons: firstly, it empowers individuals to think critically and make well-informed choices; secondly, it enables people to acquire knowledge from their surroundings. This is precisely why Allah and h


is messenger have commanded Muslims to actively pursue knowledge.

Islam stresses the significance of knowledge and education, as evidenced by the repeated mention of 'ilm' (meaning knowledge) in the holy Qur'an. The initial revelation of the Qur'an, 'Iqra' (which means READ), directs Prophet Muhammad (SAL) and his followers to engage in reading, writing, understanding, sharing, and spreading knowledge through any available means. Seeking beneficial knowledge is seen as a form of worship that brings one closer to Allah. In Sura Fatir 28, Allah emphasizes the importance of knowledge by stating that among His servants, those who fear Him are those who possess knowledge. It is our responsibility to incorporate Islamic education into various fields of study by establishing a strong foundation in the teachings of the Qur'an and other subjects related to Islam. According to our Prophet Muhammad (SAW), anyone who

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seeks knowledge follows a path that leads them nearer to Allah.

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