Literary Devices in Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

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In Hell we imagine it to be agonizing. horrid. and filled with hurting and agony. In the narrative. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. it exhaustively explains what Hell would be like. Literary devices are used to stress how hideous Hell would be for evildoers. and it scares you into being a Christian.

The first literary device used is personification. An illustration from the text of personification is. “Justice bends the pointer at your bosom. ” This is demoing if you don’t worship God and invariably wickedness. God will direct you to Hell where you belong. This scares me and should set fear into everybody who wants to travel to Heaven.

The following manner the writer uses literary devices in the narrative is imagery. An illustration of imagination is. “The Satan is waiting for them. Hell is panting for them. the fires gather and blink about them. ” This illustration creates an image in my caput of standing over Hell and looking down at the anguished. firing psyche. It makes me desire to be a better Christian and to convert others to be Christians excessively.

The last manner the writer uses literary devices is by similes. “His wrath towards you burns like fire. ” This makes me believe about how angry God becomes whenever we sin. It drills into my head about how severely His hate and letdown towards sin truly are. and how He will penalize you if you do non inquire for forgiveness.

As you can see. the writer describes Hell as a really atrocious topographic point and is non a topographic point you want to happen yourself. He used literary devices in the narrative to stress how hideous Hell would be for evildoers through personification. imagination. and similes. This is a important reminder to me of my religion and encourages me to state others about Christianity.

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