Subway Descriptive Essay

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Can I make you some sandwiches? Clyde was walking around town one day with his friends. They were all extremely hungry. Then Nick suggested he knew the perfect place to fill the rumbling stomachs. Subway! This restaurant pleases all of its customers because of its delicious selections, nutritious menu, and excellent staff. It is extremely satisfying. Because of its delectable choices, this eatery fulfills their clients’ wants and needs. With all of the subs they have you can choose any topping, meat, or sauce you want.

You can have a choice of 11 types of bread including ciabatta bread, hearty Italian bread, honey oat bread, Italian bread, Italian herbs and cheese bread, wheat bread, Monterey cheddar bread, parmesan/oregano bread, roasted garlic bread, sourdough bread, and wraps. Any of these breads can be toasted except the wrap. There are a very wide variety of meats you can choose from also. Meatballs, bologna, turkey, ham, roast beef, tuna, steak, and prime rib are only some of their choices I wasn’t able to find all of them. They serve soup as well. There are 15 different kinds of soups, but only some of them are served at certain times.

Mostly vegetable beef and chicken noodle are

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served. Because of its tasty choices, this deli serves their clients well. With their nourishing menu this bistro executes their buyers’ choices. They post all of their sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, breads, and sauces calories and nutritional information in their restaurant and on their website. Every subway 6″ sandwich is only 6 grams of fat. But it depends on what type of toppings you choose. Most sandwiches range from 200 to 350 calories. Soups 100 to 400. And breads 100 to 300. Remember it all depends on what toppings you choose.

With their nutritious menu this public place knows exactly what their purchaser wants, a good healthy meal. This local hotspot puts out its best staff for the customers. The service they give us is equal no matter what or who you are. But the best thing about the service is that it has to be the finest staff of all the way they greet, and listen to what you have to say. Their kindness is like no other restaurant you will ever go to. They treat you like they’ve known you your whole life. And over all of this they keep the restaurant superb for the customers.

They organize all the food neatly and clean the tables, floors, and bathrooms. To serve the clientele this cafeteria gives its first class employees. Subway is enjoyable for everyone. Because of its delectable choices, nourishing menu and quality workers it fills all of their clients’ empty stomachs. Clyde said, “That is an excellent idea Nick! ” All of Clyde’s friends including Nick headed to subway. When they were finished there their stomachs were stuffed! What a great plan to go to there for lunch. We all had a great time and were no longer hungry. We are all very satisfied with that terrific meal.

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