Strategic Marketing

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The marketing strategy involves various factors in it in which some of them are the most important factors and some are not, but the every segment in marketing strategy, it needs the concentration fully the market strategy which is the planning for the marketing of the product. The formation of market strategy is only possible after getting the knowledge of what are the objectives and goals of the company. After the evaluation of these goals, it will be possible to manage the over all strategy for the marketing of different products.

The hotel marketing involves the big strategic planning before going towards the marketing this includes not use the marketing strategy as like the other organizations it is the strategic planning depending on the objectives of the organization. If the market is very attractive, the need for that strategic planning by which the organization can produce much more and the different products from others to attract much of the customers is dependent on the strength of the organization.

If the organization is not that strong to produce more, then it will be impossible for the organization to survive in the markets, then the strategic planning should include the changes in the organization before any planning for the future. (Wearing 2006 143-59) The strategy can be made for the cist affectivity for the profit making for launching of the new product in to the market and for the advertising of the product in which the strategic planners used various channels to inform the consumers about different products.

However, the marketing of products deals with the strategic planning for advertising of the products. In the hotel marketing procedures, these strategic planning’s are done with the help of different channels to provide the information’s to customers. It is very hard to task to launch the hotel and then to make people aware of all those facilities which are available in it. The distributing of the product also needs some of the strategic planning for the product to meet the future requirements.

This strategic planning which is related with the distribution is decision on the sale of the products in the market. The strategic planning for any product also includes some of the economic factors in it also to make the strategy that is the changes in the market due to the changes in export and import. The policy implication by government some of the natural changes, changes in trends and changes in consumers behaviours all are very important to make the strategic planning for the future. (Lovelock 2006 141-63)

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