Social Class Is Form Of Social Stratification Sociology

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Social category is a signifier of societal stratification which impacts on peoples ‘ lives either negatively or positively. It refers to wealth, instruction degree, business and prestigiousness of a peculiar group of people. Factors which are inter-connected include the gender, gender, race and abilities ( McDowell et al. , 2013 ) . It is of import that societal category be understood in the context from which it originates, chiefly due to factors which occur inter-connectedly as mentioned above. There are many constructs associating to societal stratification, but for the intent of this essay I will concentrate chiefly on Karl Marx ‘s struggle theory, supplemented by Max Webber ‘s functionalist political orientation. Similarly factors such as instruction and employment will be cardinal in this essay. I believe that the acquisition of cognition and prestigiousness via employment plays an of import function in specifying an person ‘s life style and subsequently their life opportunities.


It must be noted that most of the research done by Karl Marx was based on westernized capitalist societies and it is chiefly due to this fact that his construct of struggle theory exists in an economic kingdom or context ( Lenski, 2008 ) . Marx demarcated category of people in footings of either lower, in-between or upper category. In ‘Manifesto of the Communist Party ‘ Marx refers to low-class societies as the labor and the upper-class as the middle class. The labor are a category of people who do manual labor which requires no specific accomplishment, or merely set, they are the working ( blue-collar ) subdivision of society. The middle class employ the on the job category society in order to increase their capital ( Mohandesi, 2013 ) . It is interesting to observe that the place an single finds himself or herself relative to the above class, impacts on their life opportunities and therefore their societal category. Harmonizing to Max Weber ( Davidson, 2009 ) societal category and a individual ‘s life opportunities are mutualist. In this sense, the higher an person is positioned in the societal hierarchy ( category ) the better his or her life will be ; the opposite occurs for those who are in a poorer place. Factors include going wealthier, increasing one ‘s prestigiousness, the acquisition of cognition and the betterment of an person ‘s living conditions. These are known as societal promotions or betterments.

Harmonizing to a research survey by Jean Anyon ( 1980 ) educational chances immensely improved as the socio-economic conditions of a peculiar societal group increased. Anyon ( 1980 ) in ‘Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work ‘ found that schools were organised in a mode which reflects the societal category of the households. Her consequences were derived from five schools which were broken down into working-class, middle-class, flush professional and executive elite schools. Furthermore Anyon ( 1980 ) concludes that accomplishments and cognition which moves toward societal power or prestigiousness are gettable to kids from higher societal groups but are unaccessible to the working category which are offered a practical course of study. This survey shows that the course of study grooms kids to make full an employment function suited to their societal category or better put, so that the more ambitious professions are occupied by the most skilled and gifted persons. In this sense, lower category schools educated persons in a mode which requires them to follow orders instead than utilize their ain enterprise and apprehension of the work. The accent on individuality additions as the societal category of the school additions. In my experience I concur with what Anyon has found because there exists legion types of schools or establishments runing from proficient to managerial and professional. Examples are the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town College and The University of the Western Cape. Marx besides suggests that establishments are used to suppress the subsidiaries of a society, this statement coupled with Anyon ‘s research, displays a instead atrocious image. Institutionally people are being transformed and socialized, from a immature age, to follow the beds of strata found in society.

Education finally leads to employment which in bend culminates in the acquisition of wealth or material belongings. Harmonizing to Max Weber, the ownership of physical assets, which is obtained by agencies of production, creates alone features in footings of the person ‘s life opportunities ( Shortell, 2012 ) . Furthermore, Weber believes that the ownership of belongings is cardinal to category differences and in this instance at that place will ever be a relationship between employee and employer or belongings tenant and belongings proprietor. In our modernised capitalist society empowered by neoliberalism, accent is placed on the acquisition of wealth thereby stratifying society into upper-class rich and the low-class hapless dwellers. In this sense one can better one ‘s societal category by increasing wealth and besides the ownership of property-making this an unfastened societal system ( opposed to the system of bondage ) . Employment is hence an chance to accomplish wealth and addition position, nevertheless, inequalities occur whereby a staff of life baker ( regardless of his accomplishment ) has less opportunities to better his conditions than the proprietor of the bakeshop. Functionalists ( Marxism ) would reason that economic disparity benefits the bulk of society and is besides an indispensable component for the operation of society as a whole ( Lenski, 2008 ) .


In my sentiment, I see employment as the 2nd stage in a three stage procedure in visible radiation of an person ‘s life opportunities. The first stage being instruction and the last being a successful concern proprietor or CEO. As mentioned above, the degree of instruction provided to persons varies harmonizing to their socio-economic standing. This is the Southern Cross of my statement chiefly due to the mode in which establishments shape society in readying for their pre-planned hereafter i.e. external forces of which they have no control over. A false consciousness therefore exists in the unfastened capitalist society whereby the labor is made to believe that they have equal chances to better their life opportunities, when in existent fact their original societal category serves as a key which merely opens a limited figure of room accesss to success. Those who are endowed with a higher societal category are granted limitless chances to all elements of success, prestigiousness, wealth, cognition and finally advantages to break their life ‘s opportunities.

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