The Factors that Affect Health Status Essay Example
The Factors that Affect Health Status Essay Example

The Factors that Affect Health Status Essay Example

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  • Published: September 4, 2017
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Forms of sick wellness in the UK are monitored through the usage of statistics. The UK National Statistic administration is responsible for bring forthing these statistics in order to exemplify and place forms of sick wellness within the UK. Government statistical sections play a critical function in placing and supervising forms of sick wellness in the UK. of which include:

  • The Department of Health
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • NHS Information Centre for
  • Health and Social Care

Statisticss can be collected from records such as birth certifications. the decease registry and hospital admittances records. Records can be used for farther analysis in order to derive more specific information. for illustration the weight of a new-born babe. or the ground an person was admitted into infirmary. The authorities has made


the usage of holding these records available a legal demand so that the statistics may be available when they are required. Statisticss can be collected through the usage of studies. i. e. the national nose count of which is held every 10 old ages in the UK by the authorities. The national nose count study has been in topographic point since 1801 and takes into history each person within a family. It is able to supply an lineation of the UK which enables us to compare geographical countries. However statistics are non ever accurate for what they represent. as there will ever be information on unwellness which may non be reported therefore the statistics can merely supply a general thought on what wellness in England is really similar.

Forms of sick wellness can besides be identified through other agencies. such as utilizing studies ; one such illustration includes the

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Black Report which took topographic point back in 1980. and discovered that there were gross inequalities in wellness during that clip period. The Black Report illustrated that the decease rate of work forces in the lowest societal category was two times higher than that of the decease rate of work forces in the highest societal category ; therefore the spread in inequality was increasing instead than diminishing as it was expected to make so.

At present there are an extended sum of assorted forms of sick wellness within the UK today. Patterns of sick wellness can change depending on their geographical locations in England.

Acheson Report ( 1998 ) – The Acheson Report was an independent survey commissioned by the new Labour authorities in 1997. under the deliberation of former Chief Medical Officer for England and Wales Sir Donald Acheson in respect to the province of wellness inequalities in the UK. It was a comprehensive study about those in society who were described as being at a disadvantage. The findings provided by Acheson mirrored the old findings in the Black Report back in 1980 which stated that the chief cause of the inequalities to wellness was poorness. The study concluded that in order to better the wellness of the state the spread between the higher and lower categories in society in the UK needed to be reduced.

Our Healthy State ( 1999 ) – Our Healthy Nation was an action program established to undertake hapless wellness within the UK by puting come-at-able marks in countries where peoples wellness is at most hazard of which include malignant neoplastic disease. coronary bosom disease. shot. accidents and mental unwellness. Our Healthy

Nation believe that societal. economic and environmental factors are what leads to hapless wellness. and that by doing healthier picks to non merely their wellness but their families’ wellness. they would do a immense difference. They believed that people can better their ain wellness through physical activity. better diet and halting smoke. but in order to make so. persons and their households need to be decently informed about the hazards they taken when doing their determinations.

Health inequality is seen throughout the UK and affects the most disadvantaged who suffer the most from hapless wellness. By the authorities turn toing inequality with a scope of enterprises sing to instruction. public assistance to work. lodging. vicinities. conveyance and the environment would thereby better the overall quality of wellness. Equally good as undertaking of import issues in respects to sexual wellness. drugs. intoxicant. nutrient safety. catching diseases etc.

Undertaking Health Inequalities: a Programme for Action ( 2003 ) – A Programme for Action sets out marks in order to undertake heath inequalities in the UK and is used in order to set up the foundations that are required in order to cut down the spread in infant mortality across the societal groups. and to raise life anticipation in the most deprived countries in the UK. The programme is besides used to turn to the short-run effects of evitable wellness in the UK every bit good as its long term causes. Its chief precedence is to turn to the inequalities which are found across different geographical countries. between genders and different cultural communities along with different societal and economic groups.

Undertaking wellness inequalities on a local degree have already improved due

to the aid of front-line practicians that were working in tandem with community groups and non-government administrations.

Choosing Health: Making healthy picks easier ( 2004 ) – The White Paper Choosing Health: doing healthier picks easier lays out the government’s program of action in order to set about a assortment of public wellness challenges which range from smoking. fleshiness. imbibing to mental and sexual wellness. For illustration labelling the sum of fat. sugar and salt there is in nutrient in order to broaden the public’s consciousness on how it affects their wellness and the impact it has on their lives. This has made a significant impact due to the sum of media coverage it has gotten in the yesteryear. ( P4 ) ( M2 ) : Explain the chief factors impacting current forms of wellness in the UK.

There are a assortment of factors that affect current forms and tendencies of sick wellness in the UK. as each factor has a important impact on an individual’s wellness. These factors include: Socio-economic. Education. Residing in a rural country. Pollution. Sexuality. genetic sciences. Culture and Diet.

  • Factor
  • Consequence
  • Socio-economic

Social category – Social category is a term defined by an individual’s position within the societal hierarchy of today’s society. A person’s position within the hierarchy depends on how much wealth the person has. and how successful they are. The most normally recognised of the societal categories within the UK are the lower category. in-between category. and upper category. An individual’s geographical location ( where they come from and/or unrecorded in ) is a conducive factor as to where they are placed in the societal hierarchy.

The spread between the upper category

and lower category in the UK is really slender due to the fact that most of the persons populating in the UK autumn into the class of the in-between category. In today’s society nevertheless. there are still marks of inequality ; this can be shown through utilizing statistics to demo that persons born in a lower category country are more likely to hold worse wellness chances than those born in an upper category geographical country.

Persons born into a lower societal category are more likely to confront more jobs in footings of their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life than those born into a less disadvantaged geographical location. The twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours jobs make it extremely hard for persons to remain healthy due to the fact that they may hold really small income or adequate clip in order to feed themselves and their family’s healthy repasts. In some instances people in the lower societal category may non hold adequate money to let them to take clip off work or off caring for their household in order to utilize the health care services made available to them every bit efficaciously as they could. compared to those who live in a richer geographical country. Peoples who live in poorer countries are more likely to endure from mental wellness unwellnesss due to depression than those in the upper category due to the sum of corruption they face on a day-to-day footing. for illustration unemployment.

Housing – ‘There is a correlativity between hapless lodging and sick wellness and old efforts to turn to the state of affairs of hapless lodging that causes sick wellness have failed. For illustration persons

who suffer from sick wellness and live in hapless quality lodging due to low income. The highest hazards to an single include: cold. moistness and moldy conditions. The first survey was conducted in 1986 by a adult male named Martin et Al. in an country of North Edinburgh in which the occupant were concerned about the moistness and its effects on their wellness. Through all the informations collected. there was no clear grounds that suggested that the moistness was doing wellness jobs.

A separate survey was undertaken by the Council of Environmental Health Officers and besides found that there was no significant difference between those populating in moist lodging. compared to those populating in non-damp places. However faulty lodging was associated with sick wellness among kids. It was 85 % more likely for kids in moistness lodging to see achings. strivings. nervousnesss. diarrhea. concerns and respiratory jobs over the class of two months. compared to the 60 % of kids shacking in non-damp lodging. Children in places that had seeable molds had higher rates of purging. and sore pharynxs.

Evidence for grownups populating in moist lodging had unquestionably assorted consequences. nevertheless several surveies have been able to associate moistness and mold to symptoms similar to that which were experienced by the kids. The prevalence of unwellness additions with the degrees of moistness in the places.

Another illustration of hapless lodging includes the degrees of overcrowding and life in high rise flats in association with assorted psychological conditions such as depression. although there are other outside influences such as societal and economic influences which can add to the abrasion of the individual’s mental wellness. The rates of anxiousness and

depression are bit by bit increasing due to the figure of lodging jobs.


The better educated the person. the more likely they are to hold better wellness and cognition on wellness. and this includes:

The person would be more knowing about the wellness attention services available to them ; therefore it would increase their likeliness of being able to utilize them more expeditiously. There is a greater opportunity of holding a well-paid occupation. if the person is better educated. of which increases their opportunities of a better quality of life – thereby bettering their mental wellness. Overall betterment of wellness due to their improved quality of life. as they are able to afford healthier nutrient taking to populating a healthier life style. The person would be more informed on what is considered healthier to do/eat and what is non. This cognition would let them to do more informed determinations on feeding. the ingestion of intoxicant. smoke coffin nails and exerting in general.

Residing in a Rural Area

Populating in a rural country has its virtues and its mistakes for an person in respects to their mental and physical wellness. Rural countries are the complete antonym to urban countries. the instance being that rural countries do non hold as many edifices but alternatively consist largely of big countries of land otherwise known as the countryside. Populating in a rural country can hold a positive impact on an individual’s wellness. this includes:

Degrees of pollution are well lower compared to urban countries such as towns. which are much denser with pollutants for illustration autos and planes. Those who live in rural countries are less likely to develop take a breathing troubles. of

which is one such illustration. The unfastened infinites in rural countries provides those shacking at that place uplifting positions. this would hold a positive consequence on their mental wellness. These unfastened infinites are besides able to supply a good topographic point for exercising. Persons are less likely to go a victim of an assault compared to those populating in urban country where it is well more populated. due to the fact there are far less people populating in a rural country.

Negative effects on an individual’s wellness include:

Persons populating in rural countries are more likely to stop up experiencing isolated due to the fact that there is a smaller figure of people populating at that place. in this instance it can impact their mental wellness which may take to decease by self-destruction. It can be hard to entree wellness attention services for those who live in rural countries as they may populate excessively far off from any infirmaries and GP surgeries. In add-on health care services may hold to go for a long period of clip in in order to make those who live in rural country because of the distance they must go. This can take to an addition in decease rates caused by accidents. There is a higher hazard of route traffic hits in rural countries opposed to those in urban countries.

Road traffic hits which occur in a rural country compared to that of an urban country. are more likely to take to a human death as the velocity bound in rural countries are significantly higher than in urban countries. Collisions occur more often in rural countries as public conveyance is non every bit

good as it could be. therefore leads more people to imbibe and drive because they can non take the coach or a train. This is another ground as to why route traffic hits have a higher mortality rate in rural countries. due to the sum of people who travel in a individual vehicle due to the deficiency of public conveyance.


Pollution occurs when the environment is harmed by pollutants in the signifiers of gas. liquid. visible radiation and sound.

Gas pollutants:

Toxins released from coffin nails and airplanes Liquid pollutants:

Toxic waste or pesticides used by husbandmans to increase harvest growing. Light/Sound pollutants: Street visible radiations and vehicles

Pollution has a negative impact on the environment and in bend can hold a harmful consequence on an individual’s physical wellness. The badness of the injury to a person’s wellness can depend on sum of exposure they have had. and much injury the pollutants can do. Some persons can be more sensitive to pollution than others. such as babes. pregnant adult females. the aged and people with wellness jobs.

Low degrees of pollution can do minor effects to an individual’s physical status. such as annoyance to the eyes and pharynx. However even low concentrations of pollution can hold a permanent consequence on a person’s wellness if they are exposed to it on a regular footing. Pregnant adult females how have been exposed to uninterrupted low concentration of pollution have a greater hazard of their kid being born with asthma.

Exposure to high concentration degrees of pollution on a short term footing can turn out highly detrimental and in some instances can even be fatal. In London in 1952. the great “Smog Disaster” caused a

sum of four 1000 people to decease over the class of a few yearss due to the high concentration of pollution.

Populating in a large metropolis where there is a batch of noise and light pollution can hold damaging consequence to an individual’s mental wellness. and can take them to going depressed.


A person’s gender defines what gender they are and what their sexual orientation is. What sexuality an person is can non merely impact their physical wellness but besides have a important impact on their mental wellness every bit good. Physically being sexually active whether they are homosexual or heterosexual does hold its hazards. of which include STD’s. HIV and unwanted gestations.

However mentally being homosexual can turn out hard to come to footings with for some persons due to favoritism and bias homosexual persons receive from society.

The emphasis of coming out to friends and household can be excessively great of a force per unit area for some persons that they end up enduring from depression. However society in England in this twenty-four hours and age. homosexualism is widely accepted. In some instances homosexualism is non ever as recognized and this can be the instance in spiritual households where homosexualism is considered a wickedness. If their gender is non accepted this can take to some persons stoping up homeless and feeling rejected by society. Young gay work forces have the highest rate of self-destruction due to experiencing rejected from society.


Cystic Fibrosis – Cystic Fibrosis is a familial upset that is caused by a recessionary allelomorph. Both parents need to be transporting the recessionary allelomorph in order for the kid to be born with the upset. There is

a 1 in 4 opportunity of the kid being born with Cystic Fibrosis if a twosome with allele decide to a babe. Cystic Fibrosis affects the internal variety meats of the organic structure choke offing them up with mucous secretion. which can do it difficult for the person to take a breath. Cystic Fibrosis is a progressive upset with no current remedy. and an individual’s mean life anticipation with the disease is 31. There are steps in topographic point in order to assist the person to remain healthy for every bit long as possible. despite the fact that there is no remedy at present. Treatments include a healthy diet. exerting. physical therapy and medical specialty intervention.

The consequence of the mucous secretion choke offing up the lungs. the person can happen that it is hard to take a breath and eat decently and this can hold an impact on how they live and go about their daily life. Cystic Fibrosis is a major factor which can impact the forms and tendencies of sick wellness in the UK. In the hereafter it is expected that over 2 million people in the UK will transport the cistron.

Thalassemia- Is a group of familial upsets where portion of the blood otherwise known as hemoglobin is unnatural. This means that the ruddy blood cells that are affected are unable to work decently. this can do anemia.

In thalassaemia the production of hemoglobin is unnatural. of which can take to anaemia due to the decrease of O being carried around the organic structure. The symptoms include experiencing tired. breathless. drowsy and swoon.

If thalassaemia is left untreated. it can do a assortment of complications

of which include: organ harm. restricted growing. liver disease. bosom failure and decease.

Thalassemia is a status inherited from your parents. nevertheless there is now known ground as to what causes the familial mutants of which are associated with thalassaemia.

Thalassemia can be diagnosed through a series of blood trials and Deoxyribonucleic acid trials in order to find the type of thalassaemia. Pregnant adult females for illustration have a everyday check-up to look to see if they have an inherited upset such as reaping hook cell anemia.

Treatments for the upset can include bone marrow grafts and cord blood organ transplants. However the processs can do a assortment of complications and are non suited for everyone.


Culture is a term by and large used to depict a person’s ethnicity. diet and faith. Culture comes manus in manus with regulations and traditions which are enforced by the household. of which can act upon an individual’s wellness. In some instances civilization can impact an individual’s wellness. as if the person has been taught that blood transfusions are incorrect and that they should non accept a blood transfusion even at the cost of their ain life so they are more likely to lodge to that belief and dice when it could hold been prevented. Once once more mentioning back to homosexualism and how it can take to the person being rejected by their household. However civilization can turn out good to an individual’s wellness. for illustration those who follow a traditional Nipponese diet are the most likely to populate the longest out of all other national diets due to how healthy the diet is. The Nipponese diet is largely comprised of fish.

rice and veggies.

These illustrations indicate merely how much civilization can impact the forms of sick wellness. as they show merely how much civilization can be damaging and good to an individual’s wellness mentally and physically.


Diet is a major lending factor impacting wellness today. Poor diet can take to type 2 diabetes. coronary bosom disease. malnutrition. fleshiness. malignant neoplastic disease. high blood force per unit area and shots. Obesity is non merely a concern in the UK but is besides a concern throughout the universe. The World Health Organisation ( WHO ) predicts that 2. 3 billion fleshy grownups in the universe by 2015 and that over 700 million of them will be corpulent. Large groups of adolescents ( largely females ) who suffer from eating upsets which can take them to enduring from malnutrition.

How factors are likely to act upon current and future wellness forms of wellness in the UK. For illustration how factors such as an individual’s diet can impact current forms of wellness such as life anticipation.

  • Factor
  • Influence
  • Socio-economic

Social category is a cardinal influence of life anticipation. The higher the individual’s societal position. the wealthier means the better overall quality of life they have. Individual’s with a better quality of life are more likely to populate longer than those with a poorer quality of life. due to the fact that they are more likely to eat healthier and are less likely to vulnerable and go a victim of offense and be more mentally stable than those of a lower societal category. as their lives are non as nerve-racking therefore they have lupus erythematosuss to worry approximately.

For illustration the statement that males which

are born into a puting where their quality of life is of a good criterion due to the fact that their parents are professionals compared to persons born into a household where their quality of life is non every bit good as their parents are non as skilled. This theory can be backed up through the usage of statistics from 2007:

However the spread between the societal categories should get down to go smaller in the hereafter. as it has been making throughout the old ages due to the fact that equality has improved exponentially in the UK.


An person is more likely to be successful in life and hold a good calling and quality of life instead than making unskilled manual labor if they are good educated. Compared to those who are non good educated therefore are less likely to be successful in life and are more likely to acquire ill paid occupations. taking to a lower quality of life of which can hold a important to their wellness as they will be unable to afford to eat as healthily compared to those in well-paid occupations.

This claim that professionals are more likely to populate longer compared to unskilled manual workers can be backed up through the usage of statistics antecedently used in societal category:

National Statistics – “Males in the professional category had a life anticipation at birth of 80. 0. compared with 72. 7 old ages for those in the manual unskilled class” .

Residing in a Rural Area

Populating in a rural country can hold an overall negative influence on an individual’s wellness due to the fact that it is extremely hard to entree wellness services. along

with increased hazard of route traffic hits are much more common and in most instances prove to be fatal. These effects can act upon the life anticipation of persons born in rural countries in a negative manner.

Through the usage of the National Statistics study. the mean life anticipation for persons who live in London is 2 old ages higher than for those shacking in a rural country. However the same statistics besides province that the life anticipation in rural countries is on the addition and will go on to make so in the hereafter. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ons. gov. uk/ons/dcp171778_238743. pdf


Pollution can impact forms of life anticipation due to the fact that it can increase the opportunities of the single development jobs and breather upsets. for illustration asthma. During 2009 the NHS reported that a survey which was conducted in the USA had found that persons populating in contaminated countries are expected to populate 10 months less than those who lived in non-polluted countries. like the countryside for illustration as the air is cleaner. World Wide Web. New Hampshire. uk/ news/2009/01January/Pages/Pollutionandlifeexpectancy. aspx


As antecedently stated. Cystic Fibrosis is a progressive upset which at nowadays has no remedy and an individual’s mean life anticipation with the upset is 31. this can impact the forms of wellness as an estimated 7. 500 people have the upset and 2 million people carry the cistron. Although there may be no remedy there are interventions and new interventions are invariably being researched and the current interventions continually improved. Due to the huge betterment in interventions and the research of other interventions the life anticipation for those with Cystic Fibrosis is

likely to go on to lift. as it has been making over the last few old ages. Harmonizing to World Wide Web. disabled-world. com the life anticipation for persons who had the upset back in the 1980’s was merely 14 old ages old. This illustrates how much the life anticipation rate for person with the upset has improved vastly.


Due to the different traditions and beliefs of different persons. people may populate longer than others due to their wellness life styles because that is the manner they believe they should populate. Cultural groups come under the subject of civilization and across the UK there are differences in equality based on a person’s ethnicity.

Since the Black Report was foremost published. the spread that was between the white British population and the cultural minorities has decreased dramatically. nevertheless there are still un-equalities between the groups. White British people are expected to populate around 2 old ages longer than those in the cultural minority harmonizing to statistics taken from the authorities. The statistics province that on mean white British people are expected to populate to 77. 7 old ages of age compared to people in the cultural minority. who on norm are expected to populate to 75. 5 old ages of age. World Wide Web. Lancashire. gov. United Kingdom


It is good known that a healthy diet can increase a person’s lifetime. This can be backed up from mass media ( intelligence studies ) saying the positive facets of healthy feeding and the negative effects of an unhealthy diet. In one such study it states how a good healthy diet can increase an individual’s lifetime and cut down the hazards

of developing malignant neoplastic disease. cardiovascular disease. diabetes etc. World Wide Web. livestrong. com/article/479611-organic-diet-life-expectancy

By eating unhealthy nutrients on a regular footing for a long period of clip. the person is more likely to go corpulent. Obesity is a slayer and is presently on the rise. Fleshiness can do arthritis. diabetes. malignant neoplastic disease. coronary bosom disease and high blood force per unit area. 60. 8 % of grownups within the UK are estimated to be fleshy harmonizing to the study by the BBC. and that the job of fleshiness is on the rise and in 15 old ages it could impact 75 % of the population in the UK. World Wide Web. bbc. co. uk/health/physical_health/conditions/obesity. shtml

Over the class of the last 50 old ages in the UK the authorities ( England. Wales. Northern Ireland and Scotland ) have made a great attempt in order to better the overall wellness of the general population in the UK. This has been achieved through the usage of doing the general population more cognizant of the dangers to their wellness and what they are along with they can make in order to better it. thereby doing better informed determinations in respects to their wellness when it comes to things such as diet. route safety ( driving ) . exercising. smoke and instruction.

The greatest influence that the authorities has had on the population in general on forms of wellness over the last 50 old ages has been to increase the consciousness on the negative effects smoking can hold on a person’s wellness. The sick effects of smoking were originally discovered in 1961 and from that point onwards the authorities have

worked continuously in order to halt people from smoking in order to forestall persons from deceasing. The first authorities enterprise was put into topographic point in 1971 which led to industries holding to expose on their packaging compulsory anti-smoking adverts. such as “smoking kills” . This new enterprise made a important impact on raising people’s consciousness in the UK about the detrimental effects smoking can do to their wellness.

Ads advancing smoke were officially band in 2002 through the usage of another authorities enterprise ; known as “The Tobacco Advertising and Smoking Bill 2001” Smoking has dropped significantly since 1948 which is proof plenty that the authorities enterprises have had a positive impact on
forms of wellness and sick wellness in the UK.

The authorities have been runing to do driving safer in the UK. Driving under the influence of intoxicant increases the opportunity of an single holding a route accident. The authorities has taken steps to forestall state of affairss like this from happening by let go ofing wellness runs in order to undertake drink drivers over the past twosome of old ages in order to diminish the rates of route traffic hits in the UK or to even forestall them wholly. However the authorities have non merely been trying to raise consciousness about the effects of drink drive but besides seting in topographic point stricter steps for wrongdoers so that people are deterred even more from driving whilst they are under the influence of intoxicant.

At present the maximal punishment for being caught imbibing and drive is a? 5000 mulct. a prohibition on the individual’s driving license and 6 months imprisonment. If the single causes a route

hit whilst they are under the influence of intoxicant and do a human death. they can be sentenced to a upper limit of 14 old ages in prison. Apart from the enterprises in topographic point to forestall imbibing and drive. there have been other authorities enterprises used in order to halt people from utilizing their phones when they are driving. to have on their seat belt whilst they are driving and to forestall route fury by raising consciousness.

In the twenty-first century fleshiness within the UK was get downing to go a major concern. after the issue of smoke had been dealt with. In order to acquire a grip on the turning job of fleshiness. the premier curate at the clip released a new piece of statute law otherwise known as “Choosing Health: Making healthy picks easier” . This piece of statute law was designed with the intent to actuate people. better emotional wellbeing and to do healthy picks easier for persons to do in the UK. By doing a healthier state the authorities aimed to forestall persons from going corpulent and in bend developing other assorted wellness jobs as consequence. of which include type 2diabetes and coronary bosom disease. However it is excessively early to state whether this piece of statute law has had any existent positive impact on the forms of wellness and tendencies of wellness in the UK. On the other manus. this statute law has sparked other wellness runs to organize from other authorities administrations such as the NHS.

A future wellness run is being set up targeted at the bar of accidents particularly in the workplace. The run is being released to

undertake accidents that are presently a top cause of sick wellness and decease in the UK. The run is taking to raise consciousness. so that persons may take safeguards and actions to forestall accidents from happening. such as faux pass. trips and falls.

In decision I believe that the authorities has had a positive influence on the province of the population’s wellness in the UK thanks to their usage of enterprises such as new statute law and wellness runs. The government’s most positive influences on forms of wellness in the UK have been on smoke. drive and fleshiness. However I believe that the authorities needs to concentrate more on the current intoxicant epidemic presently distributing across the UK. of which at present the authorities has non truly done much about. Hospital admittances due to alcohol hold cost the NHS one million millions. and if something is non done about it the admittances could be bing? 3. 7 billion by 2015 harmonizing to the BBC. Besides the rise in hospital admittances. deceases due to alcohol related liver disease has besides been on the rise. I think that the authorities should concentrate more on intoxicant runs before the issue with intoxicant becomes a major job.


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