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The security study at National Defense Solutions was conducted on May 14. 2009 by Tarquin Shipman who was retained by Devry University for this intent. Information set Forth in this study was obtained Michelle Castro. Executive Vice President & A ; Chief Financial Officer. and from Terrence Graham. Facility Manager. and from personal observations from Tarquin Shipman during the review of this installation. This study is intended as a elaborate audit of all the stages of the National Defense Solutions operations every bit good as a reappraisal and rating of those countries and activities most vulnerable to theft or safety hazard.

Neither the National Defense Solutions organisation nor the author of this study is in a place to measure the unity of the employees of the Devry Center and this study does non try to make so. Drumhead National Defense Solutions is in the concern of taking what is given and coming up with the best solution to heighten the characteristics and protect its assets. National Defense Solution besides specializes in crisis state of affairss in assisting to integrate planning and preparing persons for the worst scenario.

From eventuality to crisis direction to physical security systems. National Defense stands in the top 10 for its effectivity in assisting organisations decrease the hazard of offense. resile back from natural catastrophes. and taking the best security system. In today’s society. most of the offense is either committed from within or by persons non being to the full cognizant. National Defense Solutions offers updated scenarios based on security hazard and why we should be cognizant at its web site which can be located at World Wide Web. nationaldefensesolutions. com and snaping on consciousness.

There are scenarios for CEO’s. directors. little concern proprietors. and place proprietors looking to acquire information on the best low-cost and effectual ways of protecting assets. Details General Information The Devry Center is located on a four acre secret plan of land in downtown New York City. It is a 30-story corporate tower tower block. which includes 1. 250 belowground parking garage infinites and a rooftop garden. Construction of the edifice was completed in December of 2008. and 27 of the 30 floors are occupied by renters. Presently. there are 1. 800 renters in the edifice. which has a maximal capacity of 2. 000.

The centre is surrounded by little concern and local stores that accommodate the renters that live in the country. With all the concern in the country. it is get downing to go more of a hazard because the more concern the more a offense is likely to go on. When the edifice was under building. there were inquiries about whether or non fencing was appropriate. but it was ne’er included due to the hazard of diminishing natural surveillance. As the Numberss start to increase. it is good to do certain that edifice policy is available to all the renters and that they are cognizant of the regulations and ordinances.

The doors to the edifice remain unbarred leting anyone to come in into the chief anteroom. Tenants are invariably in and out because of the local shops and stores in the country. The first three floors of the edifice is used by the staff that works in the edifice to include janitors. receptionist. and security guards on responsibility. There is a break room and extra anteroom or dayroom for the staff to use during interruptions or tiffins to avoid the hazards of go forthing the country for long periods of clip.

Physical Security Security Guards are at that place 24/7 finishing wandering and patrols every hr and sometimes every 45 proceedingss. They change up their wandering patrols to maintain from being excessively everyday because felons can foretell when they want to expect a offense if the same modus operandi is being given. Security guards have their ain office on the 2nd floor where they can supervise CCTV’s and complete studies. During the twenty-four hours between 9am and 6pm. receptionists are available Monday through Saturday. The receptionists are off on Sunday so the security guards are present at the forepart desk.

There are six guards contracted to this installation. so there is no overstrained of responsibilities handed down to one individual. Two guards are ever on responsibility at the same clip so that whenever one is at the forepart desk. the other is in the control room/office supervising the CCTV cameras. As the security director. I can state that the physical security function is taking its rightful topographic point. This is really of import to hold because with a edifice like this there will be computing machines with of import information that is really unsafe in the incorrect custodies.

The physical security is non merely supervising for unusual activity. but doing certain that the assets belonging in the edifice remain in its topographic point. Besides in the event of a natural catastrophe. the centre is equipped with backup power to maintain computing machines systems. and alarms systems active. During natural catastrophe is when most offenses are committed because plunderers are ever prowling looking for something of value to take for them. When the edifice was constructed the CPTED. offense bar through environmental design method was taken into consideration and that is plus.

Good lighting is one of the most effectual offense hindrances. When used decently. light discourages condemnable activity. enhances natural surveillance chances. and reduces fear. The type and measure of visible radiation required will change from application to application. but the end remains the same in all instances. To the grade possible. a changeless degree of light supplying moderately good visibleness should be maintained at dark. The absolute degree of visible radiation. provided it meets minimal criterions. is less critical than the evenness of the visible radiation.

Bright musca volitanss and shadows should be avoided. Highly vulnerable countries and those that could hide a possible aggressor should be illuminated more brilliantly than countries designed for normal activity. The object is to illume up the felon without foregrounding the victim. ( Gardner. 1981 ) Alarm System There is an alarm systems installed and the security guards merely activate after midnight because the lone entryway that is allowed after midnight is the forepart. The doors on each side are locked and single dismaies that are attached to each side are armed and every effectual.

After midnight the two side doors are merely used as exigency issues and during the twenty-four hours it is still merely used by renters of the edifice because there is a four figure pin required to derive entree that is merely given to renters in an active rental. Emergency issue marks are present and can be clearly seen by anyone in the edifice. Closed Circuit Television ( CCTV ) The edifice has sixty closed circuit telecastings and the files are stored on the 2nd where the security guard’s office is located. There are two proctors located on each floor leting a clear position of each side along the halls on each floor.

Now on the exterior at that place four proctors to maintain a ocular in the outside extra parking batch. The belowground parking garage has ten proctors because of the sum of the infinite that it has to cover. As the security director. I would ever propose doing certain that proctors will ever be effectual because they see what we as worlds failed to acknowledge. The ground for this statement is because supplanting when CCTV’s are available does non diminish the offense rate. A common unfavorable judgment of offense bar steps. including CCTV. surrounds the possible ‘displacement’ consequence.

Crimes seemingly ‘prevented’ may in fact have merely shifted to another topographic point ( geographical supplanting ) or clip ( temporal supplanting ) . Alternatively. the felon may take different methods of perpetrating the same offense ( tactical supplanting ) . choose a different mark ( aim supplanting ) . or commit a different type of offense ( functional supplanting ) . The most normally identified type of supplanting is. nevertheless. geographical supplanting. where the ‘prevented’ offense. is committed elsewhere.

The chief job in mensurating this signifier of supplanting prevarications in placing the country to which the ‘prevented’ offense might hold been displaced. ( Does Closed Circuit Televsion Prevent Crime. 1998 ) Visitors-Visitor Log In my observation of visitants coming to see a renter and needed information. there is a log to maintain path of who is sing. Normally the processs where to page the renter and ask which is more effectual because it saves the visitant walking or merely hanging about if the renter was non at place.

There is a call button for each abode in the edifice behind the forepart desk. which gives easy entree for whoever is on responsibility. Vault/Inventory Controls Merely limited forces are authorized to travel into the vault. The director that is on responsibility during the twenty-four hours is the lone authorized. With the anteroom. there are some accoutrements that can be removed. but with the proctors confronting the anteroom. it is really improbable for person to take a reclining chair. micro-cook. or a couch. The forepart desk clerk is allowed to manage the stock list checklist to guarantee everything is present by the terminal of each displacement.

As I may hold non advert it earlier. but there are two front desk forces available merely one had to finish an stock list checklist or look into the anteroom Shipping/Receiving The shipping/receiving country is located on the first floor in a room that is ever locked. This country is merely for hive awaying excess accoutrements needed for the edifice to suit the renters. Other transporting points include sellers coming to replenish the bite machines and sodium carbonate machines on a hebdomadal footing. Tenants receive their personal bundles at the local station offices because big bundles are non allowed to be left outside the doors.

Packages may be left at the forepart desk with the clerk but it is extremely recommended that renters advised the Jesus if they are expected over-sized bundles to go forth at the post-offices for pick-up subsequently or the following twenty-four hours. Recommendations The security controls of National Defense Solutions are highly thorough and here the recommendations that require immediate attending. As the security director I am proposing that a room purely for tenant’s bundles and package that has been delivered and needs subscribing for is used for this affair.

Packages that are left at the forepart desk should non be recommended at all. These are sensitive points and it is considered good physical security safeguarding these assets. Besides I am proposing that in the close hereafter that more marks are placed to remind persons of the restricted countries. Whether it is a concern. occupants. or shopping shop. it should be in the best involvement to take the necessary safeguards to protect assets to do certain that you have every tool to stay safe.

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