Security Site Survey Essay Example
Security Site Survey Essay Example

Security Site Survey Essay Example

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  • Published: September 6, 2017
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The security study at National Defense Solutions was conducted on May 14, 2009 by Tarquin Shipman, who was hired by Devry University for this purpose. The information for the study was obtained from Michelle Castro, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Terrence Graham, Facility Manager, and personal observations made by Tarquin Shipman during the review of the installation.

This study aims to provide a detailed audit of all stages of National Defense Solutions' operations and evaluate areas susceptible to theft or safety hazards. The study does not assess the integrity of Devry Center employees.

In summary, National Defense Solutions specializes in utilizing available resources to develop solutions that enhance features and protect assets.They also excel in crisis situations by assisting individuals with planning and preparation for worst-case scenarios. Their expertise ranges from contingency planning to crisis man


agement and physical security systems. As a result, they are ranked in the top 10 for their effectiveness in helping organizations reduce crime risk, recover from natural disasters, and implement optimal security systems.

In today's society, most offenses are committed internally or by individuals who lack full awareness. National Defense Solutions provides updated security risk scenarios and emphasizes the importance of being aware. You can find more information about them at website provides cost-effective and efficient methods for safeguarding assets for CEOs, directors, small business owners, and homeowners. Situated in downtown New York City on a four-acre tract of land is the Devry Center. This corporate tower boasts 30 stories and was finished in December 2008. It also features an underground parking facility with a capacity of 1,250 spaces and a rooftop garden. At present, 27 out of the total

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30 floors are leased to accommodate its 1,800 tenants (with a maximum capacity of 2,000). Surrounding the center are local stores that cater to the needs of its tenants; however, as more businesses emerge in the vicinity, crime risks escalate too. During construction discussions concerning the inclusion of fencing were raised but ultimately disregarded to prevent impeding natural surveillance. With an increasing number of tenants comes heightened safety concerns. Ensuring all tenants have access to building policies while keeping them informed about rules and regulations is vital. The main entrance doors remain unlocked to allow unrestricted entry into the main lobby area. The presence of nearby shops leads to frequent tenant turnover. The first three floors house staff members such as janitors, receptionists, and security guards who remain on duty throughout their shifts.They have access to a break room and another lobby during breaks or meals to minimize their need to leave the premises for extended periods.
The physical security of the building is maintained by security guards who conduct regular patrols every hour or every 45 minutes. The purpose of varying patrol routines is to prevent criminals from predicting when crimes may occur. These security guards have their own office on the second floor where they monitor CCTV cameras and complete reports.

Receptionists are available Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm, but on Sundays when they are off duty, security guards take over the front desk responsibilities. There are six contracted guards at this facility, and their responsibilities are evenly distributed among them. At all times, two guards are present - one at the front desk and another overseeing CCTV cameras in the control room.


the security director, I can confirm that proper implementation of physical security measures is being carried out. This is crucial because there are computers with sensitive information in the building that could pose a danger if accessed by unauthorized individuals. Physical security not only monitors for unusual activity but also ensures that the building's assets remain securely in place.

Moreover, in case of a natural disaster, backup power is available at the center to maintain functionality of computer systems and alarm systems. It should be noted that during natural disasters, crime rates tend to increase as criminals take advantage of chaotic situations. When constructing this building, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles were considered, making it a valuable asset.Good lighting is an effective way to deter crime as it discourages criminal activity, enhances natural surveillance opportunities, and reduces fear. The appropriate type and amount of lighting needed will vary depending on the situation; however, the objective remains consistent: maintaining sufficient visibility at night through a consistent level of illumination. While visible radiation levels are important as long as they meet certain standards, evenly distributing light is more significant than having bright spots or shadows. It is crucial to have brighter illumination in areas that are highly vulnerable or potentially conceal attackers compared to areas intended for normal activity. The goal is to illuminate potential criminals without drawing attention to potential victims (Gardner, 1981).

In terms of security measures within the building, an alarm system is installed and security guards only activate it after midnight. After midnight, the front entrance becomes the only allowed entrance while side doors are locked and equipped with individual alarms that are

armed and effective. However, during the day, these side doors can be used for emergencies by building tenants with a four-digit pin. Emergency exit signs are clearly visible within the building.

Regarding CCTV surveillance, there are sixty cameras in the building which record footage stored on the second floor where the security guard's office is located. Each floor has two monitors that provide a clear view along both sides of the hallwaysIn addition, there are four monitors outside to monitor the extra parking lot. The underground parking garage has ten proctors to cover its large area. As the security director, I always ensure that these proctors are effective because they observe things often overlooked by humans. This is crucial since simply replacing CCTV cameras does not reduce crime rates. There may be criticisms suggesting that crimes prevented in one location may occur elsewhere (geographical displacement) or at different times (temporal displacement). Alternatively, criminals may opt for different methods, targets, or types of offenses (tactical, aim, or functional displacement). Geographical displacement is the most commonly identified form in which the prevented offense occurs in a different location. The main challenge lies in determining where this displaced offense might have taken place.

To monitor visitors visiting a tenant and gather necessary information, I have observed the use of a visitor log. Typically, it is preferable to contact the renter and inquire about their preferred option to save visitors from unnecessary walking or waiting if the renter is not at home. Each residence in the building has a call button located behind the front desk for easy access by on-duty personnel. Access to the vault and inventory controls is restricted

to authorized personnel only. The manager on duty during daytime hours holds sole authorizationAlthough some items in the lobby can be removed, it is unlikely that someone would take a recliner, microwave, or sofa due to surveillance monitors facing that area. The front desk clerk can refer to an inventory checklist at each shift's end to ensure everything is present. It should be noted that there are two front desk staff members available; however, only one needs to complete an inventory checklist or check the lobby area.

The shipping/receiving area is located on the first floor in a locked room and serves as storage for additional amenities required by the building's tenants. This space also receives weekly shipments from vendors to restock the snack and soda machines. Personal packages of tenants are received at local post offices since leaving large packages outside their doors is not permitted.

Renters can leave packages with the front desk clerk; however, it is strongly advised that they inform Jesus if expecting oversized packages that need to be picked up from the post office later or the following day.

Recommendations: National Defense Solutions has implemented extensive security measures that require immediate attention. As the security director, I suggest designating a dedicated room for tenants' delivered packages that necessitate signing upon receipt. Leaving packages at the front desk should not be recommended at all because these items are sensitive and must be physically safeguarded.In addition, I suggest the installation of additional signs soon to serve as reminders for individuals regarding restricted areas. Whether it is related to businesses, tenants, or retail stores, it is important for the well-being of all parties involved that necessary

measures are implemented to safeguard assets and maintain safety.

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