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September 11th represents an important day in the history of America; it is the day that terrorism was brought onto the U.

S doorstep resulting to laceration and incarceration of hundreds of Americans. Thousands more were eternally wounded and millions left traumatized. This is a day that saw the invincibility of the United States put to test.That was 2001, but six years down the line, Americans have not fathomed what hit them.

Promises and assurances yapped about leaving “no stone unturned” clichés have all gone under the bridge. The fact is, Americans do not feel any safer than they were during the attack. Public confidence in the ability of the government to guarantee homeland security is waning and will continue to do so until the Chief architect of the 9-1-1 attacks is down and out.This paper seeks to voice and reiterate on concerns being put across by many Americans. Terrorism still remains a key national security issue, so says the polls.

The bombardments in Afghanistan and Iraq or the execution of the Iraq dictator, Saddam Hussein, has not changed this as prior to the attack, opinion polls conducted indicated that Americans did not believe he posed a real threat to home land security.Although recognizing that to tackle terrorism requires decisiveness and resoluteness, it is also prudent that this resoluteness be backed by appropriate policies and fallback plans. This is where the Bush administration has failed.The setting up the Homeland security office was a step in the right direction, but has it lived up to its full expectations? Opinion seems to indicate otherwise.

A cross analysis of the systems, measures and structures erected to safeguard Homeland securities reveals that some of them are not anything near fool proof. This should be the first point of focus. Effort should be geared towards ensuring that all systems are up and alert. Those in the authority should take drill and refresher courses constantly.

It is also important that the public confidence be restored in the existing systems; this is the only way to avoid panic. This can be done through forums, public training and demonstrations meant to indicate to the public that the level of preparedness is high. No effort should be spared in ensuring this.Having secured all the loopholes and instilled confidence in the public, it is important that a new approach be taken to tackle the problem (

This is true. There must be a common reason, thought not justified, why the United States of America is a hot bed for terrorist attack. America should seek to redefine its policies in regard to the various social and religious groups in the world. The policy approach in Middle East should be revisited to lessen the hostility that exists against the United States.

With the above two approaches to security, the administration shall have safeguarded the security situation at house as well as finding a lasting solution to aggression aimed at the United States.A look at law enforcement structures and policies meant to secure Homeland security reveals sometimes a clear disregard to American citizens rights. This is done in the name of national security. Privacy of Americans is threatened as the security enforcers seek to beef up their database.

The fact that security agents can access personal data gathered from the transactions and activities that we engage in is unsettling. It is an infringement of individual’s rights, and yet the perpetrators of terrorism are still out there.Security is not only limited to international terrorism, back home, there are shocking incidences that continue to erode the Americans confidence in the security departments. Gun attacks in the Americans learning institutions is one such incident that sends chills to Americans. In 1999, in Columbine High School,12 students were killed and over 20 others wounded after two of their colleague opened fire killing the students in discriminately. Incidents like these have become increasingly common.

While it is not plausible to enforce strict laws on fire arm ownership and usage, it is important to introduce laws in the learning institutions that categorically outlaw firearm carrying into schools and that allows random searches to be conducted on the students and specifically those suspected of having engaged priorly in violence.A look at the perpetrators of shootings in schools reveals that most of them have a past history of violence. Erick and Dylan from the Columbine massacre had this history. The authority should be more vigilant both in random searches and find the solution to these violent up bursts.Insecurity too has brought into sharp focus the use of private security companies to beef up both securities at home and in the work places. Black water is one such security company that supplies armed security guards not just within America but also outside in foreign lands.

There is a raging controversy over death of its agents in Iraq and is currently facing a massive lawsuits. Exposing its employees to dangerous situation as the bone of contention.Although the rising levels of insecurity in America require equal force to combat them, argument rages over the appropriateness of using private security in retail outlets. Most of the cases of crime in the retail outlets mostly are not large scale but are a greater extent shoplifting with no pronounced cases of fatalities. The training accorded to private security agent, like for example in Black water is meant for combat situations and not for deterrence.

Engaging Black water guards in a retail outlet could aggravate the situation; it is like responding to a mosquito bite with a sledgehammer. These agents will respond the only way they have been trained to do; through gun. In the end it results to innocent fatal Work CitedHoward Zinn, Was it not a solution for terrorism? The Boston Globe. September 2, 2006. Retrieved on 18/10/07 from; http://www. Scahill, Blood is thicker than water. The nation. May 8, 2006.

Retrieved on 18/10/07 from: 

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