Terrorism 1261 words College Essay Example
Terrorism 1261 words College Essay Example

Terrorism 1261 words College Essay Example

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  • Published: March 9, 2019
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International terrorism is one of the leading problems in this world nowadays. The militia of Montana was formed in February of 1994. It is located in noxon Montana. Its major founders are John Trochmann, David Trochmann, and Randy Trochmann. The main mission of this international terrorist group it to maintain the ability to govern its self .and it is also very obligated to keep America free. Really they want to spread the word and influence people to join or at least think like the militia of Montana. They use the internet radio and several other route on the information highway. one of their major ways to gather people is to speak at large gun shows. The militia of Montana is sometimes considered to be on of the most racists terrorist groups today. Today the


y publish taking aim' on a regular basis. Taking aim influences people to own a weapon. They were accused of causing hysteria during the year two thousand celebrations. They also know and study laws and their government. They can reword thing to make them barley legal. This helps them to weave in and out of the law with out getting into major trouble. And some of the reasons the militia of Montana is so large today is because they have a very good speaker and leader. This influenced people to reconcile with the militia. The people In the militia are branded' racist and unlawful. Many people wonder and worry about the militia of Montana and where they are going to go and what they will turn out to be. And if they will attack any in the homeland of the united states

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In my opinion I think that if we don't pay them any attention then they will not get any larger. But I don't want to talk away from the people who enjoy the militia. I respect any thing anyone does and I expect the same from them toward me. The militia of Montana has come a long way and has gained many larges groups of gun owners. Some people might not agree with them. I myself agree with some of what they say. But I do not agree with all of what they say.

The Irish republican army is another international terrorist group that is a problem to some today. They are located in northern Ireland. It was founded in 1919. And basically they have had British rule in their country and they want to get rid of them. The British government was taking Northern Ireland. The Irish republican army got a lot of public support in the 1960's when they decided to cease fire with the British, and decommission their weapons. When the British told them to they refused to do so. They have been in a terrorist campaign with British troops and forces for the past 85 years. They want to remove all British rule from northern Ireland and make the United Irish republic. I think that this international terrorist group is a lot like the militia of Montana. All they are trying to do is keep a sovereign status. Of in other words they like to rule them selves and have their own form o government. I their situation they haw been in a terrorist campaign. Which has resulted in violence for the

past eighty-five years. The problem here I think is that they are going about trying to win over a government by fighting. This is usually not going to win you a government. Another bad thing about this is that when you use terrorists tactics it usually gets people and their families killed. In my opinion I think they should go about in a more non-lethal way. Like send letters to the British ruler and tell him that you want a country of your own. If he refuses to do so then I think you should do something like boycott their government rule. Just do something that wouldn't hurt troops or the people. If you use these tactics I think more people would reconcile with you group and try to help.

One of the most nationally known terrorist is Timothy McVeigh, he was a kid who most people would think to be strange. He dropped out of his extra circular activities in High School and did not have a girlfriend or even date. After being associated with the military for about three and a half years. He then started to sell guns. He was a member of the National rifle association and was very strong about white supremacies. Timothy Mcveigh attacked an Oklahoma city building killing several people inside. He also wrote a letter to the public explaining why he bombed the Oklahoma City Building. He had known a lot of information on how to make bombs and how to use them. All he use in this attack was diesel fuel and ammonium nitrate (a fertilizer people use for there grass). This can cause a very dangerous

explosion even when used in small amounts. Timothy mcveigh was a killer and he harmed innocent people trying to make a statement to the government. When he did he killed people who didn't even know him. I do not think that he was exactly like these other two groups but he did what he did for almost the same reason. He had a problem with his government and this is what he thought the only way to fix it was. But he wasn't looking for freedom he was looking for revenge.

Al-qaida is an international terrorist group found in many countries throughout the world today. Osama bin laden is the main leader of this group. It was established around 1988. Their main objective is to take over any government who isn't of Islamic faith. they use terrorist tactics. Bin Laden has issued three "fatwahs" or religious rulings calling upon Muslims to take up arms against the United States. Bin Laudin has set out to liberate the land from the infidel invader. He knows that Afghans were lacking both infrastructure and man power to fight a protracted conflict, he was out to solve both of these problems at once. The scary thing about Al-Quida is that is all over the world, including the U;S and Europe. Bin Laudin has thousands of volunteers in training in his private boot camps. It is estimated that within a little over a year he had as many as 10,000 fighters receiving training and combat experience. Bin Laudin does not care whom he kills. Tourist, men women and most of all US soldiers have been killed by followers of Bin Laudin. What

a scary thought that someone who comes from basically a third world country could come up with a scheme and enough followers to pull off bombings in the US killing thousands of innocent people. Are world trade centers are a good example of this.

The scary thought about this is that these groups could gather more people than these governments have. This could be the end of peaceful ways to get through to your government. These groups could also diminish. It is kind of like the cold war with Russia you just cant tell what will happen next and where they will strike. These groups need to stop and think of the way they are talking to government and rethink what they should do in the future. The way they are doing this now is killing millions of people. Not only is it the groups fault but I think the government should compromise with the groups before they start killing more people.

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