Romeo and Juliet- Victims of Fate or Choice Essay Example
Romeo and Juliet- Victims of Fate or Choice Essay Example

Romeo and Juliet- Victims of Fate or Choice Essay Example

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  • Published: October 19, 2017
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Romeo and Juliet were nonvictims of destiny: as many people believe. but alternatively were two lovers that made awful picks. When I was a small child ; I frequently times heard the love between a male child and a miss referred to as Romeo and Juliet. I would ever believe to myself that I wanted to be merely like them some twenty-four hours. However as I grew up and read the narrative and was old plenty to construe the events that occurred: I begin to recognize that this narrative wasn’t rather the love narrative that I thought it was; in fact, it was more of a calamity. I besides begin to recognize that the twosome that I one time idolized; was instead foolish. They made a series of bad picks that were unprompted and nongood thought out. Although many people would reason that destiny brought them to their death ; I disagree; as the definition of destiny is the development of events outside a person’s control. regarded as determined by a supernatural power. I believe that many of the determinations that they made were within their control; and that those picks finally were the cause of their ill-timed deceases.

From the really beginning of the drama, Romeo is seen doing really bad picks. he was heartbroken over Rosaline who did not love him back and he decided to go to a ball hosted by the feuding household the Capulet’s- although he was non invited: merely to see her. This was surely an immense hazard because if the


person would hold noticed him under his camouflage it could hold had immense effects. At the ball, he out of the blue meets Juliet. He instantly falls in love with her. In this scene. he acts instead impetuously. He attended the ball claiming to be in love with Rosaline ; nevertheless, by the clip he leaves he is professing his love for Juliet. It is at this point that he inquiries whether or non he even loved Rosaline in the first topographic point saying “Did my bosom love boulder clay now? abjure it. sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty boulder clay this dark. ” ( 1. 5. 53 )

When Juliet and Romeo meet up once more. they make programs to marry. They decide that their love is so strong that they must be destined to be together. Romeo goes right off to seek the advice of Friar Laurence and to inquire him to get married him and Juliet. They did non state their households or anyone else about this. The Friar attempts to warn Romeo to utilize cautiousness in traveling so fast into love with Juliet ; as he reminded him that he was merely in love with Rosaline by saying “Holy Saint Francis. what a alteration is here! Is Rosaline. whom thou didst love so beloved. So shortly forsaken? ( 2. 3. 65-67 ) .

However. with Romeo’s continuity he decided to get married them anyhow. In fact Romeo sneaks off and spends the dark with Juliet for their nuptials dark. The two lovers at this point show that they have similar characte

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traits: Juliet is besides similar to Romeo in that she is unprompted and a hazard taker: She weds Romeo without her parent’s permission ; cognizing that she is to be wed to Paris shortly and she allows Romeo to come up to her sleeping room to pass their nuptials dark: disregarding the danger of perchance being caught by her parents. Romeo encounters a state of affairs in which he finds himself in the center of a battle between his best friend Mercutio and Tybalt. He knows that he can’t fight Tybalt because he is wed to Juliet at this point ; doing the two of them household members. Mercutio and Tybalt begin to contend ; and Romeo stairss in between them to halt it. However. Tybalt stabs Mercutio under Romeo’s arm. Romeo so attacks Tybalt and kills him. Romeo in this scene indicates that he is a victim of destiny by saying “O. I am Fortune’s sap! ” ( 3. 1. 133 ) However. this was no destiny. Romeo was clearly moving out of fury because of his best friend’s decease and made the pick to take the life of Tybalt ; Juliet’s cousin in retaliation.

Juliet upon larning what happened to her hubby instantly rushes to Friar Laurence inquiring for his aid ; take a firm standing she would instead decease than marry Paris. “O. offer me leap. instead than get married Paris. ” ( 4. 1. 77 ) Friar Laurence assisted her by giving her a potion that would do her appear dead for a short clip. “No heat. no breath shall attest thou livest ; The roses in thy lips and cheeks shall melt to wanny ashes. ” ( 4. 1. 98-100 ) He is to acquire the message to Romeo in Mantua. Juliet in the interim makes the pick to follow through with the program. therefore forging her ain decease. Her household is devastated to happen her dead. At this point in the narrative. you can see merely how craft of a character Juliet can be. She has deceived her parents on many times and at this point is even willing to do them great heartache and sorrow to be with Romeo. Romeo off in Mantua ; ne'er got the message about Juliet’s planned decease ; because the Friar that was to present the message was stricken with unwellness for a few yearss. By the clip he learned of her decease he rushed to her side to see if it was true. Upon happening Juliet’s lifeless organic structure ; he made the disconnected determination to kill his ego.

Juliet awakens shortly after to happen Romeo dead and instantly decides to take her life in her ain custodies to be with him. “O happy sticker. / This is thy sheath. ” ( 5. 3. 171 ) and she stabs herself to decease. Indecision; the twosome both make a batch of speedy determinations and have bad judgment. They felt strongly that they were destined to be together and they were willing to travel to any utmost lengths. even decease to be with each other. However. destiny did non play a

portion in this narrative. I genuinely believe if they had made better determinations and non acted impetuously this would non be the tragic love narrative that we all know and love today.