Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley Essay Example
Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley Essay Example

Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley Essay Example

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  • Published: June 20, 2018
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Rob Parson's performance assessment The performance assessment of Rob Parson should be separated into two parts, the external performance and internal performance. It will start by having an evaluation on Rob Parson’s current on job performance. The first part will focus on Rob Parson’s contribution to the company profit this year, which gives an overview of his general performance in fulfill his job requirement in Morgan Stanley. Then for internal , we would like to measure Parson internally that is how Rob Parson acts as a employee in Morgan Stanley including how Parson’s value and performance aligned with the values of Morgan Stanley?

Actually, in term of profit making, Parson has done a great job; he made significant gains in building Morgan Stanley’s reputation and revenues. He has been instrumental in securing first time business with more than ten


clients; ad secured major deals with existing clients and was generating substantial revenues for his desk. He has excellent client relationship which is crucial in the financial world. However, in the process of performing well externally, Rob neglected his duties internally within the organization.

His superiors use words like volatile and abrasive to evaluate him, he breaks every Morgan Stanley rule in the process of gaining business. His colleague always concern about his “lack of team player skills”. These kinds of internal evaluation show that he has difficulties to work with his co-worker and adapt to the culture of Morgan Stanley. As Morgan Stanley’s main objective is to be one firm, these acts clearly violate Morgan Stanley’s mission or vision statement and are extremely countercultural in nature.

Should we promote Rob Parson? Parson does fi

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most of the job description of the managing director position. He has outstanding knowledge in capital markets also strong client relationships which were already show in his excellent performance this year. However, although Rob Parson mostly fits the job description of a managing director, Nasr should not promote him to that position now. It is not appropriate for him to be a leader of the department at this moment.

Because if he become a managing director, he would need to work not only towards his department’s goal , such as increasing the company’s profit and maintaining good client relationships, but also towards the organization’s goals which is defined in company’s vision statement. So Parson is requiring displaying the one firm value and also the company culture in his work. However Parson cannot show that he can fulfill this requirement. As Parson’s co-workers have assessed Parson in the performance appraisal as needing to improve on management and interpersonal skills.

And also the internal evaluation show that he is he has difficulties to adapt company’s culture . He should develop them before being promoted to such a leading position in the company. Apart from the issue we mentioned above, there are some other issue we need to concern regarding to Parson’s promotion . That is would Parson stays in Morgan Stanley, if he is not promoted this year. Because Nasr did implicitly promise Parson’s promotion when he recruited Parson. And it would be a great problem for Parson leaving. As we all know, he has strong client relationship in this financial sector.

We cannot support the loss of client because of his leaving. So If Nasr is

not going to promote Parson this year, he should discuss it with him and help him to make goals to develop his management and interpersonal skills before he is allowed to be promoted in order to keep Parson in Morgan Stanley. Q2 Goal and Action of Paul Nasr in the performance appraisal meeting (if I were Paul Nasr) In the performance appraisal meeting, the first goal of Paul Nasr is to let Parson know that what he should improve in the future, also give advice and help to Parson on how to achieve this kind of change.

Apart of the job performance evaluation, the second goal that Paul Nasr needs to achieve is to talk about Parson’s promotion with Parson and prevent Parson leaving Morgan Stanley which is defiantly a loss of Morgan Stanley. So if I were Nasr, for the first goal I would first go through the feedback from the 360 degree performance appraisal with Rob Parson. After going through both the strength and weakness sated on the feedback, I would give my own assessment to him and talk about his exceptional performance and production.

Next, I would ask Parson how he feels about his job situation and possibly suggest ways in which he can change. In this area, I would like look more closely at his situation (those situation he breaks the rule) . For example, Parson think that in the fast changing business world, it is difficult to make a consensus with his co-worker before he takes action. And I would determine what should be the best action to take when face such situation. Then I would discuss the promotion with

Rob Parson. I would explain

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