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ISA is a manufacturing company that is divided in sections for the sake of performance efficiency.

Although this company has been soaring successfully within the manufacturing industry since the year it was first established, it could not be denied that it is facing a great dilemma on people control today. More likely, the situation is much directed to the ways by which the workforce of the organization is primarily motivated. Most likely, the motivational factor that moves the employees of this particular company is primarily based on personal goals. This then disorganizes them from actually working as one team towards a progressive organization. Of course, having their own personal goals is a normal fact among employees; however, it is also a must to have a single goal that leads the entire team towards a progressive future. The question then is directed upon the possibility of meeting this particular situation and giving it the solution that it needs for the organization to work as a primary source of employee and employer success.

Three Possible Strategies of Managing Diverse Employee EnvironmentIt could be observed through the history of the ISA company that as in comparison with the companies that it is competing with in the manufacturing industry, ISA’s employee environment is composed of much diversity that it handles personal conflicts sourced out from the relationships that are formed between employees within the organization. Each employee wants to serve his own concerns. This means that the body of employees of the said organization is not completely focused in making amends with their personal pursuance and the goals of the organization. Primarily, this is the perfect picture of an organization that is faced with the dilemma of making its employees face a particular future that gives benefits to both the organizational administration as well as with the employees.

The primary procedure of meeting this specific problem is to deal with it in terms of managerial strategies of controlling and motivating the employees’ activities within the organization. There are at least three effective management strategies that could be applied within the situation that ISA Company presently faces. The said forms of management include the action-learning cycle, the learning organization model of management and action-based strategic management procedures. These three major procedures of dealing with the people force of business organizations are indeed expected to help ISA find ways by which the organization could meet the challenges of dealing with human resource motivation and empowerment.·         Action-Learning CycleAction-earning cycle is based upon the procedures of one on one employee interaction. A person is expected to learn from his coworker.

The people around a certain individual certainly affects the way that he deals with the different issues that he has to face in his own life. From this point, action-learning cycle is designed to enhance the capability of the person to relate with others in his own working environment. This would indeed help him realize that like him, others also have their own goals of why they are working within a certain company. As for ISA’s situation, it could be noted that most of the employees only see the company as the source of their finances.

They lack the capability of seeing the business organization as a source of particular achievements that could help both them and their organization be placed in a progressive state that keeps them on the right track that could put them ahead in competition within the industry that they are involved with. (Ursic, 2006)Action-learning cycle is done through the ways by which the employees are able to interact with each other. Learning that they are dealing with people who are just like them, having own aims in life as they are would naturally help the employees realize the importance of putting their efforts together to help each other pull through with the challenges that they had to face in their own lives. Through this particular cycle of learning, employees are expected to act accordingly with the others giving the organization a chance to move on with the business activities as a team and not as diverse individuals motivated in different directions of goals.

Here the diversity of the goals of the employees are used effectively to empower the employees in learning from each other and later on work as one towards a single oriented goal for the whole organization. (Schwaninger, 1999)·         Learning Organization ModelThis particular procedure of managing people is affected by four major elements namely process, organization, IT systems and the measures of IT systems’ effects on the organization. This is a strong procedure of seeing how people perform through the observation of the elemental things that surround them at their work areas. Primarily, the process of the activities that thy are accounted to face everyday aims to put them in the right track of empowering both themselves and the organization in reaching the best possible results for everyone, especially the stakeholders of the organization including themselves. (Zimmer, 2001)Organization on the other hand helps the employees see where they are in the group. The way by which they are practically and effectively positioned within the organization helps them realize their worth in the business.

Particularly, this learning helps hem understand that they play an important role within the company that they are working for. (Zimmer, 2001)IT systems provide them with the satisfaction that they need form work. At some point, prestige and pride helps people realize that they are worth the job that they are intending to deal with in their workplace everyday. The effective use of the IT systems in their positions in the organization helps them feel that they are playing an important role in the progress of the company towards continuous advancement in business stability.

IT systems measurement then refers to the affective use of the innovative systems of technology in assisting the people of the organization realize their importance to the entire group and towards themselves as well. (Zimmer, 2001)Through the effective integration of these four elements, the motivational procedures that are originally being made use to motivate the people could be empowered and strengthened as to how the said procedures impact the individual workers. The four elements of effects in this learning organization model of management certainly points out the importance of helping the employees realize their worth to the organization so as to be able to implement an effective process of dealing with the different conflicts that the employees of the organization face. (Huslett, 2002)·         Action-Based Strategic Management ProcedureThis specific procedure of managing the people force is based upon three basic purposes of application. Primarily, the said purposes are achieving change, learning and building capabilities. The three elements of human resource management integrated together certainly helps the administration determine the limitations as well as the capabilities of their people force in performing the accounted duties upon their shoulders as primary foundations of the organization.

The capability of the management to help the people understand the fact the they are the primary agents of change in the organization would serve as a wake up call to them making them see how large expectations are on them. Learning and building the capabilities of the people would indeed equip the work force with the motivational push that they need to get through with all the challenges of working together as a team towards a specific goal for the organization. (Hwang, 1998)Indeed, among the primary goals of the management team is to help the people force realize that they are of great worth to the organization. The process of helping them realize their capabilities would naturally help them understand of their primary responsibility to the organization.

The procedures though are not certain. The management team is left to decide on which process of dealing with the situation suits the employees best. All the procedures suggested in here is clearly designed to assist everyone in the organization recognize of their duty with regards their ability of working together as a team towards a certain goal. The benefits of this particular application of management strategies should help the organization clarify the goal of the entire company within the minds of their employees.

The benefits certainly include the possibilities of the employees’ ability to fulfill their personal dreams along with their capabilities of helping the whole organization reach their peak time in business, which is expected to continuously progress towards the future. (Schwanginger, 1999).ConclusionManaging people and helping them stay in the right track for progress is never an easy task to complete. Helping diverse people meet at a certain point and work together for a certain goal is indeed a challenging job that is appointed to the management team of each organization in the society.

Business organizations especially need this particular procedure of managing people to be able to stay in competition. The ability of an organization to stand together as one is certainly the key towards the progress of the entire business group. It could not be denied that it should be expected that upon establishing a certain business organization, people who would be making up the company would be coming from different walks of life, having their own goals and own perceptions upon taking over the position that they were given in a certain company. Each one would certainly be focusing on their own goals as a motivating aspect that could help them get through with their daily responsibilities at work.

This may seem as a challenge presented to major management teams that are dealing with the empowerment of the people force. In this case, it is important that the managing team be able to use the odds of the situation for the sake of the organization’s progress in the future. The diversity of the goals of the people could indeed be utilized to assisting the employees realize of their capabilities of working together as they learn from each others’ goals as individuals as well. 

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