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Justification of an evaluation is to make sure and provide solid proof for the positive results generated by the evaluation and to find out is that evaluation correct.

Evaluation is for the assessment of services and justification of an evaluation is done to ensure keeping evaluation on precise lines and maintaining high standards. Justification is simply a proof for an evaluation is done correctly and what will be its outcomes and results. Justification makes evidences to maintain the evaluation standards. Justification gives evidence that evaluation is necessary and defensible.It is based on mandatory and reasonable outcomes.

American Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation (AJCSEE) developed evaluation standards that addressed that conclusions attained from an evaluation must be justified so that stakeholders would assess their reasonability. It justifies the truth value of the outcomes of an evaluation. Different methods are used for justifying. For logic programs, algorithms have been used using tabling method.

Evaluation is justified to show evidence against them in order to validate their effectiveness.Justification is not simply the analysis of data presented nor it is simply evidence but the conclusions are justified only when the outcomes are analyzed and evidences of findings are judged and measured against standards that stakeholders develop. There are certain values of standards that evaluation must comply with, and justification is a method that gives proofs against it. Justification endorse evaluation results as reliable and trustable, hence the stakeholders are more likely to use evaluation for improvement of their programs.

Reliability of subsidy system depends on accurate reporting of gains and losses of financial output and evaluates taxes. Financial information recorded must be correct and truthful. Financial statements must reflect the exact picture of company’s operational activities and financial work. It should be able to compete the international market and reach international standards to attract more foreign investors for up growth of economy.

Evaluation of the complete process once justified becomes reliable and hence can be adoptedPositive transformation of subsidy systems implies changes in practical application of these programs accompanied by modification in theoretical objectives. This will include changes in the objectives, hypothesis, principles, equilibrium equation, components, computation, assets, and calculation. Financial statements if made with proper care and exact recording of transactions will help in evaluating managers’ performance. Transformation of the economy from state control to international economic standard can eliminate considerable problems in its subsidy system and foreign investment.Justification can confirm that the process of evaluation is going in right directions.

Justification can be obtained through OOP. The object oriented programming is the collection of individual objects in computer programs instead of traditional instructions in most cases. The objects are interrelated with each other, receive and send messages and process the data. It gives a reliable and feasible method of programming and is widely used in software engineering.

OOP is much easier to understand and learn and very easy to develop and maintain. It involves, direct analysis, coding, simplification of complex procedures.The object-oriented modeling is developed from many interrelated models, that includes diagrams, Class responsibility collaborator (CRC), documents and prototypes describing it completely or only part of it. The unified modeling language (UML) is used in industry for specifying, visualizing, constructing, documenting, the artifacts of a software.

Many industries are now using applications based on OOP. The object-oriented principals are classes, methods and inheritance. The object-oriented modeling notations and method are supported by CASE tools. The new versions can address Java language as well.These CASE tools can also support relational databases for logical and physical database modeling.

It is more likely that evaluation results will be used for program improvement once the results are justified and comply with standards. It is very useful for long-term operations and short-term evaluations. As pointed out in Economist that though many companies do not seem to make big business mistakes but they incur losses due to several small mistakes. For example, when hypermarkets for Carrefour were compared it was found that it open its outlets at places not suitable for their businesses.In any business conducted the expenditures cost and income generated are two main factors that are regularly assessed to calculate gross profit and increase business prospects.

The overall sales of the month are compared with the previous sales volume, lost orders, expenditures, employee salaries and hours charging to have an estimate of business progression. The essential part is to conduct and promote business in cost-effective manner to increase profitability on every investment. The current indexes of the online retail store shows that it is going in profit with gradual economy improvement.But it still needs further methods to enhance productivity and reduce losses. Seeing current economic situation of a company it is essential to expand sales income and limit the direct cost expenditure to improve the net profit gained. Update the knowledge of market, competitors and the product.

The main essential part is to have high quality service, timely delivery, and promise keeping i. e. , done according to the specifications provided. This is usually achieved with proper justification of evaluation consequences.ReferencesJustifying conclusion

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