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How do I imagine the Philippines years from now? As much as I’d want to see our nation progress and become globally competitive, I have to admit that this is one dream not likely to happen. With the Philippine’s rapidly growing population, the country will never be able to develop to its full potential if the citizens have no jobs, no homes and no food. So why is our country suffering? It is simply because Filipinos, especially in the slum areas, are uneducated and unacquainted with the methods of responsible parenthood and family planning, leading to the rapid increase in the Philippine’s population.A very popular topic in our country today that is usually debated about is the RH Bill or the Reproductive Health Bill. This said bill was supposedly passed to control the growing population of our country to lessen poverty. It aimed to legalize access to contraceptives and age-appropriate reproductive health and sex education, which are highly opposed by the Catholic Church.

We all know that poverty is one of the biggest problems of the Philippines and the usual victims of this intensifying setback are those people who were not able to enjoy the benefits of education.Since they are not well informed, they are also ignorant of the consequences of their actions and so, I, personally, believe that it is time to make a change or else misery and woe will fill our land. Without the Reproductive Health Bill, I can imagine so much more distress among the Filipinos. For sure, the people in the slum areas will continue their old habits of having five, eight, eleven and even fourteen children. Most of them will not be able to provide for the daily needs of each one and hunger will definitely be another daily obstacle.

Aside from food, there will be so many limitations when it comes to space and shelter.Everyone will compete for the best area to live in where there is enough clean water and of course security for the members of the family. Basic human needs will be the biggest concern, next to that will be the health of the people, especially the children. It is vital for a baby to grow and live in a clean and safe environment in fact; it is a very important human right of each person.

But living in an overpopulated area will certainly result to dirty surroundings, polluted sources of water which will supposedly be used for drinking, bathing and washing and of course more infectious communicable diseases.The most common illnesses such as diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia will spread widely and transmit viruses and bacteria, which are extremely dangerous and hazardous. But humans will not be the only casualties; the environment will also be undoubtedly shaken by overpopulation. With a greater volume of people, there will also be a greater demand for resources, which will be taken from our forests. Pollution and contamination of rivers, lakes and seas will definitely occur and so endangering animal and plant species existing in the areas.

So to sum it all up, there will be more negative effects happening to our people and our nation if we don’t do anything about this prevailing problem. We have to consider all the pain that might come to the Filipino people. We have to come up with solutions because if we choose to be stoic and disregard these concerns, there might not be a bright future for our nation. I think it is time for us to allow our government to help out and passing the RH Bill could be the first step in achieving progress and development for our beautiful homeland, the Philippines.

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