Biotechnology in Philippines: Then and Now Essay Example
Biotechnology in Philippines: Then and Now Essay Example

Biotechnology in Philippines: Then and Now Essay Example

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  • Published: December 20, 2016
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Luther Burbank states that our understanding of genetics has advanced to the point where we can manipulate life in an unnatural manner. Therefore, it is important for us to use caution when applying this newfound knowledge. This cautious approach remains relevant today due to significant advancements in biotechnology. It is noteworthy that there are several projects in the Philippines focused on biotechnology development. Biotechnology is utilized in various fields including agriculture, food production, medicine, and engineering.

Filipinos have a strong tradition of practicing traditional biotechnology, which involves the development of well-known items like lambanog, kaingin, Ingrid fancy, and ethnomedicine. As the potential of biotechnology became evident, Filipinos eagerly embraced it and generated inventive creations such as GM Abaca, GM Corn, and dermatology applications using stem cells. The Filipino population has greatly profited from biotechnology, particularly in terms of


improved food production.

The increasing population in the Philippines impacts farmers' food production. Fortunately, the use of biotechnology addresses this issue by enabling the harvesting of more food. Biotechnology is essential in boosting the yield of staple crops and assisting farmers in obtaining larger harvests. Moreover, it plays a role in creating improved food, preserving the environment, and finding cures for diseases. However, utilizing biotechnology also carries risks.

The potential impact of GMO consumption on human health is worrisome because some GMOs are considered safe while others have unknown effects. Furthermore, the ecological risks related to biotechnology are also troublesome. Genetic pollution may arise when genes spread uncontrollably to other populations, potentially disrupting the natural ecological balance. Biotechnology has both positive and negative consequences.

As biotechnology becomes more prominent i

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the Philippines, there is a need to increase public awareness about its nature. It is crucial for the public to be informed about the offerings in this industry since they are consumers. This issue is complex and requires individuals to have knowledge so they can form their own opinions on it. Additionally, lawmakers should establish clear regulations and policies that are essential for protecting public health and safety, promoting international and local trade, preserving natural resources, and addressing ethical concerns.

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