Remember The Titans Test Questions

Flashcard maker : Linda Lynch
people get treated differently because of the color of their skin or other differences
Coach Boone
Coach Boone
African American coach who replaced the white coach on the Titans
Coach Yoast
assistant coach who has to choose between the hall of fame and doing what is right
Remember The Titans
story about a football team that learns to work together
school was combining black and white students for the first time after a Supreme court case
T. C. Williams High
T. C. Williams High
high school the team played for
football team
team members became this after they learned to work together
winning the tournaments made the Titans
good grades
team members have to get these to stay on the team
Gerry Bertier
captain of the team
gets in a car accident and is paralyzed
Attitude reflects leadership
one of the lessons that we learn from the movie
Coach Yoast’s daughter, Sheryl
tells people what is right and she treats everyone the same
Louie Lastic
player who accepted everyone

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