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World History Chapter 26 Terms – Flashcards
15 Sep 2020 Flashcards

suffrage the right to vote Chartist movement in 19th-century Britain, members of the working class demanded reforms in Parliament and in elections, including suffrage for all men. Queen Victoria British Queen, under whose rule the British empire reached the height of its wealth and power, forced to accept a new, virtually powerless role after the […]

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Chapter 20 Persuasive Essay – Flashcards
14 Sep 2020 Flashcards

The nurse is teaching a community health class about health promotion techniques. Which statement by a student indicates a strategy to help prevent the development of osteoarthritis? I will keep my BMI under 24 The nurse is teaching a client who has osteoarthritis ways to slow progression of the disease. Which statement indicates that the […]

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US History Review EOC 3 – Flashcards
13 Sep 2020 Flashcards

Agricultural surplus One of two components, together with social stratification, that enables the formation of cities; agricultural production in excess of that which the producer needs for his or her own sustenance and that of his or her family and which is then sold for consumption by others. Business Monopolies control all of that thing […]

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IB History: WW1 Causes – Flashcards
12 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question Long Term Causes (LTC) answer Bismarck’s Web of Alliances, New Course and Weltpolitik, Imperialism, The Alliance System, The Naval Race, The situation in Balkans question Bismarck’s Web of Alliances (LTC) answer -The Three Emperor’s League; Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary (1873) – To keep France isolated. -The Dual Alliance; Austia-Hungary, Russia (1879) – To limit […]

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APush Strive for a 5 – Flashcards
07 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question American Indian culture had a different view of land ownership than did Europeans in that they thought. answer They owned the use of the land but not the land itself. question American Indian cultures answer Established trade networks and communication over relatively large areas. question Which of the following is true about American Indian […]

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AF (chapters 1-4) – Flashcards
06 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question who owns manor farm? answer mr. jones question what problem does he have? answer alcoholic question who is old major? answer the pig leader question why does old major assemble the animals? answer he wanted to share his dream question list the ideals outlined by old major that should occur after the rebellion answer […]

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AP World History Period 4 Key Concepts – Flashcards
04 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question • Manchus answer The Manchu were a Chinese people who were linked to the Ming, Jin, and Qing dynasties. They ruled over China until 1911, when they were overthrown and a republic was created. During their reign, the Chinese suffered severely. question • Mughals answer An empire that dominated much of the Indian subcontinent […]

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Flashcards on Western Civ Chapter 5
02 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question After imposed retirement from Roman politics, Cicero took up writing answer philosophical treatises. question Among the dangerous military innovations of Marius threatening the Republic was his answer Recruitment of destitute volunteers who swore an oath of allegiance only to him. question As Rome expanded, it became Roman policy to govern the provinces with officials […]

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Flashcards and Answers – Chapter 18 U.S. History
01 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question Queen Liliuokalahi answer Hawaii Queen, surrendered to US because new America wanted to claim it. Was heir while Hawaii was a monarchy. Said famous line \”Hawaii is for Hawaiians\” just like Pres. Monroe said \”America is for Americans\” question Imperialism answer policy when stronger nations extend their economic, political, or military control over weaker […]

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Management Ch. 2 – Flashcards
31 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Peter Drucker: answer -Creator and inventor of modern management. 1. Workers should be treated as assets 2. The corporation could be considered a human community 3. There is “no business without a customer” 4. Institutionalized management practices were preferable to charismatic, cult leaders. *Decentralization, management by objectives, and knowledge workers. question Evidence-based management: answer […]

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AP World History Unit 2 Vocab – Flashcards
28 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Dynasty answer A sequence of rulers from the same family question Mandate of Heaven answer The directive that was supposedly enforced by the gods that let Chinese rulers rule question Bureaucracy answer The body of officials and administrators of a government question Civil Service Exam answer An exam that was required in order to […]

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Russian Revolution – Flashcards
23 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Which slogan is associated with the Bolshevik (Russian) Revolution? answer “Peace, Land, and bread!” question Which leader led the Russians in a second revolution (1917), Promised “peace, land, and bread.”, established the New Economic Policy (NEP) answer Vladimir I. Lenin question The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia was caused in part by answer […]

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HIT Chapter 3 check your understandings – Flashcards
19 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Which 2 major types of data are contained in the health record? answer Administrative & clinical question Which of the following terms refers to state or county regulations that healthcare facilities must meet to be permitted to provide care? answer Licensure question Which of the following would NOT be found in a medical history? […]

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US History 1 Final Exam Review Questions – Flashcards
18 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Approximately how many African Americans served in the Union Army? answer 180,000 question In what years did the American Revolution take place? answer 1765-1783 question What was the significance of the Battle of Bull Run? answer Began the Civil War question Following the Civil War, how did southerners prevent African Americans from voting? answer […]

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History of Rock and Roll Chapters 1 and 2 – Flashcards
18 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Which city played the most important role in the development of R&B? answer Chicago question Who was the first star of the swing era? answer Benny Goodman question Elvis Presley’s appearance at the Grand Ole Opry was deemed a success? answer False question HE was the first major rock guitarist to use the Fender […]

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AP World History Ch. 26-28 – Flashcards
17 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Songhay answer successor state to Mali; dominated middle reaches of Niger valley; formed as independent kingdom under a Berber dynasty; capital at Gao; reached imperial status under Sunni Ali question Ghana answer First known kingdom in sub-Saharan West Africa between the sixth and thirteenth centuries C.E. Also the modern West African country once known […]

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AP World History Chapter 19 Study Guide – Flashcards
16 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question encomienda answer grants of Indian laborers made to Spanish conquerors & settlers in Mesoamerica & South America; basis for earliest forms of coerced labor in Spanish colonies question audiencia answer royal court of appeals established in Spanish colonies of New World; there were 10 in each viceroyalty; part of colonial administrative system; staffed by […]

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Chapter 30 Quiz – Flashcards
15 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question U.S. military halted Japanese advances at the Battles of answer Coral Sea and Midway question The Battle of Midway demonstrated the decisive role of answer Aircraft carriers question The Revenue Act of 1942 answer Greatly increased the number of income taxpayers question Wartime rationing included answer Sugar, coffee, and gasoline question During the World […]

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ap world history period 3 600-1450 – Flashcards
13 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Sufism answer school of esoteric philosophy in Islam, which is based on the pursuit of spiritual truth as a definite goal to attain. In modern language it might also be referred to as Islamic spirituality or Islamic mysticism. question Acculturation answer the obtainment of culture by an individual or a group of people question […]

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vocab ch 14 syn/ant – Flashcards
08 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question an INSIPID view of history answer jejune question the OVERBLOWN rhetoric of the politician answer turgid question ENTREAT the captain on behalf of her son answer supplicate question a MEANDERING, complicated plot answer tortuous question a DIDACTIC way of addressing the group answer sententious question too NAIVE to perceive trickery answer credulous question a […]

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AP World History Unit 5 Vocab – Flashcards
07 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Astrolabe answer instrument used to determine latitude by measuring the position of the stars question Bartolomeu dias answer Portuguese explorer who in 1488 led the first expedition to sail around the southern tip of Africa from the Atlantic and sight the Indian Ocean. question Circumnavigation answer Traveling around the globe. question Columbian exchange answer […]

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History Test I-Quiz Questions – Flashcards
05 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Jamestown was ensured by? answer Tobacco Cultivation question Which of the following statements best characterize the Jamestown colony in 1607? answer Many of the settlers were gentleman and adventurers question The first three years of Jamestown history witnessed? answer Terrible hardships and sufferings question Unlike Virgina, Maryland was established as? answer Religious sanctuary for […]

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