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American Indian culture had a different view of land ownership than did Europeans in that they thought.
They owned the use of the land but not the land itself.
American Indian cultures
Established trade networks and communication over relatively large areas.
Which of the following is true about American Indian cultures prior to contact with Europeans?
They were engaged in frequent conflicts with other American Indian groups.
The primary positive benefit of the Colombian Exchange was
The exchange of food products between Europe and the Western Hemisphere
The primary negative consequence of the Colombian exchange was the exchange of
Epidemic diseases introduced from Europe into the Americas
Prior to European contact, North American Indians were
Distinct societies with different economies and lifestyles
As the Spanish explored North America prior to 1600, they discovered
Little of interest to keep them pushing north to Canada
The above act was part of a British attempt to
enforce an economic system that believed colonies existed for the good of the mother country
Acts such as the one above encouraged
the growth of shipbuilding industry in New England
Which of the following is NOT true of the series of English acts that regulated trade during the seventeenth century?
They sparked frequent violent rebellions
Which of the following is best reflected by the above passage?
Some colonists were beginning to feel a sense of identy
The above passage indicates that the New England colonies
The commitment of British troops to protect the New England colonists
Which of the following best represents a reason for the development of the New England colonies as expressed by the Earl Sandwich?
British preoccupation with internal and European affairs
Founders of Rhode Island supported the above provision of the charter primarily because they
had experienced intolerance of dissenting views
Provisions such as those in the Rhode Island charter would ultimately encourage movement toward which of the following principles in colonial America?
seperation of church and state
Which of the following colonies would be most similar to Rhode Island in granting religious freedom during the 1600s?
The system described above was primarily initiated to
Provide an adequate labor force to make the land profitable
As a result of the system eluded to above
a majority of English people emigrating to Virginia came as indentured servants prior to 1650
Becasue no such system was established in New England
the average size of landholdings was smaller in New Englad that in the Chesapeake

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