Management Ch. 2

the need for biological maintenance (food, water) is referred to as a ________ need according to maslow
maslows theory is dependent on 2 principles:
deficit and progression principle
fayols 5 duties of management
three branches of the classical approach to management
scientific management
administrative principles
bureaucratic organization
fayols principle that everyone should receive orders from one manager is called the
unity of command principle
an advantage of the bureaucratic system
flexibility in the face of shifting customer and client needs
companies that have want to be classified as “world class organizations” have__________ which says they have conformance with international quality stds
ISO certification
a system is defined as open because it
interacts with its environment and transforms inputs into outputs
mgmt duty of ______ refers to providing and mobilizing resources to implement the plan
what criteria is used to determine a good scientific method
data is rigorously gathered, analyzed and interpreted
evidence based management
does not use “dangerous half truths” as evidence

makes decisions on hard evidence that is fact based and works

from a contingency perspective, a bureaucracy works best when
the operations are predictable and uncomplicated
linear programming
best way to allocate production among different machines
queuing theory
figuring out the best way to organize staff and machinery to shorten the waiting time on lines of customers
mathematical forecasting
making projections based on rates and numbers to predict future production
managers holding assumptions of Theory X and Y
create self fulfilling prophecies
when a manager is encouraging towards employees and encourages them to take initiative and excel in their field, employees will most likely
take initiatives
need for security protection and stability
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