Western Civ Chapter 5

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After imposed retirement from Roman politics, Cicero took up writing
philosophical treatises.
Among the dangerous military innovations of Marius threatening the Republic was his
Recruitment of destitute volunteers who swore an oath of allegiance only to him.
As Rome expanded, it became Roman policy to govern the provinces with officials known as
proconsuls and propraetors.
For the Romans, Italy’s geography
made Rome a natural crossroads and an area easy to defend.
In Roman household cults, Janus was
the spirit of the doorway.
In Rome, the male family head could
arrange the marriages of all offspring.
sell his children.
divorce his wife.
put his children to death.
In their struggle with the patricians, Roman plebeians employed which of the following tactics:
assassination of political opponents
the formation of popular assemblies to lobby for more political reforms
It can best be said that Roman imperial expansion was
highly opportunistic, responding to unanticipated military threats and possibilities for glory.
Roman legend identifies twin brothers Romulus and Remus as the founders of Rome.
Roman traditionally associated the rape of Lucretia and its alleged consequences with
the establishment of the era of the Republic.
the model of Roman womanhood and virtue.
the end of Rome’s control by monarchs.
the end of the Etruscan domination of Rome.
Sulla’s legacy and importance was that he
employed his personal army in political disputes, paving the way toward Roman civil war.
The head of the Roman religious observances was
the pontifex maximus.
The Latin alphabet was a modification of the Etruscan alphabet.
The main achievement of the Hortensian law in Roman constitutional history was its
ruling that all plebiscita passed by the plebeian assembly had the force of law and were binding even upon the patricians.
The people to the north of Rome who apparently ruled Rome for a century and heavily influenced Roman urban culture were the
The Roman senator who led the movement for the complete destruction of Carthage was
Which of the following statements about marriage best captures the realities for Roman women by the first century B.C.E.?
They remained legally the property of their fathers.
Which of the following statements best applies to Roman education:
The wealthy classes wanted training in Greek and mastery of rhetoric, or persuasive public speaking, for their children.
The Etruscan alphabet was derived from the

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