Reliability of Newspapers

They had tendency to hide facts or exaggerate things, and then sent It back to the editors. Therefore, those stories are always covering up some facts that, consequently, cast biases to readers. As a result, readers tend to think what the reporters and editors want them to think, and thus, lead to misleading thoughts and misjudgment. This however, can make an Innocent person guilty and a guilty person Innocent, which deeply affect social justice and future.

Secondly, some articles In the newspaper are Just hoaxes reporters find to catch viewers. Take Brittle Spears for example. By a photo from a paparazzi hiding in the bushes near Brittle house, she was said to be pregnant. It all turned out that from the photographer’s lens, Bribery’s tummy seemed to be a bit bigger than normal, which was the consequence after eating too much. Another example might be the notorious Doomsday theory.

Rumor had it that on 21st of December 012, surges of disasters shall come and wipe out all living things on the planet. They also gave out some really convincing evidences from NASA or prophecies from this famous apothecary, Nostradamus. Yet, human beings still live and live well till now. In conclusion, I do not always believe in newspaper as for its stories being partial and sometimes hoaxes. However, as there are still some facts in the news, it is usually better to read them to keep the information up-to-date.