Reflection on Learning English Course Essay Example
Reflection on Learning English Course Essay Example

Reflection on Learning English Course Essay Example

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  • Published: February 4, 2022
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Throughout the semester, I have completed various exercises such as homework, take away assignments, discussions, and tests in my English class. I have implemented strategies to improve my writing skills, engaging in personal interpretations, evaluations, non-fiction and fiction writing. Additionally, I have learned about the important elements of short essays, including setting, conflict, climax, resolution, character, point of view, and theme. By completing mid-semester homework, I have gained a better understanding of drafting and interpreting poem structures in different styles. I am now able to demonstrate a clear understanding of belief and trends in American culture and history through my writing.

The abundance of non-fiction materials, such as magazine articles and newspaper pieces, has greatly influenced my intellectual growth. This exposure has allowed me to actively participate in debates and write articles on related topics and co


mmunity issues. Moreover, the knowledge shared by our instructor has helped me analyze and compare different writings by engaging in discussions about relevant works we have previously studied. Some of these subjects were also explored in the previous season, establishing strong connections and providing comprehensive sources from secondary materials. Through various writing assignments, such as free writing, journal entries, dialectical notebooks, and diaries, I have honed my skills in crafting articles that encompass all stages of informal writing. In addition, my engagement in revision has not only enhanced my language proficiency but also enabled me to adapt my voice appropriately depending on the context and audience, while maintaining accuracy in spoken language.

I have enhanced my skills and knowledge in leading discussions and presenting reports on electronic or social media without many errors, thanks to learning about the use of medi

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technology in learning English. This has made it possible for me to analyze news presented on television. The school library and media centers have been invaluable resources that have greatly contributed to improving my understanding of English. Taking ENGL 1301 has also been helpful in improving my writing abilities as it has taught me the necessary steps to produce well-written pieces. Consequently, I have been able to avoid common mistakes like spelling and grammar errors.

Through this learning experience, I have learned how to avoid commonly repeated mistakes in writing. In my perspective, I have gained knowledge about frequently made errors, including the misuse of words, misspelling common words, and making punctuation and other grammatical mistakes. Additionally, this class has taught me the most effective techniques for titling papers, , and directly quoting other authors' work. Furthermore, I have acquired the skill of citing and referencing various sources in academic works thanks to this course.

All these writing techniques have been instrumental in preventing plagiarism and improving my ability to write my own work while appreciating other academic sources. The course has also enhanced my focus, idea development, and clear expression. This knowledge is crucial for effectively conveying my message and building persuasive communication skills. Additionally, the course has helped me develop proficiency in oral, written, aural, and literacy skills necessary for effective writing and communication strategies. Overall, this course has significantly improved my writing skills and helped me avoid common mistakes in English learning.

Through this, I am able to develop independent thinking, which is essential in writing class compositions and articles. The proper use of punctuation and grammar is necessary to ensure that my work is

widely accepted. This advancement in the English language also facilitates communication with my peers and professors. Additionally, it simplifies learning other subjects and allows me to express my ideas without creating ambiguous statements.

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