Quality – College Essay Example
Quality – College Essay Example

Quality – College Essay Example

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Quality Moving toward quality in Health Care LaMonica Whitehead HCA305: The U. S. Health Care System Instructor: Thad Walker January 16, 2012 How does the quality of health care in the U. S. compare to the quality of care in other industrialized nations?

• Quality of care is based on the population health status, processes and out come of care for particular conditions, patient safety, and indicators based on the patients’ experience with health care services (Docteur & Berenson, 2009). How can an acceptable quality of health care be assured for all? According to World Health Organization, “-understand the problem, plan, take action, study the results, and plan new actions in response”(World Health Organization). Will providing data in areas such as patient outcomes, compliance with national standards for preventive and chronic care, and comparative costs to the public be an acceptable measure of healthcare delivery outcomes?


• Determine the effectiveness of releasing information to the public about the performance of healthcare professional and facilities.

Though physicians believed that only physicians could and should judge the quality of hospital medical care, they found participation in such hospital peer review activities a most disagreeable obligation. What were the problems with the process?

• “ Physicians were generally reluctant to participate due to fear of lawsuits for discrimination, defamation, or anticompetitive behavior” (AJL, 2004). Managed care organization credentialing by the National Committee on Quality Assurance rapidly evolved as a standard of quality in the industry.

Discuss the pros and cons on the value of credentialing by an independent organization to a managed care organization and to consumers.

• Provide cost-effective plan for a large number of people who only require maintenance.

• Help physicians start-u

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their practices.

• Insurance companies profit when healthcare cost increases.

• Physicians in conflict with the quality of care

• False advertising to the consumer How does medical technology affect the communication between healthcare providers and patients?

What affect does this have on quality of care?

• Use new technology to communicate between the healthcare provider and the consumer.

• Improve patient involvement.


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