Prefect or Young Student Leader Letter

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Dear sir / dame.
I am composing this missive as I am acute to go a first embassador and I wish to assist the school as a community and back up the school in going a better topographic point for all of us. I believe that going a immature pupil leader will assist me give back something to the school after what the school and its staff has done for me over the past 1 old ages. I believe that I have the qualities required to be a immature pupil leader because I take things earnestly and I am responsible and reasonable when it comes to covering with jobs. I have had experience speaking to people as I have worked with kids in the yesteryear in my Primary School and hold had experience speaking to grownups in a mature manner. I am a dependable pupil and seek to move as a good function theoretical account to the younger old ages by being good behaved and larning to the best of my ability. I interact with tonss of people in different old ages each twenty-four hours. so I feel that if I became a first embassador I would look accessible to pupils from younger old ages. and I ever try to hold a friendly smiling on my face. Alongside being a immature pupil leader comes great duty which I am to the full prepared to take on if you give me the opportunity. I care about this school and the people in it and I wish to back up it by doing it good and influential for all of us. As a immature pupil leader I would wish to assist pupils experience safe in school and to bask their clip without any concerns so that they can concentrate on the more of import things such as larning to assist procure their hereafter. I would wish them to experience as if Kingsford is a friendly topographic point with tonss of chances and this will assist me be a portion of the prefect squad in twelvemonth 11. I feel that I have experienced many things at Kingsford so I will be good at giving advice to younger pupils.

Thank you

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