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As the knight walks through the waste land he cries “Alone and palely, loitering the sedge has withered from the lake and no birds 1&2) This quote shows how the knight is lonely and is searching for love. As the knight is loitering through the wasteland, he stumbles upon a beautiful woman and as he sees her he states, “Her hair was long, her foot was light, her eyes were wild. ” (line 17) This quote shows the beauty of the woman, how lovely she is and how he is less lonely. These quotes really help you imagine the loneliness of the man and the beauty of the woman.

Keats uses symbolism to show the love between the woman and the knight. As the knight and the woman get intimate he states, “l set her on my pacing steed”(line 24). This quote shows the woman and the knights intimacy, how their love is very strong, and how the knight is no longer lonely. As their intimacy continues, the knight expresses, “She looked at me like she did love and made sweet 20). This quote represents the love that the woman has for the knight and there Is no sign of

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the knight being lonely anymore. These quotes are both symbols of how the knight ND the beautiful woman’s love for each other.

The knight throughout “La Belle Dame Sans Mercy” expresses deep loneliness and his craving for love. Once the woman appears Into his life, the feeling of loneliness Is taken over by love however, at the end the woman kills the knight, forever leaving him In a lonely state. In society today, some people use love to get rid of the lonely feeling that they might currently have. Poetry essay By Statelessness’s Period:2* Through this idea, many authors were able to express how lonely they felt in society cause of the absence of love in their life.

In “La Belle Dam Sans Mercy”, Keats uses Metonymy is used to express in vivid detail the loneliness of the knight and the squirrel’s granary is full, and the harvest is done. “(line 4). This quote indicates that it is winter. For some people winter can be the loneliest time of the year if you don’t have someone that you love with you. The knight is very lonely at this time. As the knight wonders around the cold dead lake he states “l see a lily on thy brow with anguish moist and fever dew, and on thy cheek a fading rose fast withered too. Line 5 As the knight is alone without love and it is cold, he is also very ill. Withered from the lake and no birds sing. “(line 1&2) This quote shows how the knight expresses.

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