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In my Physical Education School Base Assignment (SBA) Draft 1. There is Information on the history of netball internationally , who, when and where It was invented . What netball was evolved from, who brought it to Jamaica and in what year It came to Jamaica where was first played and where the first netball court was built. The rules that govern netball, how many players are involved in this sport. The types of officials, roles and responsibilities of each players and their position on the netball court, Dimensions of the netball court.

AcknowledgementFirst and for most I want to thank God for life and providing for my mother, to pay the expenses for this SBA, my kind hearted cousin Audrey-Anna for helping me and thanks to Mr. Whyte computer cafe for providing the internet for me to get these adequate information. HISTORY OF NETBALL IN JAMAICA The game of netball evolved from basketball, which was invented by Dr. James Naismith a Canadian physical teacher, who wanted an indoor sport to keep his pupils physical occupied during the winter months.

Dr. Toles introduced netball to England in 1895 from the USA at Madam Ostenberg’s College.It was brought here to Jamaica by English women who came to Jamaica to teach our girls’ secondary schools such as Wolmer’s Girls School, which is located on Maracaux Road in Kingston, since 1909. In the early year following 1909 the game was played mainly in schools and teacher’s training colleges, but after a while the alumnae of these institution started teams, began to play friendly matches among themselves. In the 1930’s seven tems in the corporate area played for the ISSA CUP.

They were: * Wolmer’s Old Girls Association (W. OG. A. ) * St.

Hugh’s * Excelsior * Short wood * Lincoln W. O. G. A. uilt a hard court at Cavaliers, the first hard court for netball in Jamaica.

The Jamaica Netball Association became afflicted to the West Indies Netball Board in 1959, and mas invited to send a team to the Tournament in Montserrat in August 1959. The Jamaica Netball Association was formed in 1959 by Pancho Rankine, Margaret Beckford and Margarietta St. Juste. The game began to be played at the club level since then.

The game grew in popularity and its spectators looked forward to be entertained by competitions at the schools, church, community, business, clubs, parish, and national level. The length of the poleAt each end is a goal, consisting of a post 10ft (3. 05) high. Diameter of the rim The diameter of the rim is 15 inches. Ring (internal diameter) 380mm.

Dimensions of the netball court The netball court is rectangular in shape with the longer sides called sidelines, measuring 30. 5 and the shorter sidelines called goal lines measuring 15. 25m. The court is divided into thirds in the middle is called the center third and the other two which are on either side of the center third are called goal thirds.

In the middle of the center third is a circle which has a diameter of 0. 9m. The size netballThe size of the netball is 5. The ball weight 14-16 ounces, the ball is 27-28 inches in circumference.

Skills that are needed to play netball. * Shooting * Passing * Pivoting * Recieving Types of passes The four main types of passes used in the game of netball. These are: * Shoulder pass * Bounce pass * Overhead pass * Chest pass Officials in the game of netball . Six officials are needed for the game of netball international matches are: 1)Two Umpires 2) Two scorers 3) Two time keeper Rules each players should followEach team is composed of seven players with positions and functions: GOAL SHOOTER(GS): This player must get pass the Goal Keeper of the other team. She can move within “attacking” goal third, including the shooting circle.

GOAL ATTACK(GA): This player acts as the “goal defender,” and can move within and across the “attacking “ goal third, shooting circle and center third areas. WING ATTACK(WA): This players functions as the “wing defense,” and can move within and across the “attacking” goal third and center third, but not in the shooting circle.CENTER(C): This player can move in all areas but not in the shooting circles. WING DEFENCE(WD): This player’s function is to “defend” the wing areas, so she can move within and across the “defensive” goal third and center third, but never in the shooting circle. GOAL DEFENSE(GF): This player must protect against the goal attack player , and move within and across the defensive goal third and center third, as well as in the shooting circle. GOAL KEEPER (GK): This player must stop the goal shooter from scoring.

She can move within and across the defensive goal third and the shooting circle.

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