Personal Report of Communication Anxiety Essay Example
Personal Report of Communication Anxiety Essay Example

Personal Report of Communication Anxiety Essay Example

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  • Published: February 18, 2022
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Suggestions on My Level of Communication Comprehension

According to my report, my communication apprehension does not remain constant throughout the stages of speech. My anxiety peak at the anticipatory stage since I am likely to be more anxious before I get up speaks. As I go on with the speech, my anxiety level declines. Planning my speech to involve techniques for managing my level of nervous at different times may help me decrease the overall stress I experience. My communication comprehension report shows that I have developed the attitude of preparing myself mentally for a perfect speaking experience. I am learning how to change my psychological response which I may experience in a conversation.

Causes of Communication Apprehension

The factors affecting communication apprehension may be hereditary or personal existing circumstance. A person can either be born with a certain innate character or acq


uire it through learning. The lifestyle of a person since young, for example, schooling, interaction and high education affects communication appreciation.
Another effect of communication comprehension is the position of the person is a certain conversation, for example a chairman of a committee is likely to be more confident than the other members since he/she is expected to maintain the accepted behavior. Another effect of communication comprehension is whereby a person fails to achieve whatever he/she expected from her/his speech. When an individual is stared at or ignored, communication apprehension level often rises.

Managing Apprehension

There are different ways of managing apprehension which we have studied. Among them is reducing anxiety by preparation. Preparation helps an individual to avoid uncertainty which may result to great anxiety. An individual is advised to gain a lot of formation on the people

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who will attend the meeting or an occasion.
You should prepare what you will say and know where the speech will take place. The other ways studied are: analyzing your audience, organizing your ideas and speaking effectively. Managing apprehension is a matter of learning and it is advisable for an individual to practice delivering speeches and attending meetings and participating fully in discussions.

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